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  1. I had this come up in a game recently and wanted to check here to see which way was right. I had fiery kiss in shadows and when I used it, I got Margaery Tyrell (Tales from the Red Keep) out of shadows. Card text: Fiery Kiss - Response: After fiery kiss comes out of shadows, choose 1 non-army Bara character in your dead pile and put it into play... Margaery Tyrell - Response: After a card comes out of Shadows, choose a non-Lady character. Until the end of the phase, treat that character as if its printed text box was blank. The question was would I be able to trigger Margaery's ability? I thought I could since it would be the same response window, but my opponent didn't think that it would. Since I wasn't 100% sure, I just played without triggering it, but I am curious which way is correct.
  2. I think it was announced last year that they were going to be Nov 7-10th this year.
  3. I plan on coming down to this as well. Normally there would be 3 of us, but with going to DC next week, work/babysitting couldn't be worked out for the other two.
  4. No lists yet that I know of, 81 participants though.
  5. ktom said: Twn2dn said: In the end, I view HoD as a card that offers an advantage over no agenda but NOT an advantage over running another agenda. Like I said before, I was making no judgments or observations about the actual implementation or build of an HoD deck. I was simply saying that, in an environment where there is almost no risk to running most agendas, HoD has the fewest inherent risks. That doesn't mean HoD will end up creating the best decks. Quite honestly, I doubt that HoD will produce the best decks any time soon (at least until the MO meta makes a few for everyone else to net-deck) because, as you say, there aren't a whole bunch of unique locations that are worth building an entire deck around in the current environment - given the current play and deckbuilding style of the community-at-large. My prediction is that the first thing you'll see is a resurgence of Bear Island decks because that's a tweak build that could take advantage of this agenda. Other than that, my guess is that HoD's first major impact will be as the agenda of choice for "fun decks." You should check out some of the Greyjoy Seastone Chair decks that are out there. I haven't played against one yet, but from everything I am hearing, they are very very strong. Also there is some synergy there with Greyjoy and the + initiative warship that can help make sure S & D doesn't ever touch it. Overall, I think there is the chance this agenda will be strong, but I think it is silly at best to be screaming about an agenda before it has even been around long enough for people to have played it in some tournaments.
  6. Once a card is attached as a duplicate, it loses all titles, text, and traits (core rules p. 19). So the duplicates would be put into the discard pile no matter what they are if the card they are attached to leaves play for whatever reason.
  7. When I first registered there, I didn't have an image ready that fit the criteria, so I just used some of the default images that come with windows. I think most of those are able to be used and it at least will let you finish the registration.
  8. Daloofus said: Be aware that you can not have more than 3 copies of a card with the same name in a single deck unless it has the infinity symbol. However, seeing that you are using the Beyond the Wall chapter pack. You would need to purchase it if you wanted more Benjen Starks or Stonesnakes. The infinity symbol means that the card can be returned from your discard or dead pile after you fulfill its requirements. The rule is 3 of each card with the same name per deck. There was a way to get around that restriction in the CCG days, but now it is a hard limit. As was mentioned above, the 40 card chapter packs are the only ones that don't come with 3X of each card, so those would be the only ones you may need to buy multiples of. Also, if you are playing casually, most people will allow you to use proxies so that you can test out cards in a deck if you don't own a physical copy of it. If you do want to play in tournaments though, you aren't allowed to have proxies in your deck.
  9. I thought he was going to be a good card, but I've found that I don't ever put power on him. I always used him for claim fodder or was afraid of a valar so I just kept the power off of him. I ended up changing him out for some other low cost weenies that I could use for something other than dominance and claim.
  10. This happened this weekend at the NY Regional and I'm starting to think that it should have happened differently. I was playing against KoHH Martell who revealed The First Snow of Winter as his first plot. He chose me to be first player, so we went on to marshalling and I did all my stuff. During his turn, he marshalled two characters that were 2 cost with effects that put cards into his hand. They were both also allies. So at this point, I had 4 characters that were going to get put back in hand due to his plot and 1 that was going to stay on the table and he had two that were going back to hand and no others on the table. After he finished marshalling, I played Dissension on both his characters so that he had no one on the table and proceeded to not initiate any challenges, effectively canceling his plot. My question is, could he have played the 0 cost character he still had in hand after I played my dissensions (he was out of gold iirc)? As I look at the flowcharts, it looks like players can only take actions when a player is still considered the active player (would have been my opponent in this case). So, as I think about it several days later, it looks like he could have played the 0 cost character after my Dissensions to ensure that a challenge would have been initiated during the challenge phase.
  11. I'm pretty sure it is 7:30 PM EST today.
  12. The options posted above are all good starting points. I would suggest picking up the maester chapter packs pretty early in your purchases. Maesters are great for Targ and if you find out that you don't like Targ too much, they can be put into nearly any house and still be a strong deck base. Also, Danigral posted about looking at Twn2dn's posts about Targ, which I would strongly suggest (of course from what I have seen, he can put together a mean Targ deck too) www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/index.html/_/articles/targ-maesters-revisited-%E2%80%93-1st-place-black-frida-r58 This is his post about the deck he took to the Black Friday tournament and why he made the choices he did. It (and the linked article within it) will give you a good look at what Targ can and can't do and why maesters work so well for them.
  13. JackT said: I found the Power Behind the Throne decks to be formidable. The Plots in that deck are a *****. Also having 3 Misinformations played on you in 2 rounds is no picnic. OTOH it is good to see Lanni winning. I was surprised that most people didn't recognize Misinformation. Talking to the other two lanni players (this is Jerrin), I found out they didn't know about it. Pairing it with Shadows and Spiders, especially against a first turn Fear of Winter is just too good. I was able to use them in tandem in 3 of my 4 games and it put me so far ahead in my first two games that neither opponent could recover.
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