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  1. We started our first game of MoD expansion. And we faced a problem when we resolve the Westeros IV Deck. Scattering DissentIn reverse turn order, each player moves a loyalty token to an adjacent area (if able). The Targaryen player may cancel each movement as it happens by discarding 1 power token. So could a player move the loyalty token from a land area to a sea area?
  2. Robb has been diminished. if u win this combat, you may choose the area to which your opponent retreats. u must choose a legal area where your opponent loses the lowest units.....I think this ability is almost useless. AREO Hotah, a bodyguard, has unreasonable high combat strength (3) Doran can manipulate the influence track. Victarion and Salladhor are still powerful in the sea. Mace gets the ability of his son. And Loras can reuse the March if he wins the battle.
  3. What is the function of "proof of purchase" Token?
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