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  1. Hi all, below are a number of items i am looking to buy or trade ( Ihave numerous items across LCG's). Please PM if you have to sell or trade. World Championship 2012 playmat The Seventy Steps Alt Art Jon Pechon Alt Art Deep One Assault Alt Art James Logan Alt Art Domains Thanks
  2. Hi all, I am looking to buy or trade for a couple of Warhammer Conquest playmats, I am after the following : Worldeater Event 2014 and 2015 World Championship If you have available to sell or trade (I have numerous items across LCG's) then please PM Many thanks
  3. I am after the Worldeater playmat and willing to buy or trade for various items. If you have and are willing to part with then please send me a PM Thanks
  4. I know the heading is a bit vague but i am after the remaining thrones mats that i do not currently own. I will in the next week or so be able to offer some specifics about the mats i need but in the meantime feel free to send a PM if you have any you are looking to sell or trade. Thanks
  5. Thanks . although im aware that it might be costly Fair enough. Most people don't check these forums, especially the competitive ones. I'd check around stimhack.com, though you may get flamed (they're good players and a fun bunch, but are sometimes more direct and brutally honest than is needed). You could check on bgg as well, a few more of the competitive group read there as well. Thanks for the info, i will see and if i get lucky then great but i wont hold my breath.
  6. Thanks . although im aware that it might be costly
  7. Just to further elaborate, I have items for the following games for trade : Thrones, Netrunner, LOTR, Conquest, Star Wars, Cthulhu, X Wing, so if there is something specific you are after then let me know or let me know a cash value. Many thanks
  8. Finally have . Many many thanks
  9. Looking to get hold of the Twins playmat, would be happy to buy or potentially trade. If you have one you would part with then please get in touch via PM. Many thanks
  10. Still looking to get this mat, willing to trade or pay cash
  11. Still looking to buy or trade for this Thanks
  12. Hi, I have x3 of Nazdregs Flash Gitz Alt Art from Regionals 2015 if anyone is interested Looking for cash offer or potential trade Please PM Thanks
  13. Hello all, I am looking to obtain any fan made alternative art for Netrunner that may exist to add to my collection. If you have any or could point me in the right direction it would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  14. Grimwalker : Quite frankly you are pathetic Suggesting that you have to wait for people to sell on their own initiative is a warped idea. Sometimes by promoting the idea you want to buy something generates an interest and people realise they can get a fair amount of money for the item they have. This is attractive to a lot of people. If yout cant understand this then i guess we will have to agree to disagree. I also assume it's ok when it is finding as buyer for a 'friend as opposed to yourself..........makes sense ! It IS black and white. I am not holding someone hostage to buy their swag i am mearly expressing an interest which in the majprity of cases will generate zero response. No one is forcing the issue here.. I can spell Daenerys but guess what, the name was already took. I think most people with a level of forward thinking would realise that ...Now you have cemented your position as a joke in my eyes. Yes i am after a Balerion playmat, so what ? With regards calling them house cards that was an error. I knew what they were called but rushed my post and in hindsight my first post should have been clearer. The reason i didnt respond sufficiently to your standard in the PM was because i had already started to question your motive and why you were contacting me but you insisted on getting back to me just for the purpose it seems to make an antagonistic post..Bravo Maybe i am a poser or maybe im not. I will leave others to judge. What im not though is some **** who thinks he is high and mighty and some kind of 'moral guardian' getting in a tizz becausde somebody want to pay good money for some items to those who may appreciate it.......Unless of coarse its for a 'friend'.... Now go back to your hole in the ground, do not PM me again and rest assured if you were selling the crown jewels i would not buy from you out of principle.
  15. I thought i would address some of the points above. Yes i am after the acrylic top 4 id's and fully understand they will extremely hard to obtain and expensive. I'm in no rush , if i get them then fantastic , if not no worries It is not at all offensive to buy/ trade these items. I am a frequent player and avid collector of a number of LCG's. It is my hobby that i enjoy and support and will continue to do so. I do not buy items to give the impression that i achieved in a particular tournament but purely because i enjoy the collecting aspect. People have the choice to sell or not. Some people sell items to fund additional tournaments/ events and appreciate the money they can receive, others hang onto them as a trophy of sorts, it does not concern me eitherway. Also i would add two final thoughts 1) Grimwalker : You PM'ed me with potentially items for sale and were dissapointed that i was after the acrylic ID's and not the other faction acrylic's. Sorry to dissapoint as alreadty have these but dont you see the irony of stating how 'offensive' it is to buy and yet trying to sell items yourself. 2) I often give away for FREE excess promo items i accumulate to support local tournament organisers/ friends So to summarise , yes i collect items and yes some of these are hard to come by. If you dont want to sell then dont....simple
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