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  1. In a 4 player game, players sitting across from each other can attack each others battle fields only but you can attack any zone of the other players. Is there a certain design reason behind this rule ?
  2. Played a 3 player the other nite. Great fun ! Game worked well !
  3. How are the paint jobs holding up under repeated play? By the way, absolutely beautiful.
  4. This card is classified as a stranger, not a follower. Does that mean he is left in space found for others to use his ability when they land on it.
  5. The Grudge Keeper says when he enters play, he can put a support card into play from his hand to the battlefield. Does this mean the support card is put into play without paying the resource cost ? I know that in Star Wars LCG " Put in play " cards do not cost resource points to play. Is this true for WI ?
  6. Also, as I understand it, if your unit is in CC range of the other unit, you can not fire ranged weapons whatsoever?
  7. If you are in CC and you want to leave on your activation, does your opponent get to CC with you as part of his reaction?
  8. Can a unit not in close combat range shoot into units in close combat range if you do not shoot thru your own troops?
  9. I have played many games. I do not find gaining the initiative makes that much difference. If you do make a reaction in opponent's half of the turn, you only get one action in your half.
  10. Can the Fast ability be added to a march move? I was under the impression it could not be added. But my buddy keeps insisting it can be added to a march move.
  11. Thanks. That's what I thought. By the way, a unit can only respond to the move within 3 inches by moving itself. It can not shoot at CC range.
  12. We have been disputing how to handle reactions to move and then close combat. I believe that after a unit moves in to close Comsat range that the unit about to be attacked can react by moving away before the close combat. It then will receive a reaction marker allowing no further reaction. This means that a priority on coordinated attacks would be necessary. You would have to have another unit within range to attack the unit that reacted and, of course, would not be able to attack. Does anyone else view this rule this way?
  13. how do you access these sheets. when i click on the site yiou left it does nothing.
  14. i have played and won games with both sides. You have to use them properly. Each unit has a specific purpose. Take a look at the german monkey boys. They can be devastating in hand to hand. Especially combined with the fast move.
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