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  1. The supplements you made are quite nice and high quality. Hopefully FFG will take them at least as a starting point or at least a hint.
  2. The funny thing with adding two new races, even those now have more options than High and Wood Elves for careers past rank 1. I mean REALLY? Can someone PLEASE tell me there is an Elf Supplement even in the works? Every other race now has magic and advanced careers, while of the starting races have been totally excluded from any attention at all. Please, I love this game, but leaving the elves stuck at start is just wrong. The Dwarven Slayer has 2 career advancements, while the Elven Sword Master has none.
  3. pendergast4

    Don't shoot: I'm playing a swordmaster.

    What I real want to know is why are there no spellcasting options for Elves, just humans and dwarves?