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  1. So in general there is more activity over at cardgamedb? Sorry for non-topic @topic again: Chaos seemed to be very popular, but only 1 got into tops out of 23. I thought their Warlord Zarathur had a really good ability and the squad was ok too. Getting a Bloodletter to work would be insane. Plus, they have some more cute dmg effects that get synergy with the warlord. Orc and DE alliance is viable imho. Why do you think Chaos did so poorly? Also, to confirm this, i really would like to see the detailed positions of all 120 players.
  2. Some questions: 1) When will we see some of the Top decks? 2) To what percentage do you think, from 120 players, bought the game right before the tournament? 3) Why isn't there more interest in this topic? @topic: On the base of this tournament and personal experience, i would say, that SM is at the top right now. With DE i am not sure. It could be due to people not being experienced in the handling of a doom play and the more controlish style of DE. The surprising factor of the DE tricks come in hand if you only have to play 1 match and not bo3 and at the first tournament, where many players do not know all the cards yet. But i was surprised to see such few Tau doing well. I think it can be very strong too. In the end Siccarius ability is superior to Shadowsun's and that may have played a key role.
  3. Anyone else surprised by how fast this guy put out a deck idea? Anyhow, i would try out Ork Kannon. Along with some Brutals from the Orcs and Zarathurs Ability it should be a good option. Maybe No Mercy works fine too with all the damage dealing effects.
  4. There is a tool for playing Warhammer Invasion online. You may want to take a look at this here: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/88604-octgn-image-files/ It is nice to see someone still expending some effort for the game, but i think it might be useless after all. Many players already quit the game. And as you can see, there is not much activity here on the board. You might want to reconsider and instead enjoy the game with your friends.
  5. Ok, so legend or unit. What is your definition of large? High cost? High cost doesn't mean that they are more powerful, but I'll try with unit cost 4+ and every legend. EMP: Hemmler for sure, but considering his restriction you might see Ludwig Schwarzheim, Wilhelm of the Osterknacht or Solomon Pomer in his deck space sometimes. Legend: Saw ok decks with Karl Franz, Balthasar Gelt and Kurt Helborg. HE: Rarely uses big stuff: Star Dragon yes, maybe Bladelord, Great Fire Dragon, but i don't see those 3 being competetive. Legend: Did not see any Eltharion decks in a while, but a build around Alith Anar should still be working well! DWA: Kazador, Thane, Duregan, Tunnel Fighter, not to forget Serpent Slayer all crazy good especially with Development sacrifices and Stand your Ground. Legends: Too expensive or not viable. Maybe some fun builds. Lizardmen: Chakax, Carnosaur Rider Woodelves: Forest Dragon While i don't consider neither Lizardmen nor Woodelves being competitive. Chaos: Builds with Summons of Chaos often use Shaggoth Champion, Bloodthirster, Lord of Change or Chaos Dragon but otherwise they are not that great. Orcs often use those for Rip dere Eads off. Legends: Kairos is still ok. Orcs: Grimgor Ironhide! Sometimes High Mountain Troll. Legend: Wurrzag! DE: Rarely use big stuff, Toxic Hydra is pretty strong, Cold One Champion gets used once in a while. Legend: Crone! Undead: Wight Lord, Blood Dragon Knight Skaven: Deathmaster Sniktch
  6. I have not that much experience with many different card games, but i also noticed some similarities to other games. Let me ask you this question: Do you see some innovation in this 40k LCG, something that would be a really new mechanism? Of course it is still only speculation. And as i see it, creativity must not mean inventing completely new things. Still i wanted to ask this.
  7. @Virgo: DE might have had an advantage over Orcs which could be the reason not many Orcs won your tournaments although you had plenty in the tops. But i think after this FAQ it will still be a pain to play against Wurrzag for all other races. I came to sense that it is not healthy to have mass Invasions and being able to clear them at any time. It might be a problem of balance but it is maybe more a problem for the game feeling and fun. Of course at the same time you don't want to effectively ban Snotling Invasion. We will see what polish meta will be like after your faq goes official. Iam very curious Cards should of course only be altered in order to lower complexity in the faq. For example: If one simple alteration does free 2 cards from the list it might be a great deal. Yes, i think Chaos is slow! With one of my DE decks but also with one of my Orc decks it was no problem to beat down Chaos multiple times in tournaments and in casual. And i think that the Dwarves or even the Empire is not that easy to beat! But this is only my opinion. Metas are different. I did not win against Gardine, but my final opponent did The Orcs destroyed each other. Most of the time i thought that Orcs would win against my deck if they are starting the game. But i started in the final of german championship and it went 2:1 in my favour. Gardine started at worlds against me and won 2:1... Yes, i would like to stay in touch. I can speak for a small group of players from germany when i say that we would like to work together with the polish comunity on the development of the faq and the future of WHI
  8. Heroic Task: "Action: Remove 3 resource tokens from this card and sacrifice it to take the card attached to it into your hand. If that card is an Artefact support card, you may attach it to a Hero or legend instead." Iron Discipline: "Action: Target one unit. Until the end of the turn, cancel any other action that targets this unit unless the action's controller pays an additional 4 resources (per action)." Can Iron Discipline cancel the effect of heroic task? For example if i want to attach an artefact on a hero via heroic task and my opponent plays iron discipline on this hero in reaction. The text of heroic task says nothing about "targeting" but it should. Also attaching stuff always needs a target and this confuses me a little. Thanks in advance.
  9. DE constantly loosing to Orc seems to be a polish thing. From my experience Orc Wurrzag and DE Crone were equally strong. I think with this DE focused restriction you are ignoring some opinions and tournament results. Also, isn't it better to not put that much stuff on the list? I mean... as you said, it comes a point when you practically begin to kill off cards. Some thoughts: - Cards could be altered to get them off the list. For example Reclaim the Fallen (Units don't count as dwarf units when sacrificed at the end of the phase). I mean, RTF is dead basically. Nobody chooses it. Maybe that would free Ranger too and you could restrict SYG if you wanted to. - Seeds is strong but Chaos is too weak and slow right now. - I would welcome Ritual on the List. Wurrzag with 3 Rituals/Grimgor was extremely devastating as seen in worlds. It constantly clears the boards and it gives huge economy. Wurrzag is strong enough with vomits and pillage! Also this would maybe provide some alternative to Wurrzag. Standard Decks with Ritual and Vomit.
  10. Hi Virgo, great FAQ! I wonder why you did not restrict the Orcs along with Dark Elves. I can understand that Call and Crone have to be on the list although it is kind of a drastic move. But imho Wurrzag was able to beat DE at around 50%. You should at least consider putting Invasion on the list. And once again, i would like to offer help from some german players with future official/fun projects, the faq or whatever
  11. In germany we don't have much players in Berlin At European championships we were 6 players from germany, i think 2 italiens along with this and that was it for the foreign comunity. It is a great idea, but i agree that it is better to organize it in a city with a high player number. If you can affort it visit Wroclaw for European Championship 2014, it's the biggest event in WHI!
  12. You can count us in. Feel free to contact us in any way at any time. We had some decent ideas on our own
  13. "Wild Groove - Order only. You may play card from your discard pile as developments (as if they were in your hand)." Does playing devs from your discard pile trigger effects like mining tunnels then ("When you play a dev from your hand...")? It should do so, i guess. But i was not sure.
  14. Your dwarf guy would be funny with Grudge Thrower and Ancient Debts Repaid I also like making up new cards, but only world champions really get to invent one in WHI. Otherwise it would not be such a good price i'd say... Anyhow, you have to be careful with new cards, they could get too strong or open up loops. Baby Squig is the worst 0 cost unit I'd like to have an Orc card that boosts the self damage aspect. Also Orcs lack good supports, so maybe it could be something like this: Orcs Support (Orcs only) Cost: 1 Loyalty: 1 Power: 1 This support enters play with 1 damage token on it. Forced: At the beginning of every turn, put a damage token here. If the 3rd damage token is placed here, sacrifice this card. Action: Move a damage token from this support card to target unit you control (once per turn). So it has a drawback and cant be played without units (e.g. as a starting card with another 2 cost support), but with the right units like Urguck or Skarsnik it gives you economy and an advantage in play. It's also not thought through, just some quick thought. Fun thread, i like it!
  15. Thank you very much "Name: Załoga Balisty z Lothern – Lothern Ballista Crew During assigning indirect damages, each player must assign first enough damages to unit, legend or capital zone, to destroy it or burn it, before he can assign indirect damages to another unit, legend or capital zone." So this one here... I don't understand fully. The text says i must first assign damage to units, legends and capital zones. Did you mean "each player must first assign enough damage to units, >>then<< legends, >>then<< his capital zones" ? Or how is it meant?
  16. For god sake Virgo, it's 15:45pm in the afternoon. You can't drink beer until it's 16:00pm. Till then you will write us your translation
  17. The title amuses me. Orc wow, much imba. I also think Orcs are not overpowered atm. Worlds was a 21 players tournament. Another 2 DE were in Top 4, but no other Wurrzag Deck. We shall wait for other big tournament results in FAQ 2.2. Of course it is hard to deal with Wurrzag. Ritual, Liber, Get outta my Way, Morglor and even Arcane Power can work as a defense for the legend. But there are ways and also Wurrzag Decks usually are not very consistent and tend to have sh*tty hands from time to time. Some of them decks are using up to 20 tactics, which causes severe problems when undergoing some harass. Getting rid of a single Wurrzag can be enough. At worlds semi finals it was a close battle between my Crone and Gardine's Wurrzag. One slightly better hand discard could have sealed the deal in my favour. Also i did some small misstakes DE is at least as strong as Orcs are. The only thing that is concerning me right now is this Dominance of 3 cost legends, that leads to a rather small variety in decks. Orcs cant be played without Wurrzag, DE cant be played without Crone. Also Wurrzag + Invasions though not being imba strong, does not feel well to play against. It's just wrong
  18. So, how many players were there back in 2010 at GenCon? Because this year there were under 30. Usually the polish guys know what they are doing. But to further discuss this, could you post the deck you are talking about plz?
  19. At worlds they already had a copy of HK in a glass cabinet for show. Imho they missed an opportunity to sell it right there - we asked for it multiple times, no chance No doubt there are reasons for this. But it is finished, November 21 sounds very likely and i'am pretty much looking forward to... COME ON GUYS WHY DID YOU NOT SELL IT AT WORLDS??? I don't want to wait for the german release again.
  20. Yes, this looks like Ollivers Deck Kaine. Here is mine: http://deckbox.org/sets/527891 Got defeated by the Champion Orc deck in a close match 2:1 But i was happy he won in the end. There was no match for 3rd place, so you should call it a top 4 deck. Jeremy Zwirn had the other, also DE. I guess the polish Empire Combo deck, placed 2nd, should be revealed in time too.
  21. Hi, here some results from the german championship 2013. It was held in Dresden October 13th. Also our german publisher handed the organisation of the tournament over to us this year, but still supported us with prizes and everything. Because of that and several other reasons we only had 22 players this year But all in all it was a really great tournament and everyone enjoyed it, especially for the atmosphere, the location and all the nice players. We played 5 rounds of swiss and then top 8. Game for 3rd place was not played out, so we have 2x 3rd place. The final was Orc vs DE and did go 1:2 in my favour Attention worlds, germany is coming for you! Some of the decks played: #2 http://deckbox.org/sets/504424 #3 http://deckbox.org/sets/488100 #5 http://deckbox.org/sets/502731 #6 http://deckbox.org/sets/505311 #7 http://deckbox.org/sets/504347 #8 http://deckbox.org/sets/504423 #9 http://deckbox.org/sets/504143 #10 http://deckbox.org/sets/404846 #14 http://deckbox.org/sets/504295 #21 http://deckbox.org/sets/481261 Races played: 7x ORC 4x DE 4x CHA 4x DWA 3x EMP 0x HE +----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +----------------------------- Final Results ------------------------------------+ +----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | # | Player | Frac. | Ga | Points | MB | B | W-T-L | +/- | +----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | 1 | 'gr4ffi' | DE | 5 | 11 | 18 | 30 | 3-2-0 | 8/2 | | 2 | 'Prohaym' | ORC | 5 | 10 | 27 | 47 | 3-1-1 | 7/3 | | 3 | 'Gardine' | ORC | 5 | 13 | 29 | 47 | 4-1-0 | 8/3 | | 3 | 'Crux' | CHA | 5 | 12 | 23 | 39 | 4-0-1 | 9/2 | | 5 | 'Sarathas' | DE | 5 | 10 | 29 | 42 | 3-1-1 | 7/3 | | 6 | 'Tynn' | CHA | 5 | 10 | 23 | 36 | 3-1-1 | 7/3 | | 7 | 'MaikH' | CHA | 5 | 10 | 19 | 28 | 3-1-1 | 7/4 | | 8 | 'Janus' | DWA | 5 | 9 | 32 | 51 | 3-0-2 | 7/5 | | 9 | 'Midnightz' | EMP | 5 | 8 | 24 | 40 | 2-2-1 | 6/4 | | 10 | 'Wilhhoe' | EMP | 5 | 8 | 15 | 25 | 2-2-1 | 7/5 | | 11 | 'WildJack' | DE | 5 | 7 | 26 | 44 | 2-1-2 | 5/7 | | 12 | 'Goldherz' | DE | 5 | 7 | 24 | 38 | 2-1-2 | 6/7 | | 13 | 'Katharina' | ORC | 5 | 7 | 22 | 38 | 2-1-2 | 6/6 | | 14 | 'Gnomeschool' | ORC | 5 | 6 | 27 | 45 | 2-0-3 | 6/6 | | 15 | 'Matahal' | ORC | 5 | 6 | 17 | 30 | 2-0-3 | 6/7 | | 16 | 'Kami' | ORC | 5 | 6 | 13 | 23 | 2-0-3 | 5/7 | | 17 | 'Mukka' | DWA | 5 | 5 | 20 | 32 | 1-2-2 | 5/7 | | 18 | 'Gerd' | DWA | 5 | 5 | 15 | 22 | 1-2-2 | 4/6 | | 19 | 'Grapha' | DWA | 5 | 4 | 26 | 44 | 1-1-3 | 4/8 | | 20 | 'Chuco' | EMP | 5 | 4 | 16 | 27 | 1-1-3 | 5/7 | | 21 | 'Xantur' | CHA | 5 | 3 | 24 | 42 | 1-0-4 | 2/8 | | 22 | 'AVoegler' | ORC | 5 | 0 | 21 | 35 | 0-0-5 | 1/10 | +----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+
  22. Schönen guten Tag Deutschland besitzt eine relativ große und nette Comunity. Guck doch einfach mal in das deutsche Forum mit rein. http://heidelbaer.de/viewforum.php?f=126&sid=00b36fb58abf711b1295b7716af52acc Ich spiele zB in Dresden mit ~ 5-6 anderen.
  23. You mean for multiplayer cataclysm. I thought so too, because they wanted to do a multiplayer tournament or something like that. Therefore they should really make up some seperate restricted and banned list. But what about singleplayer?
  24. I agree. Also it should not be that hard. Last year they managed to record and upload some of the games. Maybe this year they could stream the top 8 or record and upload that games. I think the europeans are a strong comunity deserving some coverage. This does not belong here, but what are the odds of having worlds with hidden kingdoms released and permitted? And what are the odds of having another FAQ by then? I'm coming for you worlds, just don't throw over my deck last minute.
  25. But your "why" grew unsubstantiated as the german publisher will not be here at all. The tournament is 99,9% comunity-organised. That means your intention to boycott the publisher in the first place does only end up in a lack of visitors for us. We do not have any knowledge of further reasons by yours not to attend the tournament. Therefore we wanted to tell you this one last time to reconsider. Also: Here is a one-time chance to strip them off prices without having to deal with them. If you want to choose not to attend, that is just fine with us. We shall respect it and we are sorry for the pestering It's just, that this decision did seem kinda unreasonable to us given the circumstances.
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