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  1. damm. i need this espansion
  2. hi guys. are there any possibility about reprinting foul play?
  3. ok pales: i love you and your answer! hf
  4. ih everybody dudes. i'm italian and i translate this carcd in this way: example. We usually play in 4 players using one basic box, about aurs translate this cards work in this way; if one of us score the objective of this card he gain 5 points for every player in the game: if i'v got "charge!" and my unit score i gain 15 points, 5 for every player in the game? sorry for my bad englisg, i', waiting for yours response: viva disckwars!
  5. hi mate. if i use the agenda, the siege of the winterfell, can i claim power ,in the power challenges?
  6. it's simple: drop a follower and carry another follower.
  7. basta che cerchi le faq anche in ita che trovi tutto. se per questo, anche la caverna, il monaco e lo scudo sono sbagliati.
  8. i read the faq, latest version, but i don't find anithing about this situation. pls help me in this search.
  9. in the card of the poltergaist it's wrote: the only way which u can discard this minion is...... i translate from italian, i'v got the italian game. if the only way is that, other ways are impossible. even sorry for my bad english
  10. vampire can bleed poltergaist and others bad minions? we usually play in another way: the only way to become free against a bad minion it's the it's special rules: for poltergaist u need crossing the river, teleport inclusing, and so on. vampire can't bleed it, but magus and pitfigter use that minion for it's special rules. poltergaist work in borh way: u must move 1 for turn baut if u'r a magus u gain 1 more point for ur craft in figt
  11. if i don't like my first hand, i could reshuffle and redrow another hand before start the game?
  12. it's more funny if i can delete all objet of the alchemist, just immagine the face of the player wich lost the possibility to convert object in money. we prefer play in this way: it's cruellest
  13. no. in this case the event of the card trigger before the ability of th character. the faq says: the order of event trigger in order of the draw card. in the same ways: if i play a spell which destry every object about the alchemist in the alchemist turn, it can't converter it's object in money becouse the spell trigger for the first.
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