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  1. Ok, the title sounds bad but its not of my doing.. the players did it...Let me set the situation.. I am playing a FnD game. The force PC's are wanted, they are known. The Imperials have K.O.S. orders.. The party was doing a stealth mission retrieving some information regarding their predicament. There was a very large imperial presence at their secure location (no civilians are at their location , none are supposed to be!) and was doing a great job avoiding them... then one of them ****** up... They were in a pickle with various ways of quiet escape... EXCEPT ONE!!, don't let the imperials know your here and if they do don't let them see the Force users, even if you have to 'Otis' a fellow party member to get away. Nope!... the party's face reveals himself as lost and try's to parlay with a patrol, that person is immediately arrested as he is an intruder flat out.... hes a rodian.. Alien scumm to boot!.. THEN!!.. the melee jedi tries to stealth past the squad failing activating the KOS order... The Party then decides to fight their way out of a 6 to 1 odds fight. I had presented this force in an effort to show the players this was not meant to be fought. Only one player vocaly objected knowing they were not meant to fight this group... everyone else got force drunk... The session ended with one PC Jedi down.. 2 Pc Jedi at 1-2 hp, one PC face hogtied in the middle of the fight. and 1 Pc medic ready to get pasted by another squad. Every one is split up. As a GM i still have 17 troopers and 2 officers and a Bike alive. .. there is no help available and they cant escape. The fight is on turn 5. In the scenario if the Jedi are spotted.. On Turn 8... the Inquisitor arrives. They had 8 turns to escape if a fight started but simply got over confident. Do I let the fight play out or Des EX??? I hate Deus Exing ****...
  2. Im here not going any where, love this game. Still plays regularly in my group.
  3. COME ON!.. enough with the Legion crap... Please get back to good story telling games like IA.
  4. These are great ideas and yes the group i have has been with me for over 4 years so we are starting something fresh as we just finished a EOE campaign. What about names? do they or should they know who they are???
  5. I went to the website and looked at creating event, how does it work?
  6. Oh I like that idea... would you suggest letting the players pick thier motivations and such from the book then to help flesh out who they are instead of rolling?
  7. I was concerned about the "elaborate" background issue and i thought about asking the players to make one back ground.. but the details need to be changed... I know a man on tatooine.. I visited a bar on corellia... ect.. The names places and events would be changed, but background would basically be the same. This would allow the players a sense of mystery not knowing who they are looking for but they know they are on tattoine.. or did that shoot out happen in a bar or a ship hangar...ect...
  8. Heya fellow GM'sI am starting a FFG FnD campaign. I want the players to start off in a false reality, and 'Wake' into the real campaign unsure of who they are. The setting is they were captured and placed on a prison ship and placed in stasis , it was designed for Force sensitive characters to keep alive for <insert nefarious plot here>.The ship is crashing and this is the wake event years after their capture.. where the pcs will find out that the first session was false.I want the players to not fully know who they are upon awaking. My thoughts, Have each player make 3-4 backgrounds, I will hand each one a starting background....When the Wake happens I will tell them to dismiss the first background as something implanted... and they must figure out their true background. to do this i will be selecting one of the remaining ones as the true one and discarding the others not used.The premise is they will be hunted by many for what reason they know not, untill they reveal the clues along the way.. and eventually thwart or join the opposition.any ideas? , has any one attempted something like this...
  9. Can some one explain how the map for mission 1 works with the (Rise) end caps and the adjoining map tile? I cant figure it out...
  10. Well, lets hope they get AoR:CnM in before then.. thats the only item from the ENTIRE starwars ffg line im missing.
  11. Just to add here, I have played in 4 campaigns and 3 of them were AoR strike team that included FnD and/or EoE. I agree after a little it got boring. Does any one know why this one book is so delayed???
  12. Woo nice! Love MoM. I hope it will be on IOS as i wold love to have this on my ipad.
  13. There are two (mob groups), The first Group appears at the start of the game, this is the INSMOUTH MOB. Its not a (Riot, Monster) Its its own thing with like 70 health. It only travels on the outside of the map. It always move two space. Tha app always tells you what tile it is moving to. Later in the Scenario, A portion of the mob breaks off.. THIS IS A RIOT MONSTER. This one will be denoted with a marker symbol, usually red. THis one bhaves just like a monster with instructions to move towards investigators. IT IS very important not to confuse the RIOT and the INSMOUTH MOB.
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