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  1. Ah, I dont know how i completely missed that. Yeah, that entire section must have gotten accidentally skipped. Ty
  2. Hey, I think your misunderstanding my first question. An example would be, assume I used a Shield of Light from the Light magic school with 300 LP. If I now get attacked by anyone, am I allowed to make a Block / Dodge roll? or does the damage just instantly get absorbed by my 300 LP barrier? Thanks,
  3. Hey everyone, It's me again, and my playgroup ran into a few more questions today But first, I would like to thank everyone who did some research and gave extremely insightful answers to my previous questions. I learned a lot more then I assumed I would when I first asked. You guys are amazing x) Now for all spells / abilities that give a LP barrier (Ki shields, Magic shields of most schools, and psychic barriers), when these are put up, are the casters allowed to still use their Block / Dodge to avoid attacks? The arguement we had was that characters who "block" would have the shield absorb the attack and thus reduce the potency of the shield. The way we semi-house ruled it was that you can use your Dodge, but cannot use your Block. This was kind of a make-shift answer to keep the game continuing, but now I'm looking for an actual ruling on this. And if characters are allowed to use their Block/Dodge with the shield up, wouldn't that make for slightly overpowered defensive skills compared to those who don't have it? I understand how a mentalist or wizard would need one (due to their difficulty gaining defensive ability), but for those of the warlock class/ warrior mentalist, it seems kind of overpowering. Perhaps we didn't playtest it enough to get a good understanding, but that is a problem that I think might come up later. And, when projecting a shield via magic, is there a magic projection test required? we treated this just as magic projection with a defensive inclination for now. And if it does not, can a caster use a shield with magic projection to shield an ally? Thanks in advance,
  4. The Swim check to counter (or worsen) an all action penalty seems like a good idea. At the moment I'm trying to a merfolk like tribe so I'd thought rules for water combat might be helpful x) Also, my apologies on the late reply, Finals were this week and it was hard to get any free time.
  5. I see, Thank you all for your replies. I guess I'll just have to come up with certain conditions for underwater combat (maybe require swim tests?)
  6. Hey everyone, So I had a few questions. Does unarmed attacks require a Weapon Module, or is everyone assumed to be trained in it? And if someone was to get the Exclusive Weapon disadvantage, would it apply the -30 to unarmed attacks? And I'm not sure if I missed this in the books, but are there rules for battling while swimming / underwater? Going off common sense, I would assume - to initiative, attack, dodge, and dmg. But if anyone ever had to use this scenario, I would appreciate some suggestions. Thanks in advance,
  7. Wow, these will work just fine for the moment. Many thanks for digging these up for me And also many thanks to anyone who did / helped with the translations. Now if I may impose on you one last time, (My apologies for all the questions) You mentioned in your first post that summoners can sacrifice their ability to summon other creatures to reduces the zeon cost of The Arcana by 1/2 correct? Would that be an advantage (couldn't find that on the new advantages link)? or is that something that any summoner may just "choose" to do?
  8. Hm, thanks for all the info, At the moment, I only have my hands on the Anima Corebook, but Dominus Exxet should be coming in the mail by Wed, so that might clear up some of the problems I had. If you don't mind me asking, where would one find the translated rules from Arcana Exxet?
  9. I see, so without Arcana Exxet I guess it's extremely difficult to make a character based around the Arcanas? Thanks for the reply and if I could trouble you with another off-topic question..> While browsing through the forums, many people mention that Martial Knowledge was obtainable through DP. I went and re-read the Ki / character creation sections and could not find that. The closest that I saw was spending DP to obtain Martial Arts which would increase Martial Knowledge. Is that the method that people are mentioning or is there another option that I'm missing?
  10. Hey everyone, So me and a few friends were about to start Anima and we went over the book and found (what we think is) a problem. For summoners or warrior summoners who try to use The Arcana (listed at pg 182), an extremely high amount of zeon cost is neccesary. Now while these costs are managable for the lower arcana, once one starts to move into any of the arcana above 7, the zeon cost becomes outrageous. This coupled with the fact that MA multiples for Summoners are at 60 DP, these arcana would most likely consume all a players zeon, and wont allow them to be cast for another month or so (assuming zeon regeneration = zeon accumulation). Were the Arcana not intended to be used Summoners? Or perhaps they were meant to be used a lot more sparingly then I have imagined them to be? Either way, the effect of the Arcana are generally one-use, and if these abilities are meant to be as expensive as they are, wouldn't you think that they require a much to high of a DP investment to be useful?
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