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    aljovin reacted to bradknowles in My work-in-progress: Armor Cards   
    I think these images come from “The New Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology”, but the scans themselves are relatively low quality.  I have that book, and I could do my own high-quality scans.
    But this is still just a small selection of weapons and technology that we can find from that book.  
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    aljovin reacted to Nytwyng in pouty player   
    Sounds to me like it's not about not being...satisfied...at home, but about power/control. I'd be worried about him outside of game, too.
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    aljovin reacted to Dakkar98 in Another Character Generator   
    The Force Rating is a bonus of beginning as one of those Careers. In the description of the Career just below where it lists the career's skills, it states that you begin with a Force Rating of 1. The individual Specializations do not have this feature.
    The  Force-Sensitive Exile or the Force Sensitive Emergent Universal Specializations list on their Specializations that the character "Gain Force Rating of 1".
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    aljovin reacted to Dakkar98 in Another Character Generator   
    If they did not begin as a Force-using career (any career from Force and Destiny Book), they don't gain a Force rating unless they add the Force-Sensitive Exile or the Force Sensitive Emergent Universal Specializations.
    You can add the class but you don't get to do any Force Stuff.
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    aljovin reacted to Stan Fresh in Another Character Generator   
    Yes. The two universal Force-using specializations give you FR 1 when you choose them (unless you already have it, or a higher rating; it's not a +1). In Force & Destiny, it's the *careers* that give you FR 1, not the specs.
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    aljovin got a reaction from verdantsf in Shadow of the Broker, Modular Campaign   
    Not all the adventures are published, correct? I have found a few that I do like a lot, and I would like to read even more of those. Great ideas to help build our own, or simply play them!
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    aljovin reacted to copperbell in Advice for Human Replica Droid... and plot   
    Depends on how well they're disguised ideally if they're knocked out by whatever knocks out the droid would work as long as you use knock out gas on the others so the Imperials have no reason to take a closer look.
    An ISB Agent might be interested if they notice the resemblance, but as long as they aren't held long enough for someone to run a medical check and they're not wounded enough to reveal their secret I guess that's up to you.
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    aljovin reacted to Braendig in Advice for Human Replica Droid... and plot   
    He's an HRD.... I'd make him do a deception check with a boost or two to "appear" drugged.  If you wanted to go further, you might give him a discipline check to fake it for the entire trip (or expected duration).  You could even give him a medicine check to determine what the appropriate effects are supposed to be and how long they're supposed to last so he can replicate it.  It's a common trope that the hero is immune to whatever substance is used on him, but deceives the guards into thinking he's incapacitated in order to sneak into a facility.
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    aljovin reacted to Syralus in FFG Galaxy Map PDF/Physical Map Poster   
    The Force and Destiny lists travel times at least. Huge help when trying to figure out how long it takes to travel anywhere. 
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    aljovin reacted to Blackbird888 in What's your Superweapon?   
    Yeah, I've found the ultimate super weapon. Nothing you can come up with will ever compete, so don't even bother.

    Subtitle: An image of the Darth Vader Transformer toy. He turns into the Death Star.
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    aljovin reacted to 2P51 in Quick question on the Force   
    Throwing a Lightsaber is a specific Talent, not a Force power.
    Immobilizing is covered by Bind.
    Force leap is part of Enhance, not Move.
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    aljovin reacted to Dbuntu in Need to Deal with a Psychopath   
    Yeah. Tell him to **** right off with his feelings. He is ruining a game for people and knows it. He clearly doesn't respect the feelings of the group so there is no reason to respect his. "Everyone is tired of your ****, shape up or you will not be invited back." End of the discussion.
    The hell there isn't. This mentality that everyone has to be included is bull. The thing about good friends is that they call you on poor behavior. The discussion should go like this:  
    "Hey PC, the guys and I have been talking and you murdering everything is really dragging down the game for everyone. You're my friend so I want you to be able to play with us, but you need to consider if this is a game you want to be in."
    "Oh **** man, I'm SUPER embarrassed that I've been such an ass. I'll absolutely do better. And to make amends, pizza and beer is on me next session."
    And if the conversation doesn't go something like that, then you should stop inviting him.
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    aljovin reacted to DidntFallAsleep66 in Need to Deal with a Psychopath   
    Next Game... OK players I'll do a left to right camera sweep. The scene opens on an Imperial Garrison, AT-ST crews prepare for their morning patrol as a beat up Firespray sits on one of their docking areas. An unknown individual wearing Mandolorian Armor ascends the ramp, the ramp closes and the after a few minutes the Firespray takes off... it soon becomes a dark speck, then disappears into the clouds.....
    GM (to wookie player): You awake thirsty, with a raging hangover/headache in a grey plas-steel walled cell. There are no windows and your hands are bound by magbinders behind your back.. what  do you do?
    Before he has time to answer interrupt to the other 2 players... you awake on the floor of your ship, hungover and thirsty, It appears you have not been robbed, all gear, in fact is stored neatly against the ship's bulk heads beside you including the wookie's. The wookie is not with you and there is a note attached to his (chosen weapon). It reads: Your friend is now in the custody of the local Imperial Garrison, in a Maximum Security cell. Please choose your friends wisely in the future or suffer the same fate. Many eye witness reports have been recorded against your friend and video evidence is also the possession of the Empire. Signed Boba Fett.
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    aljovin got a reaction from bradknowles in Ship combat example   
    I was about to post a question about this (yeah, a year after the original post), and I wasn't able to find anything through the search method of the Forum. In this situation, Google was my friend (and it pointed right back to here!
    I wanted to say THANKS! I will be reading it carefully (and re-reading it) to see how you've done it. 
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    aljovin reacted to FuriousGreg in HRD as PC   
    Just stat them out as a Droid but covered with Synth-flesh and replace the Enduring Talent with the Indistinguishable Talent (AoR pg149) when trying to pass as organic.
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    aljovin got a reaction from adampageuk in Expanding Mos Shuuta   
    Agreed! Thanks for sharing!
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    aljovin reacted to Aservan in Dark Side Villains at the Edge of the Empire   
    There's that great scene in Avengers where Loki is cowing the crowd in Germany, but one old man stands up and says, "There are always men like you."
    That was great writing. Bad writers stereo-type people and have them all act the same because it's less work for the writer. People aren't like that.
    Don't fall into that trap as a GM. A disease won't kill 100% of a population and people won't all act in concert. It is our greatest strength.
    Some Sith will be complete black hats who serve little purpose other than the catharsis of violently killing them. The best will have complex motives, that "from a certain point of view" make sense. It doesn't make them less evil, but it does allow us to understand why they see the universe the way they do.
    There are many caveats to all this.
    Don't let the PCs meet a big bad villain face to face unless you are willing to risk someone dying. Bad fiction rail roads the characters to ramp up the drama, when the obvious solution is for Han to just shoot first. This is why the telephone was invented. The PCs and Antagonists can talk, but can't hurt each other. Don't make the story about your big bad evil guy. This works well in media other than RPGs. Players want the story to be about them, not your stupid NPC. Don't make your villain too powerful. Stupid powerful bad guys only entertain children and morons. Evil has more limits than good. For one thing smart people don't want to work with you. Antagonists should have just enough power to be a threat, not so powerful that they can give the PCs a golden shower with no consequences. At that point your villain just looks dumb. Why didn't he just kill them? Compelling villains have limits. The apathetic Jedi might not harm children, for example. Kids don't get to make decisions and aren't guilty of their parent's mistakes. Power hungry antagonists will probably accept surrender, as the PCs are now in his power, which is what he was fighting for in the first place. Greedy monsters will not risk their own lives, as you can't spend it if you're dead.
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    aljovin reacted to Nimsim in Use the Force, Luke   
    Quick note, dude. You can only use the white dots for powers normally. If you want to use black dots, you have to suffer a point of strain and flip a destiny point.
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    aljovin reacted to Donovan Morningfire in Another Character Generator   
    I say take your time.
    The current version works pretty darn well as is.  And better to take it slow and get it right (or as close to right) the first time than rush a buggy version out the door.
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    aljovin reacted to 2P51 in Use the Force, Luke   
    A Force power is an Action so he can only use one per round regardless.  You have to generate enough Force points to accomplish whatever it is you are attempting to do per the applicable power and if there aren't enough points it just doesn't happen.  Like Luke couldn't get his X-wing outta the swamp.
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    aljovin got a reaction from iandimitri in Use the Force, Luke   
    My PCs (2 of them, including a Gand) have taken the Force Sensitive talent tree. This is causing me some difficulties, and I'm turning to the community to figure it out.
    How does one uses the Force? I mean, mechanically.
    Say the PC has a Force Rating of 1.
    I know the Force dice will be used (one per Force Rating), but I'm at odds to figure when and how to use it. I will need to understand before sending Dark Side Adepts hunting for them!
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    aljovin reacted to 2P51 in Use the Force, Luke   
    What powers do they have?  Or do they yet?  In which case the answer is easy, they don't do anything......
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    aljovin reacted to Morridini in Star Wars Legends   
    Here I have invested hundreds of dollars, read at least 60 books and a hell of a lot more of the comics... and I rejoice over these news!
    The EU has grown too bloated, there is simply too much stuff there. This led to me giving up trying to stay with the game (gave up during LotF, and haven't read any Star Wars novels since Sacrifice). Now however they give me a chance to start reading Star Wars again WITHOUT an insane backlog, I can stay up to date by reading them as they are released, perfect!
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    aljovin got a reaction from jameswilletts in Adjusting challenge to "experienced" PC   
    What I like about EotE, is the level-less approach, however it's also the part that is causing me the most grief.
    I'm having a hard time figuring out how to adjust the encounter to thePC, especially once they've earned 300 xps.
    This must have been addressed at some point here, but I couldn't find it.
    How do you adjust an encounter to the PCs? I'm trying to adapt the "Beyond the RIM" adventure to my group (4 PCs), where only one is combat-oriented.
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    aljovin reacted to themensch in Adjusting challenge to "experienced" PC   
    I am right there too, running Beyond the Rim for my 5-player 300+XP group.  
    So far, I've buffed the adversaries with Adversary 2 for minions and 3 for rivals.  I've upgraded ships, beasts, and npcs' stats and skills across the board, willy-nilly it seems.  I've added some hired muscle that I've walked down 2 hired gun and big game hunter talent trees, who will use gravbelts and custom jetpacks to rain death down upon my heroes.  
    They're on the planet now and the environment will be a huge factor since they did zero prep for wilderness exploration....
    So yeah, will this be adequate?  Too much?  Page 305 in the core book touches on this but I too am having a little difficulty quickly producing challenging npcs.  
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