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  1. I have always wanted to use OW for either a Necromunda game, or have the players as an Arbiter/Enforcer precinct.
  2. As much as I can appreciate the whole "everything and nothing is canon" stance. The bottom line is, it's a cop out, and always has been. It's GW admitting to the fact that they were making up random things and sort of not paying attention (anf probably doing lots of drugs) and it's too much work now to try to make it all make sense. Like when Jim Butcher threw out the whole "Oh the TV show is an alternate reality of Dresden." response. BS, that's a cop out, that's a translation of "I got paid for the TV rights, now piss off and stop asking me about this."
  3. CaptainStabby


    So yeah, modeling ADD. Fallen Dark Angels, oooooor are they? muahahahaha or something. gah, tried to post images and they are huuuuge. So, here, linkage. http://www.savevsfail.com/2015/03/the-host/
  4. To be fair the entire Wraith RPG was kinda... weird. Also, yeah, everything said here applies, in addition to greek epic heroes in the form of Astartes.
  5. I am painting up an Emperor's Iphone army now. I actually like this line of thinking a lot, it makes a lot of sense, assuming you accept the lore that the Big E had it together that much.
  6. Largely irrelevant really, what matters is its X time to travel over yonder. Especially with warp buggerey.
  7. The flipside of this is that players are stupid. I had a player in a RIFTS game years ago playing a necromancer and stuck a pair of goblin arms to his temples so he could make rude gestures at things while wielding his laser rifle.
  8. So following The Wire analogy... That would make Cypher Omar? I think I'm ok with that.
  9. Have you ever played the Paranoia RPG? Depends... what's your security clearance?
  10. Oh, that, absolutely. Just report to your local Ordo Hereticus re-education center to claim your prize.
  11. In the Grimdark/Noblebright -ness of the 41st millennium there is no Nobel Peace Prize.
  12. hrrmm... I dunno. We need to ask the Ultramarines if a Game Boy is codex approved.
  13. I think my bigger problem is why is he using a hand auspex? Like... does the tank not have a sensor suite?
  14. Imperial Fist: "Seriously though, where did all the space in the Rhino go when you put this turret on it? Can we get one of those Guard Enginseers who worked on the Chimera to look at this?"
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