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  1. Recently while playing the Trollfens mini-campaign I found out that in just 2 turns with 2 dashes the OL can win the game. The unique search token needs to be nearest to Bol' Goreth which has a 25% chance. If you ask me thats pretty stupid as the hero's need to run through about 20 tiles and chop through an open group of monsters. You might say that the chances of the over lord drawing 2 dashes in the first 2 turns are impossible but with the Baron Zachareth lieutenant pack it is completely possible. And the dashes would not have to be played on the first turn. It would work like this: 1. Move Action, Dash (interrupt dash to pick up Talisman) Finish Dash 2. Move Action, Dash, Drop off Talisman And as far as I can see once the Talisman is dropped off there is absolutely no way the hero's can win. Any thoughts on whether this is unbalanced or not? Or is there something I'm missing?
  2. Just a word on getting replacement rulebooks and such, my rulebook got accidently ripped (cant remember how I think somebody sat on it and then ripped it somehow...) and it was pretty badly ruined as all the pages were torn off the main binding and I just uploaded some pics and sent them to FFG customer service and they promptly sent me a replacement. Very fast and very good customer service.
  3. A few days ago I was playing with a friend and I had to exit the map in order to win the game. Unfortunately there was a stupid shadow dragon sitting on the exit blocking it off. I did some quick thinking and realized that I had that one female yellow hero who has the heroic feat where at the start of her turn she can move monsters 2 spaces. (sorry I can't remember her name right now... I think its like Alyssa or something...) But anyways so I used that feat to move the dragon out of the way 2 spaces, the first space was unoccupied and so was the second, but there was no room for the dragon to expand even though there were empty. Would this result in the dragon having to expand to the nearest possible place, or would I not be able to move it? I argued that because it was not the overlord who was moving thedragon but rather another game effect it had to re-expand further away. If that makes any sense. (by the way the overlord refused to move the dragon no matter what so facing overwhelming odds I chopped it up in one turn and ran off
  4. Nanok of the blade seems really OP to me, an automatic surge and a black dice? Never played a campaign with him but he seems almost unfair to me. Is he OP?
  5. Greyhaven Arena is awesome! I tried it out and it was great. We play it alot although we change up the map every time and we added a few other house rules but pretty much we just use your base rules and changed a few things.
  6. Thats how mmy friends play although I don't think thats the way your supposed to do it. Mainly because the campaign is supposed to be a linked, themed story. And it kinda ruins the story when you have a random quest that wasnt relevent to what you did in Act 1. This is my opinion but I'm no expert on the rules, i just think that when they say it counts as the overlord winning they say that for the purpose of the interlude and finale because otherwise the story would be all screwed up.
  7. Probably one of the reasons we won the campaign… that and the fact that we searched almost every single token
  8. Ok thanks one of my friends was playing with the blast being able to target empty spaces and it was killing the overlord
  9. Ok thanks one of my friends was playing with the blast being able to target empty spaces and it was killing the overlord
  10. That's what I argued but my friend came up with an argument saying that while a monsters activation may it's turn is not which doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
  11. In an encounter we played a couple days ago where the Heros targeted a master Hybrid Sentinel. They gave the master Hybrid Sentinel enough hearts so that it had one till death and the burning condition. Then they also stunned him. On the overlords turn he activated his Hybrid Sentinels obviously he removed the stun token. He also made an attack. The Hybrid Sentinels were then done with their activation. Would the Hybrid Sentinel die from receivei g the one heart from burning then and there? Or, would he be able to Blood Rage him reasoning that he gets the heart at the end of the Overlord turn not the Hybrid Sentinel activation. Which is it? Also would the Hybrid Sentinel die anyway or would the overlor get to play Blood Rage? How would you decide that order?
  12. We recently played an encounter where an empty space was targeted by a blast attack. This is contradictory to the rules but there is an argument that can be made for it. At one point in the rule book it states that a player may only target a space with a monster in it. At another part it says that any hero with a ranges weapon can target any space with line of sight, any being in bold. So which is it??
  13. Thanks everyone. After much deliberation and talking with my friends i think im going with Star wars as its simpler and there are more people who are willing to play. Plus I love star wars…
  14. So once again the time has come where I find myself with some cash but dont know where to spend it. So heres my question, Android Netrunner or Star Wars LCG? I really like the theme of Star Wars so right now I'm leaning a bit towards that, but the gameplay of Adroid looks a bit more promising. Now I know this isnt the right place to put questions about Star Wars but i was wondering if any of you could name some of the pros and cons of both. Thanks!
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