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  1. Found a bug. A character of mine bought armored clothing which has 1 hardpoint. He also has one level of tinkerer and added 1 hardpoint to the armored clothing. He then adds optical camoflage attachment to the armor and fully mods it. When i try to save it the attachment dont save and it reverts to 1 hardpoint.
  2. I prefer to keep track of this myself actually. After doing this for 26 years its really no bother. Its more of a convenience thing really which is why i requested it as a long term project. That sheet is nice and tidy, but it takes up table space and i have a lot of other stuff competing for that space. I use my laptop as my GM screen, and track initiative order on it to save space. There`s also a lot of quick reference stuff on wookiepedia, OggDuse`s tool, various on hand pre prepared one offs (often concerning the players obligations), a main story arc, random name generator when i need one in a hurry and a bunch of other nifty tools. Then there is the main book, a few reference sheets and so on. It adds up. The rest of the table is cluttered with character sheets, a huge laminated galaxy map, a bunch of coffee mugs (which is why the galaxy map is laminated, yes my players are slobs), various food of the healthy and very unhealthy variants, handouts and so on. You get the picture. Having easy access to stuff through OggDude`s tool would be a great convenience. If you are running a book story you dont need all this stuff, but when you create all of it yourself and often run in sandbox mode i find myself needing access to these tools.
  3. As UHF is saying space is at a premium when GMing, and i have a request for a long term project for you. What i`m looking for is a way to use the current (and excellent) GM tool and expand upon it a bit. Right now i have to print a bunch of pages or reference the pages on my laptop. This is fine of course, but i would absolutely love to have the GM tool be able to track damage done to NPC`s, check boxes of the initiative order in a combat and check boxes on and off different states in combat. It would be great to be able to do that directly from the tool itself. I personally find myself using your program more and more when i GM, and less paper clutter is always good. Anyways as have already been said, the current tool works fine now so no rush. Take your time, and i love the vehicle plans you have in the pipeline.
  4. Well i`ve mentioned autogenerating a new talent/force skill page once the first one is full before. Any chance you can get around to that now?
  5. My suggestion would be to have mercy on the guy and not to maim his character No, I don't have a way to do that right now. You can lower the stat in the Characteristics panel, assuming it's been raised previously, but he'd get back XP, so you'd then have to dock him. Which begs the question... are there any other conditions that can essentially remove XP, as well as a stat point, permanently without having an option to get it back? That's pretty nasty. Well, i will probably allow him to regain his lost stat point with some kind of costly corrective surgery in the future for sure, but at the moment his stat point in presence is 1. This is 1 point below the human minimum, so i cannot set it down. If he had 3 i could lower it by one, but that would make him regain the xp. There should be a way to lower the stat points without regaining xp.
  6. As you may know there is a critical damage result that permanently lowers the stat of a character. One of my players had the misfortune to experience this, but i cannot find a way to reduce the stat in question by one point. Anything you can do about this or is there just something i`m missing?
  7. Just noticed one thing when adding a starship to a character. He has added a hidden compartment to his ship for 1 hardpoint, but there is no option to add another secret compartment for another hardpoint. Not sure if this is possible according to the rules or anything, but i cannot remember reading anything about it at least. I know you can modify the secret compartment to add more space to it, however i would think that if you simply used more hardpoint locations to add more secret compartments that would work too. At this moment it is impossible to do so. Intended or not?
  8. Yay! Donate button added in the new release. Sent you some cash for the awesome work you are doing. Keep it up
  9. Creating extension sheets for page 3 and 4 is doable, but I will need to modify how I'm generating the pages. I'll look into it for a future release. Out of curiosity, are you running out of space currently? Nope, but i have added a short description of all the talents and force skills with the editor, and that means they all take up more space. Still a ways off before its full though.
  10. Yes, where is the donate button? I`d like to contribute, and i dont like taking the hard work of others for granted. Btw I`ve asked before but any chance for the character sheet automatically generating a new skill/force talent page if it extends further than the first page?
  11. My perfect group is between 3-5 players. 6 is doable and my gaming group (if all is present) is 6 players + me. Sometimes we have an occasional guest appearance, and that can potentially bring the group up to 7 players (very rare though). Even though we have a big pool of players not everyone can make it every time (usually every sunday). We are all around 40ish and many have families and other obligations. In practice this means on most gaming sessions i have between 3 and 5 players which is ideal. 6+ players slows things down. Especially combat, but also other things. It tends to leave the players unfocused and fiddle with other things like their smartphones or start conversations with eachother about non game related topics. Usually when they arent the focus of the current situation. Its doable, but it requires a bit more work from the GM. However often i feel these sessions arent as rewarding to me because i feel i couldnt quite draw the players into the story the way i like. When it comes to organizing your players. Well lets face it, having 7 people show up every time is just not going to happen. I try to end a session at a place where i have a plausible reason for why a player is missing next session. Like onboard their starship. Then i can say that this or that character decides its best if he stays behind and watch the ship (or some other explanation) while the others sort out the current story. Sometimes this is not possible and the character thats not there for that session is so involved in the story that you cant proceed without him. In that case you may have to cancel the session or if possible send the rest on a side quest until next time. We use a private facebook group to organize our sessions. Seems to work pretty well. I put up a message about a planned gaming session and requests that all respond if they can come or if they cant. Its equally important to know if people cant come. If 3 players say they can attend its usually game on. Enjoy
  12. You sure you arent a super charged worker droid Oggy? I keep getting impressed with all this amazing work you do is such short time!
  13. You see which are the official races because they are the ones with just a page reference to the core book.
  14. Ahh yes i see it now, you just need to actually buy a power for it to show up That will do.
  15. Sweet, thanks A minor detail. I just realized that there are no place showing how many force points you have.
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