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  1. Atraangelis

    What do we think this will be?

    Toss in my surprise and excitement... day 1 purchase here.
  2. Can some one explain how the map for mission 1 works with the (Rise) end caps and the adjoining map tile? I cant figure it out...
  3. Well, lets hope they get AoR:CnM in before then.. thats the only item from the ENTIRE starwars ffg line im missing.
  4. Just to add here, I have played in 4 campaigns and 3 of them were AoR strike team that included FnD and/or EoE. I agree after a little it got boring. Does any one know why this one book is so delayed???
  5. Atraangelis

    Mansions of Madness: The Video Game....

    Woo nice! Love MoM. I hope it will be on IOS as i wold love to have this on my ipad.
  6. Atraangelis

    Noob question about angry mob

    There are two (mob groups), The first Group appears at the start of the game, this is the INSMOUTH MOB. Its not a (Riot, Monster) Its its own thing with like 70 health. It only travels on the outside of the map. It always move two space. Tha app always tells you what tile it is moving to. Later in the Scenario, A portion of the mob breaks off.. THIS IS A RIOT MONSTER. This one will be denoted with a marker symbol, usually red. THis one bhaves just like a monster with instructions to move towards investigators. IT IS very important not to confuse the RIOT and the INSMOUTH MOB.
  7. Hello, I need help understading how doors work regarding LOS Range from monster(horror or attcking investigator) Range From investigator(range attack or effect on another investigator) I am confused on when range can be drawn 3 spaces to an investigator. Especialy if each on are the other side of an open door? The rules are some what clear but make absolutley no thematic sence regarding this. The rules say range cannot go through doors, but even open ones?
  8. Atraangelis

    More places at game table...

    My game group is actually 3.75.. buddys missing a leg.. so it fits perfect!.. WHew!... He brings it up whenever we ask how many it plays on game night.
  9. I cannot belive they will canibalize thier own systme to bring back this system. What a waste of time and effort. Sorry FFG .. RPG FAIL!
  10. Atraangelis

    Holy Price increase

    Price is fine.. for the content.
  11. Atraangelis

    PReorder link broken!!!

    YO FFG fix this! This is the error message... {"status":400,"error":"invalid_client","error_description":"No client id supplied","error_code":"API027"}
  12. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1827878/fourth-edition-happening
  13. I understand that, but how do you explain comming out exactly at that point in time and space?? Hyperspace routes are not singular points or every ship comming out would drop out, on top of eachother. Let me be clear, im sure the movie simply did it for dramatic effect, without delving into any kind of force buffoonery and it worked. Im just letting my inner geek out a little, trying to find a Reason/Method it fits within the context of our roleplaying games. How could someone could time it so perfectly not knowing anything about the rebels timing of the attack and location of thier jump egress.
  14. We ll know the Scene when the rebel fleet begins to jump out after getting the plans. At that moment Vaders Star Destroyer jumps in Exactly in the exit jump path of the rebel fleet causing them to abort and even taking a few ships out as they crash int the ISD's hull!! This jump was so precise and timed so accurately, is this a TRUE cannon example of Battle Meditation as the only way to explain how to jump in so precise and as such an exact location??? Does this mean Vader has Battle Meditation??
  15. Signed! I willing to pay for a UGC editor.!