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  1. We give missing players the same experience points as attending players. Seriously, life is too short to Scrooge make-believe points from social entertainment as punishment for being absent. If you have a problem with the player, speak to the player. Don't withhold experience in a pique of passive-aggression. Cheers, C.
  2. I would write it up as a modified vibroaxe. C.
  3. No, it's not about creativity. I've been playing the same character for four years. I have pushed the survivalist talent tree as far as it goes creatively. This is not about how many set back dice the GM throws at my character -- he throws plenty -- this is about abilities that are not consistently useful in spite of their ever steeper experience point cost. The most valuable direction is the far left one which gives +2 Wounds twice and ends up at a +1 Attribute boost. I understand that every talent tree has dud slots one has to buy before getting to the better one. This is about the mechanics used for the features. Personally, I feel talent trees are mostly inconsequential and forgettable and are deliberately structured to be am experience point sink and would be handled better as simpler advantage and disadvantage lists. But this is besides the point. I enjoy the game and I am willing to buy abilities in the survivalist talent tree because talent trees are placed to be part of each characters identity -- a sort of pseudo-character class. I don't think any should buy a new die in a skill simply because the talent tree is humdrum. C.
  4. No, the GM is excellent and not wrong but even in your example, my talents may only be effective 50% of the time in spite of spending lots of experience on them. The argument we have is that each advantage should give a benefit all of the time not just when its lucky, or because my character has advantages that cancel them out. Not much. I was thinking of tweaking a few advantages. Instead of cancelling setback dice, a reduction of challenge-difficulty-setback dice in those specific conditions. Rather than cancel out a Setback die, reduce one challenge-difficulty-setback to the next lowest. At the bottom, a Setback die can be cancelled. Have two difficulty dice and a setback dice, the player can choose to reduce a difficulty die to a setback die or cancel a setback die. Cheers, Chris.
  5. The reason is that after four years playing my trandoshan Survivalist-Bounty Hunter (which I enjoy), a discrepancy in the Survivalist talent tree has become noticeably apparent. I was speaking to the GM and he agreed. We both don't like the removal of Setback dice as a talent tree ability. Setback dice are assigned to rolls, they are not assumed to be automatic. If the advantage is sort of broadly applicable and for a low cost, it is not a bad price, but at high ranks, the same ignore X Setback dice schtick becomes too expensive. At that stage, as it is with me and my unspent 55 experience points, do I buy advantages that have an intermittent use in narrow circumstances or do I buy Assassin and load up on that talent tree with many more and much better advantages. I decided to try and rework the Survivalist talent tree which would make it more useful and attractive to buy all the way up. My trandoshan character is a nice guy in a bad place and I would prefer a reworked Survivalist talent tree over the murder-focused Assassin tree. At this stage it is a thought experiment and I'll probably take Assassin but hey, maybe I can make something better. If there isn't some sort of compound-payment scheme per advantage or ranked advantages and how to interlink them, I have to grind it out myself. Cheers, Chris.
  6. Hey all, Where can I find a rule set explaining the layout of talent trees and how to create new ones? Cheers, Chris.
  7. I think that species getting latent talent boosts to learned and highly technical technical skills is silly. Here's my version of the Duros. DUROS SPECIES ABILITIES: BRAWN 2 AGILITY 2 INTELLECT 3 CUNNING 2 WILLPOWER 2 PRESENCE 2 Wound Threshold: 10 + Brawn Strain Threshold: 10 + Willpower Starting Experience: 100 NATURAL INTELLIGENCE: Duros reduce the difficulty dice off all Knowledge skill rolls by one.
  8. I would penalise all their social rolls with an extra Setback die. Cheers, Chris.
  9. Man, that looks effing pretty and professional. You should get a medal or something. Do you have a PDF mock up of a page or two?
  10. Cool, I read that it costs 20 xp to buy into a second talent tree. I presume this amount includes talent trees outside your character's career? C.
  11. If I create a Bounty Hunter character with the Gadgeteer talent tree specialisation, and I spend 20 xp to buy another talent tree, am I limited to the two other Bounty Hunter talent trees (Assassin or Survivalist) or can I buy into another other careers' talent tree like Slicer? Cheers, Chris.
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