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  1. Autocannon + Soul Snatcher. Enjoy stacking aember to the high heavens with Bad Penny.
  2. Necronson

    Shedding Chains

    Wouldn't be a ffg production if the rules was actually clear and didn't need an extensive FAQ section. ?
  3. Pitlord/Pitdemon I don't remember puts a restriction on yourself to only be able to activate Dis aslong as he's on the board. (Restringuntus?) another Dis creature can block an opponents house from being activated aslong as he's on the board. Lot's of fun stuff in that Dis pile. I also like the demon that restricts the opponent to only play two cards a turn aslong as he's out.
  4. Shouldn't be a problem no. Im sure some industrious person could whip up a randomized deck script for it aswell.
  5. Just goes to show that *** product can really sell when having a great IP to back them up. I'm sad now seeing how much they have brought in so far. Scalpers all of them I bet.
  6. Well they did go over that alittle, he just didn't want to answer at that point, something in the works yadda yadda yadda. Like ranged units was some kind of company secret or something. Pfft. If they do forgo having ranged units then that would just be really really weird.
  7. I can just imagine the backlash FFG would have gotten if they had gone the kickstarter road and acted like CMON. Oh hey, check out our new game "Runewars Miniatures Game" It will include Daqan, Waiqar and Latari... Oh what about Uthuk Y'llan you say? Well that's a kickstarter exclusive, better buy it when it's available or tough luck loser. kek. But don't worry, if you buy the game after the kickstarter is over you will have about 30% of the available units of Daqan, Waiqar and Latari to play around with. The rest is kickstarter exclusives. We love all our fans that gives us money in advance <3. PS: **** the rest of our fans.
  8. Just watched the whole demo game and... Wow, A song of ice and fire just looks absolutely terrible. The system just looks sooo bad. Can't imagine the upcoming kickstarter of it doing well. Selling on the IP maybe. What a shame, was looking forward to it and all of those hopes just drained away.
  9. Lots of hits and misses with Kickstarter for sure. What I really hate about it is established companies throwing up their **** there all the time like Zombicide popping up every other month or so it feels like, only selling well because you either buy it on kickstarter to get all the millions of exclusives or you don't buy it at all because the store bought edition will suck or be devoid of content without all the good extras. I love Kingdom Death: Monster-Breaker of Wallets for example, hard to find someone with such a passion for his own creation like Adam Poots. My girlfriend would probably kill me if she knew how much I spent on those two kickstarters.
  10. It's a well-known fact that wizards wear monocles damnit, nothing else really matters aslong as they wear monocles. Plus points if said wizards have totally awesome ninja Abraham Lincoln looking companions that dual wields nunchucks made from canadian lumber for the sole reason of it being cool. Aah, nostalgia sure takes me back to the good ol days of the internet.
  11. But then comes the question. Why wouldn't the 6 tray option come with the same option of having a banner instead of the champion?
  12. Ok. So the Deepwood Archers have two of the same tray setup and cost but different available upgrades to them? What's the point?
  13. The update will be a single picture of a FFG employee in the process of filling up a bucket with salt.
  14. Yeah. You can clearly see the sword in its scabard in the art and it's just switched on the infantry model. No biggie. The cavalry Ankaur is still using the scythe dagger like that artwork.
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