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  1. i believe i saw earlier some wh40k related stuff. "Conquest" or sth..
  2. How it went guys? Hope you had awesome tournament! Any report incoming?
  3. That's even better. But still they (FFG) should come up with the official FAQ instead of doing nothing in that area. Even few posts on official FFG forum would do, wouldn't it?
  4. "I think you are taking my words a little too serious and glad you are happy with it. It was more of an amusing comment though apologies if you have taken it the wrong way." Yep, perhaps I did, but anyway no apologies are necessary. "Our community are fine (and happy) using the current OFFICIAL FAQ." And this is awesome. seriously. for you. "We have read the Polish FAQ though it doesn't matter as we don't feel the need to use it (sorry as we feel we are missing out on nothing)." I certainly will not try to convince you to use this FAQ - just do what you think is right for your community. "We are also keeping the game alive in our own way, and although we don't have the same numbers as the Polish community doesn't mean we care less about the game than you." It seems it's my turn for apologizing:) I didn't meant to offend you/any other community in any way. The numbers aren't that important to me , and i know that there are several people who care about the game and its future. Having that said - i do believe that memebers of particular community know what are the strong/weak links in "Invasion chain" in their metas - so if the game is "broken" from our perspectibve, and publisher cannot come up with the solution - should we do nothing about it and ruin the experience? I am pleased to hear that French translators fixed Clawleader, but i would expect it to have been done by ffg. cheers
  5. Actually we're pretty happy with that faq, and the work guys put in it. They're not self appointed Chosen ones - they're representatives of most important gaming centres. So i would appreciated if you stop bullsh&^& with that "good for you" stuff - it is offensive for whole community:/ At least we're not giving up, and we try to keep the game alive and enjoy it for as long as we can. I do agree that that should be actual wording on this card. Maybe we will see it soon enough. Btw it's a shame that ffg couldn't come up with the Faq for the product they're selling, correcting mistakes they've made. It is just a sloppy work. I was in Krakow last weekend, and I can assure you that the final could look different if not for some badluck at crucial moments. As for DE & HE - Therre were just too few experienced players running this decks on Saturday to accomplish sth significant. With the TOP8 after the swiss rounds - it wasn't easy to get through. There were none of Undead, WE & LIzardmen as well. - as they were not represented t the tournament. As for Top8 - it's not a matter of races - it is a matter of players - not one of finalists was there by accident. All of them are experienced and accomplished WHI players. It is, after all, not a car, but the driver that matters.
  6. there's a fans' project on whinvasion forum reffering to Bretonnians. I do believe that special ability for this faction is going to be sth like: "You can start the game with any quest already in play". You can also go and check out few created cards.
  7. I got them too:) and they look really great, so thx@meggpeggs once again. I especially love the idea of putting their racial ability on capital boards.
  8. heh mate, it's too strong for me:) It does enter the game. It's not nothing. It's a development:P I cannot state it clearly enough:) btw. Have a nice weekend:)
  9. You "play" card from your hand paying its cost, and you can "put into play" cards through various effects (Mork's Ritual, Call for Reserves and so on) - it is usually stated in text box. Some effects are triggerd when you play card, some when card is put into play.. As far as mess with Corb and developments goes.. I have an impression that you're a bit overthinking it:) I don't follow this logic :/ Why wouldn't it has stats after turning facup? It enters the game as a development, but after turning facup its state changes, doesn't it? And the same card is already in play, so it seems like turning devs facup is legitimate way to bypass Corb "sanctions". Or maybe I'm wrong? cheers
  10. Of course, but the thing is that when you play a card as a development (it enters play) it is just "a card" - it has no name, stats etc.
  11. i do believe that the example with two heroes is quite reasonable. (one played in a zone - entered play, anther one was played as a development - development entered play, not specific card). @Gertat - If what You're proposing was correct - an ambushing card was entering play - using Rip dere Eads Off on Grimgor (as a development) would result in triggering his forced effect - which by any means is not happening;)
  12. There are certain situations which tend to be profitable when you're attacking burning zone - triggering some actions for example. (Doom seeker, Blood Dragon Knight etc.) might be more benefitial then attacking "healthy" zone instead. And yes, if you don't defend there's noone to take the damage upon himself.
  13. @Maik Bringing back to life Warpstone Excavation (only for Skavens) is not a bad move. It gives me as a player opportunity to include it instead of Innovation or some other restricted card. With the limited keyword it shouldn't be to overpowered (Contested Villages won't come at the same turn), instead it allows you to use its corrupting properties to made some nice decks with fluff. As we haven't yet played any big tournaments with this new faq it is quite hard to state that it's gonna be overpowered. If that happens, i do believe some changes will be made in next FAQ. After pulling the plug for WHI by FFG, however in "Undead" state, it's still a Living Card Game and when sth will go wrong we can expect FAQ changes a bit sooner than usual.
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