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  1. This is an old combo. http://cenacle-hd.bb-fr.com/t2321-sulfateuse-ad-libitum I never managed to build a good deck around it, and it is getting worse, since wounding is not efficient enough to get rid of the new Ancient Ones! BTW, you don't need more than two copies of Khopesh and Shriven and Resolute in your deck: if you draw the first one, source it (in order to be able to regularly play the second one if you unfortunately draw it before Logan). I would personnaly build an Agency/Shub deck with both MG Warrior and Bodyguard in it, as well as a good Shocking transformation to get them or to get Logan when it becomes necessary. The two attachments would be mere splashes.
  2. Hello, Here is a funny combo that currently allows to win on T1. It is very difficult to pull out, since it requires 5 cards. It is based on the Logan+Altar+Necronomicon combo. Source James Logan with a Yog card Source Predatory Byakhee or Wandering Gug Play Altar of the Blessed Play Servant from out of Time on the Byakhee or the Gug (alternately, play Alternative Historian or Dedicated Butler to discard the card without sourcing it) Play Twilight Gate on Logan Then, depending on what you have in your discard pile, either fetch Necronomicon, sacrifice Logan and loop with the Byakhee or fetch Necronomicon, sacrifice Logan and loop with the Gug, AND fetch a khopesh to wound the later from the second iteration onward. Have fun! The only way to stop this I can think of so far is using Get It Off! before the action of the tome is triggered.
  3. Another thing that is very nice in your deck is that GOO are not affected by character stealing cards such as Infernal Obsession and Stygian Eye, which are now 'very' dominant cards in our local meta. As far he is concerned, we begin to know Jamburg very well around here and I am pretty much convinced that there are only four cards that really threaten him: Snow Grave (obviously) Pushed into the Beyond Deep One Assault (but it is very hard to get the correct resource match) Ice Shaft I also tend to refrain form using the same deck for too long. Would you take part to the next European championship?
  4. Very nice deck. Congratulations! The only thing that does not convince me is the Displaced Cthonian. The displaced Cthonian has a very low resilience and you cannot handle supports that keep coming back with Jamburg (especially if the Ice Shaft or the Skull has entered play). If you get stuck by a recursive Skull, what can you do? I have built a solid support-based deck [see: http://cenacle-hd.bb-fr.com/t2421-vainqueur-paris-24-06-2012-comment-supporter-ca in French for the first version] and I wonder how both decks would play one against the other. The current version uses additional ways to slow its opponent's deck down (steps).
  5. I personally prefer having alternative ways to win rather than an errata on this (I am fed up with cards that don not play the way they say they do). Contrary to the 1st turn Large Man + An offer… deck (which is no longer playable), it is not impossible to win against this combo: just be prepared. Moreover, the combo relies on three cards to be truly deadly: a stable skill enhancer + Logan + a locker. It is well known that three-card combos cannot handle rushing decks very well — and I lost to a rushing deck indeed during the tournament.
  6. Sorry to be late. Here is the exact message I have sent: Here is Damon's answer: """There has been a rules change that makes this a legal play. Enjoy it because the card will receive errata which will not allow for it to work with the next FAQ update. """I must say that I cannot see what rule change Damon was talking about.
  7. Logan can come back because you sacrifice it as a cost for the Necronomicon action. A cost is always fully paid before the effect initiates. Hence, Logan is in the discard pile and the Necronomicon has been shuffled back in the deck before zombies come back.
  8. Well, I give you the candy: get the altar get the scholar or the byakhee in the graveyard get logan with the necronomicon Then: since Logan has a +1 skill bonus, sacrifice it with the Necronomicon … and he will come back (confirmed by Damon), as well as the scholar or the byakhee sacrifice the scholar/the byakhee (recursing the scholar locks the opponent, provided your domain are all drained; recursing the byakhee discards your opponent's deck entirely) Variant: Get the vault instead of the Altar and recurse the notebook sketches as well… The combo is very stable. The rest of the deck is there to buy you time and get the cards on the table ASAP. The deck is more autistic than it looks: the meta does not matters a lot unless it is a fast rushing environment (that it cannot stand). It does not care about destruction, bouncing, milling, controlling, etc. It only fears rush, snow graves and… bad luck
  9. I have posted my deck in the appropriate section. The tournament was great. I will only comment other decks after Worlds is over.
  10. Hello, Here is the deck I have played during the European Championship this Saturday (3rd place). Can you find the combo hiding in the list? Agency 3- Logan 2- Federal Vault Shub 1-Karin Marley 2-Twilight Cannibal 2-Hungry DY 3-Shocking Transformation 3-Thunder in the East 3-Grasping Cthonian 3-Altar of the Blessed 2-Necronomicon Miska 3-Itinerant Scholar 3-Notebook Sketches 3-Museum Curator 3-Dr. Carson Hastur 2-Cavern of the Flame 3-Infernal Obsession 3-Stygian Eye 3-Performance Artist 3-Predator Byakhee I will comment it later.
  11. UPDATE! Special Event will be played Sunday 28th October 2012 from 11:00am. Free participation, prizes for every participant. We will play an original variant design by Achil, from Liège cultists: Ticking Clock and Hidden Stories. It adds a few twists which - makes the game less predictable (hidden stories and mandatory to trigger when won), - gives temporary advantages to some factions depending of the moment of the day/night (dawn --> day --> twilight --> night --> dawn -->…) - and makes the Day/Night cards more versatile . Rules, new story cards and new cards necessary for this variant are downloadable here: https://rapidshare.com/files/3474494677/Released.rar
  12. Thank you very much indeed (note how lenght restrictions on messages lets you get stg meatier than an bare "thanks").