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  1. Unfortunately the way they were created was in a normal text file and then copy/pasted into Magic Set Editor, so the easiest way would be mimicing that :-\ If you want I can send you the MSE file itself, though. Sorry I don't have a more helpful answer. Thanks! Let me know how the deck editing in roll20 goes, it's something I've been meaning to experiment with for a while. That's not a bad idea. Definitely depends on how many you want floating about, and your group's playstyle. Definitely appreciate hearing options I hadn't considered before though :-)
  2. Thank you! And unfortunately I'm currently in the middle of finals period, which is why my free time got significantly ruined. However, it looks like my regular session tomorrow might be cancelled, so I might just put the time I would otherwise spend for the session into finally fixing the cards like I meant to. Thank you for asking, I've been meaning to and people prodding me helps :-P Thanks very much! Hey, no worries! I still have the text I had when I was brainstorming the cards initially. There may be some minor discrepancies between these and the final cards, but since I was using this document to spellcheck and then copy/paste onto the cards, it should be very close to the final set. 01-10 1. I Know A Guy: Reduce the Rarity of an item you wish to purchase by one 2. Use The Force: Spend <AD><AD><AD> from a Perception check to gain a brief flash of knowledge into the situation or person, even if you are not Force Sensitive 3. Uproot: Spend <AD><AD> to make your attack knock all targets who suffer Damage (after Soak) Prone. 4. Distract: The next time you make an attack against an enemy, regardless of whether the attack hits or deals Damage, that enemy turns to focus on you (and you alone!) for the next 1d5 Rounds. 5. Scramble for Answers: Draw two Destiny Cards, then discard one. If you are currently suffering from a Critical Effect, draw three Destiny Force Cards, then discard two, instead. 6. Tactical Retrograde Advance: You and your allies roll Initiative against your opponents. If the highest Initiative score in your party is higher than the highest of your opponents, you escape the encounter (GM's discretion). 7. I Found A Clue!: Spend <AD><AD<AD> to find a clue as to the whereabouts of a person or thing you are seeking 8. …Scoundrel. I like that: Spend <TH><TH> from a Presence test to improve your next interaction with a member of the Underworld or Fringe 9. Would it help if I got out and pushed?: The next time you Assist on a Test, the character making the Test may roll twice and use the better result. 10. Never Tell Me The Odds: The next time you roll a uncanceled <DR>, you count as having rolled a <TR> instead. 11-20 1. I'm not afraid: You automatically pass the next Fear check you are called upon to make 2. I have a bad feeling about this: The next time you would use Vigilance for an initiative test, you may use Cool instead, or vice versa. 3. Great shot, kid!: Take a double Aim maneuver as a incidental. 4. Force Premonition: (Play while your character is sleeping): Your character has a dream of things to come, even if he is not Force Sensitive (GM's discretion). 5. Fling Aside: Spend <TH> from an enemy dice pool to have an attack that would hit an ally within Short range band hit you instead. Additionally, spend <TH><TH><TH> to have it miss you instead. 6. Stubborn Grit: You may ignore the effects of Critical Injuries under 100 until the end of the encounter [at which point you suffer them as normal]. 7. You'll find I'm full of surprises!: For the next non-combat skill test you are called upon to make, count your characteristic or skill rank as 1 higher than it would be normally 8. Mission Briefing: (Play when concocting a simple plan) Allies gain <B> to all Tests related to the execution of the plan. 9. Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?: Retroactively add <S> to a successful skill check to see through a Disguise or Deception 10. See, my friend! …Keep you eyes open, huh?: Introduce an NPC who is an old acquaintance of yours with training in a relevant Skill or access to a relevant resource. This NPC is generally disposed to help you, but perhaps not for free (GM's discretion). 21-30 1. A wretched hive of scum and villainy: Create [or have the GM create] a location in the area where you can rest, do research, or get local information thanks to a contact at the establishment (GM's Discretion). 2. Fear will keep the local systems in line: (Play after killing an enemy) All foes within line of sight must make a Fear Test against a difficulty of Fear 1 [Disturbing]. 3. He's as clumsy as he is stupid!: (Play during a chase sequence). Your opponent must make a Hard Pilot or Athletics test in order to succeed on the next move maneuver he wishes to make 4. Hidden Depths: Choose another Player Character or an NPC. That character knows something of value about a topic or problem at hand. 5. Vital Surge: Remove a number of levels of Strain equal to your Willpower or Brawn. 6. Hero's Welcome: (Play upon coming to a new place) Your reputation precedes you. You gain <B><B> on all Presence tests at that location during this visit. 7. Into the garbage chute, flyboy!: You stumble upon an NPC who can offer you rapid transport between two locations of your choice, though perhaps not comfortably 8. Oh yeah? Watch this!… Watch what!?: Choose a piece of complex technology within the short range band. That machine immediately ceases to function until repaired (GM's discretion). 9. You were unwise to lower your defenses: Spend <TH> from an enemy dice pool to move from Engaged to Short range as an incidental 10. Trust your instincts: Choose another character. The next time that character makes a Test, the result of the die roll counts as an uncancelled <TR>. 31-40 1. No reward is worth this: (Use when negotiating payment after a job). Gain <B><B> on all tests to convince your employer to improve you pay after a job turns out more difficult than expected 2. From a certain point of view: Something that was established as a fact turns out to be only partly true (GM's discretion) 3. Your weapon… you will not need it: (Use after an NPC has drawn a weapon). Use to convince an armed NPC to put away his weapon for one more chance at peaceful negotiation 4. Dramatic Wound: The next time you would suffer Critical Damage this encounter, prevent that Damage. Instead, you gain a scar, lose a substantial chunk of flesh, or are otherwise visibly marred in some way. 5. Unexpected Healing: An NPC appears and heals the party for 1d5 Wounds or 1 Critical Injury. This NPC may also Medical care, depending on circumstances (GM's discretion). 6. Join me, and together…: Make an argument attempting to convince an NPC to come around to your viewpoint based on some sort of common ground. You gain a <B><B> to any Skill Tests with that NPC for the duration of the encounter. 7. Adjust Defenses: You may make a Guarded Stance maneuver as an incidental. 8. Mistaken Identity: For unknown reasons, an NPC believes you to be somebody you (probably) are not. 9. Boring conversation, anyway: (Play during a social encounter). By means of explosives, shots fired, or some other method, you suddenly end the social encounter and are involved in a Chase to escape, gaining some kind of starting advantage (GM's discretion) 10. Back to Back: You and a single ally in Engaged range grant each other a Defense value of 1 while you remain close together. 41-50 1. Stay on target!: Perform a Stay On Target spaceship maneuver as an incidental 2. I want them alive! No disintegrations!" Your characters are taken hostage instead of being slain if they would be defeated in battle, even if the enemy does not normally take prisoners (GM's discretion). 3. Follow my lead: (Play after everyone in the group has been forced to make a Test of some sort) If any member of the group succeeded on the Test, everyone succeeds with the same amount of success and advantage. 4. Unexpected Might: You gain a <P> on your next Brawn or Willpower-based test. 5. Unexpected Wisdom: You gain a <P> on your next Cunning or Intellect-based test. 6. Unexpected Prowess: You gain a <P> on your next Agility or Presence-based test. 7. Now witness the power of this fully operational battle station: Concoct a plan, retroactively, around which you and your allies have been working. You may add a number of offscreen events equal to your Cunning or Intellect to bring this plan into position (GM's discretion). 8. Shut him up or shut him down!: You manage to find the off-switch to a droid, disabling him until someone switches him back on 9. Smuggling compartments: Your character stumbles across a weapon of the GM's choice (GM's discretion). 10. Mundane Encounter: You run across a foe in an unexpected place where neither party wishes to incite violence. A conversation ensues (GM's discretion). 51-60 1. I find your lack of faith disturbing: In place of your next social Skill Test, make an opposed Willpower test instead. Succeeding grants you <B><B> on all future Skill tests with that individual 2. I used to bullseye womp rats: One of your character's niche interests becomes critical to solving a problem before the party (GM's discretion) 3. Always in motion is the future: You may discard any number of Destiny Cards to draw that many Destiny Cards 4. We've had a slight weapons malfunction: A piece of machinery or technology within a Short range band breaks unexpectedly and completely 5. Warning Shot: (Play at the beginning of combat) All attacks miss during the first Round of this encounter 6. It's a Trap!: (Play at the beginning of combat when you were not Surprised) Describe a trap that you placed on the battlefield before the start of combat. That trap is now where you described it as being (GM's discretion) 7. Duck and Weave: You gain a Defense Rating of 2 this Round 8. Calm Down, I've Got This: You gain a single Skill of your choice at rank 1. However, the next Experience Points you would earn automatically go to paying for this Skill, and you cannot spend Experience Points on other purchases until it has been paid for in full 9. Your father wanted you to have this: An NPC gives you a rare or important item [likely an heirloom] of the GM's choice (GM's discretion) 10. I have foreseen it: Choose another character, You and that character fight a duel in which other characters cannot interfere due to a contrivance of the GM's creation (GM's discretion). The GM should probably come up with something for everyone else to do in the mean-time 61-70 1. There's always a bigger fish: A danger to the party is suddenly eliminated by something even more dangerous, which may or may not be hostile to the party. (GM's discretion) 2. Indignation: For the rest of the encounter, Critical Hits for all your weapons require one less <AD> than normal (minimum 1) 3. Contest of Skill: On your next Opposed Test, you and your opponent both ignore all bonuses and penalties from equipment circumstances, injuries, and other external sources 4. But I was going to Tosche Station!: (Play when opening a door, rounding a bend, or otherwise coming upon some sort of new scene) The GM creates a new scene in the chosen space which is decidedly less dangerous than what the party might have expected (GM's discretion) 5. He was meant to help you: The GM chooses an appropriate NPC. That NPC, for better or for worse, is now a hanger-on to your party, following you in particular wherever you go. The NPC generally attempts to be helpful whenever possible, though not necessarily whenever convenient. (GM's discretion) 6. Set blasters to stun: Until the end of the encounter, you and your allies may change any Critical Effect you inflict to "You inflict 5 Strain on your target" 7. I thought they smelled bad the outside: Something nearby suddenly provides you a sizable advantage to your current situation, but will have negative immediate or later side effects that may make secondary or tertiary goals difficult 8. This one's a decoy!: Someone, either an enemy or allied NPC, turns out to be a fake of some kind, and this fact only now become clear 9. I'm here to rescue you!: (Play during combat or while being chased) An NPC appears to offer you a path to temporary safety 10. Fly casual: For the duration of the encounter, customs officials or other such personnel ignore one obvious problem that would otherwise cause them to stop you 71-80 1. These aren't the droids you're looking for: You manage to convince an NPC that someone or something isn't what they believe it to be 2. Open Exhaust Port: Choose a target. If that target has a physical weakness that can be exploited, you spot a sign of it (GM's discretion) 3. Let The Wookie Win: Choose a foe who you bested in some sort of contest. You gain a permanent +10 bonus to Presence-based Tests when interacting with this character 4. I have you now!: Your next attack against a target with 5 or fewer wounds automatically inflicts a Critical Effect with +20 5. It's against my programming to impersonate a deity: An NPC takes an interest [platonic, intellectual, romantic, obsessive, romantically obsessive, or other] in you (GM's discretion) 6. All according to my design: Choose an NPC. That NPC reveals all of his or her motives to you and your allies in a monologue, dialogue, vision, or other appropriate form (GM's discretion). If you and your allies allow the NPC to finish his or her "rant" without interrupting, draw a Destiny Card 7. Always two there are: Until the end of the encounter, whenever an ally of your choice suffers Damage, you may choose to suffer that Damage instead 8. Feel, don't think: use your instincts: (Play when you or an ally would be struck with an attack while Unaware) You or one ally within 3 metres can make an Action or two maneuvers before the attack strikes 9. Fear is the path to the Dark Side: The entire party may ignore the effects of Fear until the end of the encounter 10. We would be honored if you would join us: A potential combat encounter becomes a social encounter instead (GM's Discretion). If negotiations break down, the parties depart peacefully, if at all possible, even if they intend to commit violence against one another in the future 81-90 1. At last we will have revenge: Pick an NPC or group of NPCs with whom you have unfinished or unresolved business. The GM sets up an encounter where you have an advantage with this NPC (Advance warning and GM approval required) 2. I hate it when he does that: Use when a PC attempts to do something reckless or suicidal to benefit the party as a whole. Add <P> to your pool to attempt the task 3. Critical Opening: Your next attack against a single target this Turn ignores any negative dice that would normally be added to the pool, including Defense values, enemy Talents, etc. 4. Evacuate? In our moment of triumph?: An enemy who has you at his or her mercy allows you to escape for some [as yet] unexplored reason (GM's discretion) 5. We've got to give him more time!: [Play at the start of a Combat Encounter] An NPC appears and insists upon fighting your opponent(s) in your stead, leaving you and your allies free to pursue other matters (GM's discretion) 6. That's no moon!: An NPC or object that seemed harmless suddenly turns out to be extremely dangerous. Fortunately, it is focused on being dangerous to a target of your choice... for now (GM's Discretion) 7. You're all clear, kid!: An NPC or event clears any obstacles that would hinder you reaching your destination (GM's discretion) 8. Cameo: A character of your choice from the movies or Expanded Universe makes a brief appearance (GM's discretion) 9. Force Vision: Your character sees an important event or conversation vital to his current or long-term interests that give him insight or an advantage into resolving it 10. The Force is Strong with this One: The next time you would suffer Damage this Turn, prevent that Damage 91-100 1. Aggressive negotiations: (Play during a social encounter) The social encounter immediately ends and the PCs each get a Round of combat before initiative is officially rolled 2. She's got it where it counts: (Play while in a vehicle) Your vehicle stays together and functioning till the end of the encounter, regardless of Damage or Critical Effects received. Once you reach safety, all Critical Effects and Damage occur as normal 3. There is another: (Play when you've lost access to a plot-critical person or device) It turns out that there is another person or object that can solve the problem at hand, although it may not be easily accessible or found 4. You've turned off your targeting computer!: On your next Test, you ignore all negative penalties from circumstances, injuries, and other external sources 5. Search your feelings: Your character instantly knows whether something he is being told is true or a falsehood, and if a falsehood, what the truth is 6. That's impossible!: The PC may attempt a Skill Test on a task that would normally be deemed impossible, if he can provide justification for the attempt. The test is instead counts as Daunting difficulty (GM's discretion) 7. Insignificant next to the power of the Force: Until the end of the encounter, you may spend a Destiny Point as an incidental to automatically have an attack that targets you fail 8. Now let's blow this thing and go home!: An ally who you thought dead [of your choice] makes a surprise appearance to rescue you (GM's Discretion) 9. He is the chosen one: You may spend a Destiny Point. If you do, draw any card of your choice from the Destiny Deck 10. The Force will be with you… Always: Roll a Force die, and add that many Destiny Points to the Destiny Pool. Then flip all Destiny Points to the light side. <B> = Boost Die <S> = Setback Die <A> = Ability Die <P> = Proficiency Die <D> = Difficulty Die <C> = Challenge Die <F> = Force Die <AD> = Advantage <SU> Success <FA> = Failure <DR> = Despair <TR> = Triumph <TH> = Threat <LS> = Light Side <DS> = Dark Side Edit: looks like the forum messed up my formatting a bit, I threw the original file up in the Dropbox folder as well. Thank you!
  3. Just an update for those who are following: due to some issues with the program I used to make the cards (Magic Set Editor) it's proving incredibly more difficult than expected to get the symbols added into the cards. I'm still working on it, but I didn't have enough time this weekend and adding the symbols would require editing with code and stuff like that… Still looking for some other easy alternative, maybe worst case just re-editing the cards in Photoshop since not too many actually have symbols. My friend who does graphic design work is also working on a card back, but no solid ETA on that unfortunately. Sorry it wasn't as quick as I was hoping. Thanks for sharing, it's really cool to hear how they've impacted other campaigns! I'm not familiar with that adventure, but glad you were able to adjust based on the cards. Not too surprising that not everyone used their cards, they're often (and designed to be) fairly powerful, and my players typically hoard the ones they see as such. And it definitely makes sense that some would be difficult to use, the understanding in my group is always that every card has the caveat of "per GM discretion" and so players only use them when it seems like it would make sense. And yeah, if you have suggestions feel free to let me know. I can even provide the set-up for how to make your own cards if you want to add some of your own into the deck or replace some you don't like. Yeah, in my campaign (after giving each player 1 for having their materials ready on time) I typically hand out 1, in certain cases 2, per session. But it really depends on your GM style, your playgroup, how you want your campaign to go, etc. I feel like it's just like certain groups tend to accumulate XP faster than others, hit higher grade weapons sooner, or things like that.
  4. Currently working on editing in the symbols and I'm going to try and make a back as well! Good point, since my campaign is currently online-only I haven't had to think about printing like I had in the past so it completely slipped my mind. Honestly, I use them as a variety of rewards. In general I like keeping everyone at the same XP levels (my players are forgetful so it makes tracking easier) which would mean the only reward I have easily available are items, so the cards make for a nice change. Things I've awarded them for in the past: -Having their character sheets/campaign prep/etc. in on time -Particularly great roleplaying (great speech, hilarious joke, making a detrimental but in-character decision, etc) -Doing something particularly awesome (in a non-roleplaying sense) -My players unanimously agreeing something a fellow player did deserved one Usually if someone earns one, they roll for it at the end of the session, and can use it anytime at all in the future (although some players tend to hoard them for the final session/a super important battle/etc). And yes, typically they just roll a 1d100 to determine card, re-rolling if they already have the one they rolled. In very rare circumstances I'll reward a specific one if it's thematically appropriate based on why they earned the card. My campaign is also currently running through Roll20, I didn't even consider trying to use the deck-tool in the program. That's a great idea! Thanks for the disclaimer, but the only response I have is thanks for helping :-) It's cool to see other people invested in something I worked on. Anyway, like I said, currently working on editing the cards to include the symbols, I'll post the updated deck as soon as I do. Thank again for all the feedback everyone!
  5. ^ That's totally correct, sorry for not making that clear. Thanks for posting for me Col. Orange :-) Traditionally for my group yes, when they "earn" a card they roll a 1d100, and since my group is currently playing online a copy of that card gets put into the player's folder in our synced campaign folder via Dropbox. (when we were playing in-person I actually would have printed-out copies to physically give the card). They can play them whenever they want, particularly if it's thematically/dramatically appropriate, and don't cost anything to use. They are all one-use only. With that said, that's just how my group uses them, you are encouraged to be creative and use them however suits your play-group! If you think of anything particularly different I'm happy to hear it. At the time I actually could not find the actual icons anywhere to use. Just yesterday I saw someone had posted here in the forums a font with all the symbols, so I will probably take some time this weekend to redo the text with the right icons (and fix the few typos I had caught since I finished the set). If I do I will repost them! Thanks everyone for the positive feedback, if you do end up using them I hope they make your campaign more interesting and enjoyable!
  6. Hey everyone! My playgroup has always been a fan of custom rewards, originally inspired by the "Drama Cards" unofficially produced for D&D. It's a really nice alternative to items, XP, or other normal rewards, and players generally find them really cool and worth working for (we often use them as a reward for good roleplaying, among other things). Since we recently started our first EotE campaign, I decided to make a new set for the system, and have produced what I'm calling the Destiny Deck. I figured there's a chance others may get some use out of them, so I figured I'd share! Feel free to use, modify, or whatever them for your own games if you feel so inclined. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tq6cz3unnnp12b6/Ek4f1mJMXy In general they get 'better' as you get to higher numbers, and often I have players roll a 1d100 to determine which they get, sometimes with + modifiers based on why they're getting a card. If you have any thoughts or feedback I'm happy to hear it, I had a lot of fun making these (I apologize for any typos). -HTMC
  7. Fgdsfg said: I do not see how this makes it less disturbing. You gotta look at it compared to the alternatives: you can have your soul eaten by Slaanesh and spend an eternity in his sexy, painful embrace, or you can let your soul be swallowed by a crystal and spend eternity hanging out with other dead Eldar, helping the living, or even possibly piloting a sweet spaceship. I know what I would choose given a choice :-P
  8. JuankiMan said: As I said, they are evil without context, evil for evil's sake, and that's why I consider them the most evil race in the Warhammer 40k universe. Not the most destructive, not the most dangerous, not the most catastrophic. Just the most evil. You have a weird definition of evil :-P
  9. I'm sure this is an oversight, as a GM I would assume that a PC has the training necessary to use any weapons and equipment he/she starts with by default.
  10. Penpen said: HTMC said: Abnett chose to create (I assume) something called RIP, for Reindoctrination, something, and Prepatory (I think, this is all off the top of my head) which is a constantly running bootcamp for both new recruits such as Dalin Criid, people doing said camp as punishment, and whatever the other category I'm forgetting is. So yes, it's Black LIbrary "canon," but the idea has definitely been explored by one of their established authors. It's Retraining, Indoctrination and Punishment actually. Indoctrination for the new blood, Punishment for the screw-ups and Retraining for… I'm not sure. People recovering from injuries and possible augmetics, like Merrt? Specialists that retrained into new specialties out of necessity (like a tanker regiments being retrained as infantry after losing all their hard-to-replace tanks)? Ah ok, that sounds much more correct :-P Thanks for the clarification.
  11. JuankiMan said: Tau won't and probably wouldn't have the nerve no matter how desperate, which it will cost them if they ever come to the point where the Imperium would consider Exterminatus on one of their own planets. Haha, what? The race and empire that is entirely built around the idea of "do things for the greater good," "sacrifice yourself for the greater good," etc, is the one you think would most shy away from killing a few to save more? Again (and this isn't a bad thing) you seem to have a very clear Pro-Imperial bias. I'm not saying this to be rude or insulting, I think it's just what this pages-long debate boils down to: you see the Imperium in a very different light than the rest of us, which explains the disconnect between your perception of other races and others' perceptions.
  12. CaptainStabby said: As a game designer who actually has to write up lists of arbitrary achievements for console and mobie titles… My suggestion would be to just give extra xp when players do soemthing that entertains you as a GM. It's much more organic and will generate more itneresting situations as well as encourage more outside the box thinking by your players as opposed to them just working through some checklist of "to-do's" I'd agree with this, The strength of tabletop RPGs is how freeform and creative it allows players to be, especially in comparison to videogame RPGs. I know that if I had a list of achievements I could get for bonuses, I'd focus less on roleplaying and being creative, and focus much more on just doing x over and over to get more points. The way my group does it is that whenever there's a particular well-done roleplaying bit (either makes the entire group laugh, or is super impressive, or whatever) or someone does something particularly impressive or creative in combat, the GM usually rewards it. I do think that's a much better system for traditional RPGs.
  13. JuankiMan said: Normally I'd agree with you, but these are not humans we're talking about. Eldar are inherently prone to moral and emotional excess. They feel, obsess and live with an intensity that defies human definition and so Craftworld Eldar devised the Paths as a form of strict self-discipline because otherwise they run the risk of falling into the same depravity that doomed them all, because the darkness is always there, that's why Eldar tend to mistrust corsairs, because they don't follow the Paths and you never now if he has fallen. Still they can obsess over the Path themselves, becoming phisically incapable of leaving their chosen Path to the point it starts to warp their bodies. Regardless, the Eldar learned the value of discipline but completely ignored the lesson of humility, still acting full of contemptuous pride over the "lesser races" (i.e.: absolutely everything that isn't them). I don't disagree with any of that. I will say that their sense of superiority is not altogether without merit: they did have a massive empire, their technology is demonstrably superior to every other races (especially their method of space travel), and do factually have a greater capacity for emotion and expression than humans and other races. Does that warrant the way they act? No, but it's not unreasonable to see how they got to their point, because if you start noticing you're better than everyone else, it's hard not to act that way. JuankiMan said: I never claimed such a thing, at least not for the Eldar and Tau (though the Tau don't yet know what it truly means to fight for survival). For Dark Eldar, Orks, Tyranids, Necrons and Chaos of course its completely different. They're not fighting to protect, or to survive. They fight to destroy, corrupt and consume. I also don't claim that the Imperium is less evil than Eldar or Tau, though I definitely do for everyone else. I just claim that they're no better. The Eldar are hateful, manipulative and arrogant to the extreme, often claiming and putting to practice that the life of a single Eldar is perfectly worth the death of millions of members of other races, and entire worlds or even sectors have burned to ash as a result. They protect the galaxy not out of any sort of altruism or even a sense of atonement, but because they still regard the entire galaxy and anything within it as theirs by right, and the only reason they don't wipe out humanity is because they simply don't have the means. And still despite being of the brink of extinction they're not above letting petty rivalries and millenial grudges lock them into internal conflict and bloody vendettas. Saim-Hann is infamous for this. Just for fun: The Imperium of Man is hateful, manipulative and arrogant to the extreme, often claiming and putting to practice that the life of a single Human is perfectly worth the death of millions of members of other races, and entire worlds or even sectors have burned to ash as a result of Exterminatus and other practices. They protect the galaxy not out of any sort of altruism or even a sense of atonement, but because they still regard the entire galaxy and anything within it as theirs by right, and the only reason they don't wipe out every other race is because they simply don't have the means. And still despite being of the brink of destrcution they're not above letting petty rivalries and millenial grudges lock them into internal conflict and bloody vendettas. There are many examples of this. I don't think you can legitimately claim your description isn't any less apt for humans. Again, though, I don't disagree with your overall assessments. JuankiMan said: Not with the new Codex it ain't. A Craftworld Eldar might turn Corsair, sail the stars and then settle in a quiet Exodite world if he manages to convince them to let him, only to bore of it a few centuries later and return to the Craftworld, but the Dark Eldar are too late. They are hollow, their souls long ago shrivelled and rotten, and if they stopped drinking in the pain and torment of others they would animically starve. Not that they'll admit that. They do what they do because why shouldn't they? The galaxy is theirs by right and the prey should feel honoured to at least have some use as amusement. It's not that they won't recover. It's that they can't. I will admit that I have not actually read the new DE codex yet, so you're probably correct; my knowledge is all from previous editions. In my defense there's a lot of material describing them as not-permanent, even so far as the recent Path of the Outcast by Gav Thorpe, which came out not even a month ago, and features a Dark Eldar Dracon who left Comorrargh, and while still a corsair, has left behind the extreme practices of the Dark Eldar (no torture, ****, gratuitous murder, etc.) I guess we get into the issue then of how the 'canon' codex affects the RPG systems, which is highly debatable. Thank you for pointing out my oversight though, I guess I should try and get ahold of the new codex at least for a readthrough.
  14. It'd be a bit hard since there's no clear explanation of standard kit/augmentation anywhere that I'm aware of, more just that they exist and they have a command structure. If you know of any books offhand I'm happy to hear them, since I don't know that well. But ya, it seems like it'd be an easy conversion, I'd probably just replace all the 'normal' regimental benefits with a standard set of augmetics/cyber implants, and give them better equipment (at least hellgun base?) to reflect their increased access to weaponry. But ya, I don't have a great reference point, but it seems like it'd be a fun conversion.
  15. I feel like in time for Christmas would be a good bet. Presumably they have to round up and make all their changes, proofread the new document, and then get it send off to be printed. I don't know exactly how they're printing and shipping cycle works, but I assume it's at least a couple months? If anyone has any actual knowledge feel free to chime off :-P Short answer: I honestly have no idea :-P
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