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  1. That's too bad, I love the work you've done with the Armors, I'd love to see it on other items as well (Weapons, gear), that would be great. If everything else fail, for those that don't have line art, colour art would do, wouldn't it?
  2. I am using and a PC just added the Hunter (Seeker) specialisation; however the "Force Powers" button doesn't appear, any idea why? Am I missing something?
  3. I have a situation that I need help from other GMs; I have a player who is playing a HRD, he is actually a copy of a Moff, getting ready to replace the Moff as an agent of a Hutt. Here is the plot issue: - They are going to be arrested as saboteur for the Alliance, then transfered to a prison. They will all be drugged (droids are going to be put a Restraining bolt), but what about that HRD? He looks human, he even looks like their boss, drugging him wouldn't really work (he's a droid afterall, but the Imps are going to think he's a look-alike to the Moff. - very good look-alike! How can I make him unconscious for the travel, like his other partners, without giving too much into the fact that he is a HRD to the Imps?
  4. Not all the adventures are published, correct? I have found a few that I do like a lot, and I would like to read even more of those. Great ideas to help build our own, or simply play them!
  5. I've read that some have been incorporating the 3 concepts together, so that some characters uses Obligation, others Duty and lastly some Force sensitive uses the Morality. The mechanic behind Obligation (and I assume Duty, I haven't read that one much, we don't run rebellion characters) are relatively easy to "merge", 1-30 Obligation for PC1, 31-45 Duty for PC2, then you roll the percentage to trigger the obligation/duty. My question is what happens with Morality? How do you incorporate it? Do you do 2 checks, one for the Obligation/Duty and one for Morality?
  6. That's interesting! I didn't know that I would be opening a pandora's box! Here is now my take on those Influence: 1 - Basic power : Can provide strain by affecting the target's emotion 2 - Control (10xp) make the tarket trusting towards the PC, then the PC can use charm, coerce or deception check with a boost die ("hey my friend, I'm telling you this is not the droid you are looking for" - Adding a boost, to the roll to indicate that the target trust the PC) 3 - Control (15xp) Allow the PC to add successes (or advantages) to a Charm/Coerce/Deception check ("Those are not the droids you are looking for") We've ran a Jedi game session (PCs were playing Jedi of an old time, this was meant as a single game). This raised a lot more questions: Influence: - How do we influence Force sensitive? Can we? (a NPC?, a PC?) Move: - Throwing a Lightsaber to an opponent (as an attack) should it requires Control 10xp or 15xp)? I can see a case for both situations, on the second one, this would be a regular attack, but at a distance? I'm tempted to choose that one. - Immobilizing an opponent; This would requires Move with at least a Strength upgrade (for a Silouette size 1); However, I feel this would be powerfull at this point, does it makes sense? How about throwing the opponent to the wall? What if the target is a Force Sensitive? Should this affect anything? - Move used as a Force Jump power, affecting only the PC, requiring a Discipline check?
  7. I am sure it has been answered before, I just can't find it. I need a quick run down of using the Force. Say for example: PC Force Rating 2 Force Powers: - Influence Basic Power - Magnetude (Influence) So; say he want to say "These are not the droids you are looking for"; How do we proceed? 1 - Roll the Force pool (2 White Dice because his rating is 2) Say the result is 2 White, 1 Black 2 - Use a White force point to influence the stormtrooper to trust him (positive emotion) 3 - Use a regular Charm roll, with a Boost die (or reduce the difficulty from Hard to Average) because the Stormtrooper trust the PC? Would that be a good interpretation of the use of the Force?
  8. I was about to post a question about this (yeah, a year after the original post), and I wasn't able to find anything through the search method of the Forum. In this situation, Google was my friend (and it pointed right back to here! I wanted to say THANKS! I will be reading it carefully (and re-reading it) to see how you've done it.
  9. aljovin

    HRD as PC

    One of my player wants to play a Human Replica Droid. I do want to explore that, but I am trying to figure out how to stat the PC? I was thinking of getting him the stats of the Droid, obviously can't be force sensitive, but also can be poisoned. As for healing, Bacta? Anything else I should think about?
  10. Thanks!So he'd need to roll those dice every time he wants to use a force power? Or once per Round?
  11. Thanks, but how does the mechanic works: "The 2 Stormtroopers are standing guard at the prison door" PC: "I use the force to move some rocks on the other side of the valley in order to distract them" What do I do then? roll your force rating and you can use the force dots?
  12. Actually, whatever the powers, I really need to figure out how that mechanic works One has Basic Move, the other Basic Sense (or something similar, I don't have my Core rule book at the moment) Edit: yes, I understand, they have to have at least one of the basic talents; they've invested a couple of xps into their trees.
  13. My PCs (2 of them, including a Gand) have taken the Force Sensitive talent tree. This is causing me some difficulties, and I'm turning to the community to figure it out. How does one uses the Force? I mean, mechanically. Say the PC has a Force Rating of 1. I know the Force dice will be used (one per Force Rating), but I'm at odds to figure when and how to use it. I will need to understand before sending Dark Side Adepts hunting for them!
  14. Correct (Just got the last force pack yesterday, just before the tournement) I have figured it out when I wrote the list. I should have gone with one of my other deck. Both of you have hit the nail; I have a hard time figuring out what should be the core mechanic of a deck. I guess it's the biggest issue I have with deck building, I have no clue what I can do with the ton of cards we already have, even less what are the ones I'd enjoy playing together that have some synergy. For my DS deck, I wanted to have a capture mechanic in place, when I wrote them down, I realized that I probably need a mechanic to move the captured cards to other objectives/characters. How do you figure you've got enough Edge cards? Fate cards? Or even enough resources?
  15. Yesterday, I went to my first tournement, got wipped completely. I came back frustrated. I don't mind loosing a few game (even the majority), if I at least can win once in a while. However, once I got over it, I do realize that I suck at deck building, heck, I don't even like that part of the game, I like to play, not building decks! So this is why I'm coming here, I need help figuring out HOW to enjoy deck building, or at least understand how to build it. I've played with the following objectives: Dark Side : Scums 2x The Tatooine Crash 2x The Bespin Exchange 2x Hive of Scum and Villainy 2x Hunt them Down 2x Trandoshan Terror I did better on that one, but not enough to get one win Light Side: Smugglers 2x Questionnable Contacts 1x Asteroid Sancuary 1x Thrust me 1x Across the Anoat Sector 1x The Defense of Cloud City 1x Escape from Ord Mantell 1x To Arms! 1x Wookiee Life Debt 1x Raise the Stakes For my Light Side deck, I should have concentrated a bit more my objectives, I really didn't review it since I bought my second Edge of Darkness set. This might be a reason why that deck didn't perform well,but again, I know I suck at deck building. Any advices on building decks?
  16. What I like about EotE, is the level-less approach, however it's also the part that is causing me the most grief. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to adjust the encounter to thePC, especially once they've earned 300 xps. This must have been addressed at some point here, but I couldn't find it. How do you adjust an encounter to the PCs? I'm trying to adapt the "Beyond the RIM" adventure to my group (4 PCs), where only one is combat-oriented. Advices?
  17. I know how you fell, I said the same thing about a girl I played D&D with over 20 years ago... Been married with her for 18 years, and 4 kids later.... I am not going to say "good luck" to you librarianpc, but "Game On!"
  18. Just to add up on the "droid should have more features than a smartphone". Agreed, but out of the box, you only got what is required for the task, phone app and calendar (for example), if you want more apps, you need to install them (and pay for them, in some/most cases). It's the same with the droids, they have been built for a task, but they can expand over their current tasks. If you pay for the upgrades.
  19. Because of the nature of the game, as a non-tactical game, I prefer to use maps without grids whenever possible. I use them to help visualize the environement.
  20. Yes, but I was hoping of doing a PDF, as it's transportable. I'll think about a good way of doing it.
  21. That closes it, it was what I was expecting (otherwise, I guess I wouldn't have asked, right?) There is no way I can contact the artist. Though, I was under the impression that Wookiepedia was owned by LFL.
  22. Thanks to both of you. I hadn't noticed the copyright at the bottom, mainly because I seldom see the image with that layout.I guess I could include it in a post like this, but I'd have to keep it as a forum-based document.: [Edit: removed the link to the image on Wookiepedia, as using it like that would still be using copyrighted materials the point was about adding a link to the file, thinking that Wookiepedia was maintained by LFL]
  23. I haven't been able to figure it out, but is there a clear-cut "acceptable use" to use the artwork in Wookiepedia for fan-made adventures or supplement? Whenever I want to use something that I've found on SWAG or DeviantArt, I know how to contact the artist to ask for permission, but I haven't figured out if I can re-use the art on Wookiepedia or not. I would assume that it's copyrighted by LFL. Here is why I'm asking: I want to start compiling a creature almanac, picking up the creatures from the various Star Wars RPG edition and compiling them with EotE stats. But without the artwork, it's hard to figure out what the creature looks like. If I want to share the work with the community, I want to make sure that I can use the art.
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