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  1. I have logged in and tried to create a simple map, choosing one core set to work with. However, when I try to use the map, there are no toolbars on the right side and I have nothing whatsoever to add to the map. Bizarre. I also added an encounter by mistake and now cannot see how to delete it. There does not appear to be a simple delete function. This is a great idea and will be a great tool when it's finished but at the moment it is useless. I know other people have managed to create stuff so I don't know wht the issue is.
  2. According to the rulebook… 'When a suspect is killed, return all of the evidence, hit, and alibi tokens on his suspect sheet to their respective piles, and then turn the suspect sheet facedown.' It then says… 'After a suspect is killed, hit tokens may not be removed from that suspect (although some game effects do allow hit tokens to be removed from a suspect before he dies).' Which one is correct? Do I return hits to the token pile or do I leave them on the facedown susupect sheet? Or does it not really matter lol? Thanks
  3. Yeah, option C. Never thought of that one! Cheers
  4. First off - great game. Love it. Have just bought Freefall too and am looking forward to getting stuck into and knowing more about the murky world of New Angeles! Anyway, here's the question: If a character, via an event card, has to draw 2 dark cards but is only 1 card away from his hand limit, do they, A. Simply draw ONE card, and so not exceed the card limit? or B. Discard a card of his/her choice first and then draw the 2 cards as a result of the event? Any thoughts? Thanks.
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