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  1. Read the Bionics section of the DW core book, it explains the rate at which you can obtain bionics. unless Iron Hands say otherwise (which, myself being also a IH Techmarines ATM, I don't believe it says otherwise.)
  2. Kiwamu said: I wish they would tackle on the Legion of the Damned. That would be some interesting chars to have in the DeathWatch. Let's hope some of the designers tackled on this one! my GM is currently doing his own write up on them, he'll be posting it here when it's done. I do hope they're in the new book also though. Excited to see more Black Templar things as well as possible Star Phantoms or Hammers of Dorne, But what I REALLY want to see are Soul Drinkers and Scythes of the Emperor.
  3. One thing not mentioned in either of the profiles, but is assumed due to its Core rulebook description of "Often carried by Techmarines to show their devotion to the Omnissiah, this weapon has a long staff-like body tipped with half of the circular Adeptus Mechanicus skull and cog icon." Is it 1 or 2 handed? Largely I ask this because of how Ranged Basic Weapons have the ability to be fired 1 handed by Space Marines with no penalties but others of the Basic class appear to take 2 hands, so why would this change with melee weapons? On that note, would a Tech-Marine with a Bionic Arm have the ability to wield a 2-handed weapon, 1-handed, due to the innate strength the Machine God has bestowed upon the Astartes?
  4. I had an Assault Marine friend that was rather fond of throwing his chainsword, while wreaking havoc with his power axe. We devised a system from one of my previous Techmarine characters to set up a mono-filament cable that would extend with the force of the Marines throw, and would retract upon the spoken word or hand movement (much akin to the Arm-weapon mounting, however I applied it so that the winch/cable mechanism was placed behind his right shoulder pauldron, and his mono-filament cable lead down the backside of his fore-arm. Later after he'd grown a few levels, he asked for the ability to be able to continue his chainswords teeth turning, granting him the ability to deal additional rending Damage over Time. Represented this as an additional 1d10 for as long as the blade stayed within the target (provided it was not ripped out or retracted.) A small quirk that our lovely thrown-inspired Marine overlooked, was that perhaps he could have his weapon grabbed by large or heavily armored targets, and flung into the air, an Astartes Lure at the end of a Xenos fishing pole, if you will, and dealt appropriate fall damage with a chance of his cable breaking (as well as the loss of his chainblade or other chosen weapon) should the enemy pass his agility test to catch the Astartes-flung chainblade. This enemy action is opposed by the marine of course, through Strength and/or Toughness (players choice.) should he fail the opposed strength or toughness test. And one MOAR thing Jackie: The idea of the mono-filament cable was for it to be slack with a decent amount of spare line from the marines hand/arm to his chosen target, enabling him to move freely without being jerked every which way as he would with a taught cable. This may also be prone to tangling in the feet of your foes or environment, to the Marines negative or positive outcome.
  5. Google Docs, 4share. If you could, I'd love a copy of this. I looked at the PDF files for a good hour trying to figure out how to edit them to make them savable so as to record any PC,s or notable NPCs recorded on my laptop. chaos_link00@yahoo.com If you haven't posted it somewhere, PLEASE!!
  6. There are of course varying levels and strengths of the Salamander-beasts of Nocturne, Fire Drakes being some of the oldest, wisest, and strongest, as described above. Point taken.
  7. #1 ALL Salamanders have their own personal Salamander Hide cloak that they acquire as a part of their trials for becoming an Adeptus Astartes, just as the Primarch Vulkan did : The people of Nocturne were frequently raided by the decadent Dark Eldar. They were so used to this common occurrence, that each person in Vulkan's town had developed their own hiding place to avoid capture. When the Dark Eldar raided the world again in Vulkan's fourth year on Nocturne, the Primarch refused to hide and instead stood out in the centre of the settlement, his two smithing hammers crossed over his shoulders. The people of Vulkan's town were so inspired by his example that they joined him and prepared to defend their town from the foul xenos raiders. With a Primarch leading their defense, the people of the town decisively defeated the Dark Eldar. Within weeks, the leaders of the seven largest towns and their respective clans on Nocturne had travelled to meet Vulkan, and they soon swore never again to hide from the Dark Eldar raiders. In celebration of the Primarch's victory over the Dark Eldar, a tournament of various contests common to the people of Nocturne was held. Unexpectedly, a stranger arrived in the middle of the festivities. Of pale complexion (unlike the ebon-skinned Nocturnans) and wearing outlandish clothing, the stranger asked only to be allowed to compete. When he announced that he could best anyone in the town, the people laughed at this outlander. Who could possibly beat Vulkan in any feat of intellect, strength, craftsmanship or endurance? Nonetheless, Vulkan and the stranger wagered that whoever lost the tournament would forever serve the victor. Lasting for 8 days, the contest included many tests of strength and endurance such as the anvil lift (which ended in a tie when the two superhuman competitors both held anvils above their heads for a half day). All the subsequent contests saw similar outcomes, for by the end of day 8, Vulkan and the stranger were tied in the overall tournament. In the final event, both contestants were given 24 hours to forge a weapon, before using that weapon to hunt down and slay the largest salamander they could find. Climbing a high mountain, the two each went out to find a firedrake, the largest and most potent of the fire-resistant reptiles who called volcanic Nocturne home. Vulkan quickly found and killed a very large Firedrake. However, on his way back, the volcanic mountain he was standing on erupted, casting Vulkan over a cliff. Hanging on for dear life over the precipice, Vulkan was determined to keep his grip on his massive salamander. Thus, he found himself hanging by one hand from a cliff with his other hand clutching the tail of his drake. Hanging there for hours, Vulkan's strength slowly ebbed away until he knew he must decide between maintaining his grip on the drake and saving his life. At that very moment, however, the pale stranger arrived, carrying his own huge Firedrake. Even from the edge of the cliff, the Primarch could tell that the outlander's drake was indeed bigger. Seeing Vulkan in distress, the stranger acted quickly, tossing his drake into a lava flow that separated them and using it as a bridge to cross to the Primarch. After hoisting Vulkan out of his mortal predicament, the stranger walked with him back to town, leaving his own drake to burn in the river of molten rock. Though the outlander's Firedrake had been superior in size, he had thrown it away to save Vulkan, and when he returned to town with the Primarch empty-handed, Vulkan was declared the victor. To the amazement of his people however, Vulkan kneeled before the stranger and said that any man who would value life over pride was worthy of his service. At this moment, the outlander cast off his illusionary disguise and revealed himself to be the Emperor of Mankind. Thus it was that the Primarch Vulkan and his father the Emperor were reunited. Like many of the First Founding Chapters (and many subsequent ones as well), the Salamanders recruit exclusively from the people of their homeworld, Nocturne. Children aspiring to become Space Marines begin their training at the age of six or seven Terran years as the apprentice to a Salamanders Astartes. They spend several years learning the art of the smith, and the most able apprentices are then judged by the Chapter's Apothecaries and Chaplains to see if they are worthy (and capable of surviving the gene-seed organ implantation process) to become Space Marines. Their training includes many of the same trials the Emperor and Vulkan competed in according to Nocturnean legend, finally culminating in the hunting and slaying of a massive salamander on Mount Deathfire. So going by that fluff/background/lore, whatever you wanna call it, ALL Salamanders claim their own Salamander Hide cloak, much the way that Space Wolves claim their Fenrisian pelts. They were merely placed into the game as a requisitional wargear, because FFG were lazy. they also didnt give much to the 4 chapters from the First Founding book (Iron Hands, Salamanders, White Scars, Raven Guard) in the way of chapter relics or wargear #2 Page 139 DW core. Table 5–1: Availability and Requisition Availability Requisition Point Range Ubiquitous ..........................1 Abundant ...........................2 Plentiful ..............................3 Common............................4-5 Average............................ 6-8 Scarce...............................9-14 Rare ................................15-20 Very Rare ........................21-30 Extremely Rare ...............31-50 Near Unique ....................51-70 Unique ..............................71+
  8. There's only 3 people. the Dev, me the techmarine, and our GM, a Salamanda libby. Don't get the allusion that he's some hood rat either, he's just a dipshit white kid that can't have a moment of seriousness. Can't play Deathwatch with 1 person though so... /shrug.
  9. the 'improved profile' Via the errata is 1d10+11, unbalanced, powerfield as opposed to 1d10+9. with marines Strength Bonus, can't rly complain
  10. The problem with not playing with the Raven Guard Dev, is that he is only 1 of the 2 players, the other being myself, an Iron Hands Techmarine this time around.
  11. I agree about the solo mode lacking, and noticed the same thing you did with the ability and the salamander hides fire immunity. Proven sounds like a good idea, for weapons with multiple dice as you say. Perhaps have different bonus' based on the characters class? keep proven for Devastators or techmarines, add a quality to a weapon for a mission for tactical/assault. give apothecarys a bonus on healing or other surgical things, and librarians a bonus to the 1d5 rolled for their fire damage from sucessful spells. say make it a d10 of fire damage now? If you have terminators perhaps another level of fear?
  12. No, he understands the fluff, the player's just a ****** idiot and acts like an ass. true story. Hes been the cause of more failed missions than I can count.
  13. 91. A Chapter based solely on the use and study of the power of Imperial Faith that Chaplains utilize. 92. A Chapter which has taken an ancient revenge against a Traitor Legion and revels in the recanting, and treats the event as on par with their Primarch. 93. A Chapter dedicated to the study and recreation of Xenos technology for Imperial purposes. 94. A Chapter which splices its gene-DNA with that of the extremely evolved creatures of their home, taking traits from super thick/hard skin to weaponized tails, or wings. Viewed as mutants but renowned - and praised- for their drive to better the Imperium and the betterment of the Emperors conquered galaxy. 95. A Chapter based on a large series of forge worlds that's purpose is to root out the ever present Corruption that seems to sprout from humanity. Extremely scrutinous and feared for their harsh punishment, and relentless dogma against Chaos. 96. A Chapter that uses only digital and combi-weapons. An elite force used in the most sensitive and most furious encounters, dabbles in politics and their psykers are mind control and manipulation oriented. 97. A Chapter dedicated to all the Primarchs, finding the lost ones, resurrecting the dead ones, and creating new ones from the Emperor or other recovered Primarchs DNA. They also must pursue and kill the corrupted primarchs if they are still alive, be they extremely powerful daemons or horrible aberrations of their former selves. 98. A Chapter focused on hand-to-hand unarmed combat whose techmarines constantly are modifying their power fists and power armour gauntlets to incorporate special characteristics. They support the use of arm/glove mounted weaponry be they ranged or melee oriented. (chainfist, lightning claws, storm/bolters.) 99. A Chapter whose battle-prowess, in all matters of war (be it Siege, Orbital Assault, Stealth and Subtlety, or Close Combat etc.) Surpasses that of other non First Founding chapters, akin the the honourable Ultramarines. They field many heroes, all of which have repeatedly proven their salt, and have faced and defeated death on many occasions. 100. A Chapter that just don't give a f*** about any save their own, and the Emperor.
  14. Seeking 1-3 face-to-face players for my group of 3, 1 gm 2 players. I'm always squad lead and it gets rather dull making the decisions and our other non-GM player acts kinda retarded. California, Santa Rosa. PM me or e-mail: chaos_link00@yahoo.com We're currently in an orc campaign, all of us level 2 (GM plays a Salamander Librarian, I'm a Iron Hand Techmarine, last person is Ravenguard Devastator[<lol wtf?]) If you have some in-depth knowledge of the game or have all of the rules flushed out, that is all the better.
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