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  1. You guys all have some awesome input. I watched Matt Colvilles video about l5r and I think that was part of my tipping point. That and I only play GoT with one person not that it isn't fun but spice of life and all. Follow up questions for the loyalists. What makes you loyal to your clan? While you answer I will start searching for the illustrious lore.
  2. I just bought 3 cores. I never played this in the past. I played one game the other day. How do you guys go about choosing a faction? Why is loyalty to a clan important? Why did you pick your clan? To give some comparison my favorite factions in Game of Thrones are Nights Watch, Lannister, and Stark. My first leaning is Dragon, but the more I read the more I want to try some others.
  3. FYI. The link for the new one is the same as the old. It does not include the new cards.
  4. Which do you guys prefer and why?
  5. Perhaps it is my newness as I have only played a few skirmish games, but why don't they just use all maps? I mean they released them all.
  6. Cool. I do not know much about the lore although the undead do look awesome. Should I wait till I can get both before using them since again its only my stuff my friends will be using?
  7. I started playing this when it first came out and then gradually other games took over. Looking back I see that there are plenty of new options available. I am typically the only person of my friends who spends their money on board games so if I get stuff it will be split for two people to draw from. What would you guys suggest I get to open the most options and such?
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