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  1. I'm from the Oklahoma City, OK area. Always looking for people to play
  2. I would love that. Heck if they even want to charge a small amount for that I would do it to start getting some buzz building around the game.
  3. I'm loving the overall feel of the game. Another topic has a list of some of the Pods and the thematic element in them is awesome. The pod deck building aspect of the game makes it to where the game should stay competitive unlike some other CCG's or LCG's out there right now. This is a day 1 buy for me for sure.
  4. I like the idea alot. It will be easier to get my non deckbuilding friends to give this a shot.
  5. Hey everybody. Just wanted to see what some other people are doing to keep there cards orgazined in the box now that the expansions are starting to stack up. Any advice?
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