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  1. Alright. Got bit late but here it is: Changelog •Has now print-n-cut quality! •Also in Finnish (jumankauta!) •Added 7 perks more •Added more description on Tentaclephobia •Added more not-working pairings. •Weak Stomach has now +2 bonus.
  2. Alright! 'tis update time! I finally made PDF-version of this game variant. You can now print and cut the cards to add some neat (or disasterous) flavor in the game. There is also the Finnish version of this! Mahtavaa! I'll add the change log soon. English version: http://pdfcast.org/pdf/perks-english Finnish version: http://pdfcast.org/pdf/perks-finnish I also want to thank my friend and my gf in translations.
  3. This "overpowered" thing actually went a quite downhill when I read the rule change. But Jacques' "Deep Breath" feels a bit useless since there isn't very much to do in the game outside of Red november. And I believe that Dr. Thaddeus' "Ship Shape" might be a bit confusing for some players. It's hard to me write why (afraid of Engrish) but to me this kinda brakes time continuum, since a gnome's time marker moves backwards. Or will those next 3 or 4 events happen in this gnome's update or is there "invisible Luck Token" for those?
  4. Well... Looks like someone has invented the wheel again =D But this game variant is simplier than mine "Perks!" variant. But as Journeyman GM said in his comment that some of those are unbalanced, mainly making the game much easier in my opinion. I like those "if you roll this you can keep the item" perks and Dugger's Tough Stuff almost so much that I'd like to put them in my rules too :3 But I'll do it only if you give me permission. Of course I think that mine variant makes games more interesting since you can be quite different gnome each time as you play. I'm soon making some update for it so keep checking my game variant too (yeah, it got quite embarrassing spelling error...since "hame" means in my language "a skirt")
  5. Hi everyone! Right after the first game I played this fun game I got a thought: what if gnomes have perks or personalities? So I just started to make some of them and now I have created 43 perks! I'd like to share these for you players and have some feedback about them (like overpowered, useless etc.). All I have to say about them that I haven't tried "Grazed Gnomes" rules yet with my friends yet so they might be too helpful. Rules: You can pick one or two cards to the gnomes (playing with three cards is untested) ”Crazed Gnomes” rules are marked in *stars*. If you are playing with normal rules, throw away the cards which have stars on their titles. There can be only one captain. If someone draws another captain card, he/she discards it and draws another card. These two cards can’t be on same gnome: Sticky Finger & Galoot Liver of Steel & Teetotal Master of X & Lack of Education (on same thing) Strong Gnome & Feedle Hoarder & *Store Gnome* Religious & *Psyker* Boozer & Teetotal Master of Missile/Reactor & Radiophobia If the some player gets one of those pairings, player shuffles the drawn card back to the deck and draws another card. Perks: Bright Specimen Does all actions in 3 minutes. Liver of Steel Can drink first bottle of Grog without intoxicating. Teetotal Gets two intoxication points from the first Grog. Tentaclephobia Gnome will freeze for 5 minutes when Kraken arrives. Frog gnome Can get through a room with low water without losing time. Pyrophile Can get through fire filled rooms but can’t extinguish fire without items. Hoarder Collects one bonus item when getting them from rooms 8&10 *Crazed Gnomes: Can take one item without showing it to the Store gnome.* Master of Reactor +2 bonus on fixing the Reactor. Master of Oxygen pump +2 bonus on fixing the Oxygen pump. Master of Engine +2 bonus on fixing the Engine. Master of Missile +2 bonus on fixing the Missile. Strong gnome +2 bonus for fixing Hatches. *Crazed gnomes: can defend itself without items.* Galoot On “Stumble” gnome loses all its items. On “Turbulence” and “Friendly Fire” gnome discards its item cards to two. Boozer Gnome drinks Grog immediately on its turn. If the Grog is picked in Update Phase, it will be consumed on next turn. *Crazed Gnomes: Gnome will attack other gnome immediately in the same room after consuming the Grog.* Lack of Education +2 extra minutes on fixing the Reactor. Lack of Education +2 extra minutes on fixing the Oxygen pump. Lack of Education +2 extra minutes on fixing the Engine. Lack of Education +2 extra minutes on fixing the Missile. Religious On ”Respite” gnome can pray to lose one intoxication point or ignore next Event Marker. Throwing 3 loses one intoxication point. Throwing 6 ignores the next Event Marker Merchant Gnome Trading items takes no time. Claustrophobia Being stuck in room where’s no way out, gnome will panic for 5 minutes. Sticky Fingers On Hand Limit Events gnome will save one extra item. Proper Captain Gives gnomes in same room +1 bonus to their actions. Wretched Captain Gives gnomes in same room +1 extra minute to their actions. Radiophobia Can’t go in rooms 4&7, if there is no one in there. Weak Stomach Gets only +1 bonus from Grog Not so lucky Lucky charms will ignore two Event markers. Feeble +2 extra minutes on fixing Hatches. *Crazed Gnomes: Wins fights only by throwing 8 or more.* Tight Lungs When the Asphyxiation Track Marker crosses the second star, gnome will get +1 extra minute in its actions. Hot-blooded When the Heat Track Marker crosses the second star, gnome will get +1 extra minute in its actions. Underpressure sensitive When the Pressure Track Marker crosses the second star gnome will get +1 extra minute in its actions *Store Gnome* Being in room 8 during other gnome's turn, Store gnome can look what items other gnome is picking. *Psyker* On “Respite” gnome can use its psychic powers to see what item other gnome has. This can be achieved by throwing 3 or less. *Fire spirit* Gnome can defend itself without items if some of the neighbouring room is on fire. *Zonko’ut Master* As fainted, gnome will attack any gnome who passes the room. However, gnomes in the same room at the moment of fainting won't be attacked unless they leave the room and return. *Kleptomaniac* Once in a turn, if player throws 5 or more, gnome can steal one item from other gnome in same the room. Failure will end the turn. *Rabies* Gnome can defend itself without items in a room which has low water. Quite big post for the first =D
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