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  1. Blitzkrieg expansion all the way (perhaps after the ****).
  2. I was wondering if there is any updates on the support. I have and love this game and would certainly be interested.
  3. I would say fatigue the unit...
  4. Can some one explain the smoke munitions in FotB clearly? I think it says that you the range against vehicles but how dice do get? Also can any squad of vehicle use munitions?
  5. Sorry, it was... in all the 25 games at least that I've played I confused the blue gray command objectives... NOW THE GAME MAKES SENSE!
  6. Officers alone should not be able to shoot if there are only officers in the squad... It was almost comical when my friend had an 2 squads with only officers left that were flame throwers and had Merciless assault... EACH GOT 5 DICE ON A HEX WITH ITS COVER TAKEN OFF!
  7. It have to be difficult and annonying or tanks and engineers would rock too much maybe where they have to stay in the same hex and you could, as an action, order the engineer to fix it succeeding on roll of "5 or 6" or maybe even just a "6".
  8. Is it just me or are there a lot of mistakes in the scenario book for types of Command Objectives in Normal TOI?
  9. If they make expansions I would like them to also make a GREAT connected group of scenarios forming a campaign. I think the only thing that Memoir 44 makes MUCH better than tide of iron are campaigns.
  10. Thank you all... I'm buying it... I read the rule book and it is "DA BOMB"!
  11. I agree! I used to play this game all day every day!
  12. I wouldn't mind them making one for the Pacific Threater.
  13. What happens to a officer that has enemy units enter its hex when it is alone?
  14. In the assault action are heavily damaged vihicles able to retreat?
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