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  1. My friends and I played around 20 games of the 1st edition (no expansion). We recently bought the 2nd edition and we were very happy with all the great stuff added in the game. But we played our first game last Sunday (all 6 house we there) and we experienced a small discomfort on some of the House card especially the Lannister vs Greyjoy ones. We both know house cards are not supposed to be equal and all depends on many aspect of the game. So we did many scenarios in which the Greyjoy tried to take Riverrun and saw that it was impossible for the Lannister player to counter in any way. We spent a couple of hours trying to see if somehow we were wrong but it seems we are not. This is by not applying the new Battle cards systems. It all because of the Aeron Damphair card that let you see the opponent card and for the cost 2 power token makes you changed the card ( but Aeron is discarded) Combined with the +1 the Valyrian blade it gives no chance to the Lannister player. Also, a Tyrell / Greyjoy alliance in the first turn can pretty much destroy the Lannister player. Since Tyrell can use the Loras card to make an attack on Lannisport with Mace Tyrell (see card description for details on that) but that a whole different story! Any thought on that? Thanks
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