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  1. The wording implied to me that each magistrate could only be moved once by one monster, that is a big difference from only one magistrate could be moved 2 squares per turn. Huge difference in fact
  2. How does the OL not win on turn 4 every time? 1) Position one changeling diagonal from each magistrate. 2) move open group monsters toward the adjoining hallway to river, being careful to shield as many as possible from lucky ranged shots. 3) at end of OL turn 1 move magistrates 2 squares toward river. 4) next turn advance changelings 2 squares and repeat. I count 17 squares to the key in the library and one action to discover the key before someone waiting at the portcillus rushes in, by then magistrates are most probably drowned and on the OL sheet. What am I missing??? BTW I am a new player....
  3. Is the bonus paid per item sold or only for the entire load no matter how many are sold?
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