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  1. Sorry for not responding sooner. I’m scrapping this design and redoing it based on a design on boardgamegeek. https://boardgamegeek.com/image/4393647/ehngel My design doesn’t allow for sleeved cards, and the neighborhood tiles don’t fit very well. I really like the design above with the small cards in a tray that can be lifted out and used.
  2. I sounds like you were using Tattered Cloak, which reads, “non-epic monsters ignore you while activating and do not engage you unless you attack or damage them.” The key word here is activating. Monster movement is part of activating (ref 202.2), so, no, monsters will not chase your investigator around the board if he/she is wearing the Tattered Cloak. They will ignore that investigator compelety. If there are no other investigators in the game, hunter monsters will simply sit and do nothing, unless you poke them.
  3. I made my own foam core insert. It’s a quick prototype and a little rough, but I like it well enough I’ll probably keep it.
  4. AH3E is now listed on Amazon with a Nov 1 release date. UPS says my pre-order copy will be delivered next Tuesday (10/30).
  5. I received the shipping email this morning for my pre-order with a UPS Ground tracking number. Estimated delivery is 10/30. I’m in the US, btw. I may have been in the late pre-order period since I pre-ordered in mid-Sept. Not sure when the cut-off was.
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