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    Anti Rebel Agenda

    The Defenders went down by 1-2 points each on a 70-80 point hull. Oh, and the EPT that's a natural fit for them went up by 2 points. You may be slightly overstating the hugeness of their buff. Aggressors are so hugely buffed they're still completely unplayable, so that's nice. I don't disagree that, say, Rebel A-Wings should have seen a small points reduction but I think you're very much exaggerating how well the other factions did out of the points update.
  2. Triple Zealous Recruits and Fenn Rau are still 200 dead. I was really hoping for the PS1s to go down by a point so Fenn could get Fearless, but you know.
  3. Drea up by 7. Thank the sweet Sith Lord for that.
  4. Awwwwwww, bless. And that Interceptor is bloody horrible.
  5. That's beautiful, but I had a wooden template holder that was of a very similar design and constantly had issues with it getting knocked over. Not everyone is as much of an oaf as me, but that's the reason I swapped over to a tray.
  6. If you’re in the UK, Cog O’ Two do some really nice trays. I got one of the small double-layered trays a couple of months ago and it’s beautiful.
  7. Yeah, I'd go for Heightened Perception on Luke over Instinctive Aim, to increase your alpha-strike capability. I feel like Benthic is a bit of a question mark too, because his ability's less useful when only one of your other ships is going to find an extra focus helpful. Leia's good, but I'm not sure that the list wouldn't prefer a ProTorps Dutch.
  8. I mean, I don't totally disagree. But I think it's got a use as a thing to distinguish big multi-crewed command-shuttle type ships, where you're taking a significant hit in points to get it into your list.
  9. I'd add RotJ, but that may be that because I first watched Star Wars via the medium of Whatever Films Were Shown On ITV Over Christmas In The Eighties I saw Jedi waaaaaaaay before I saw Empire, and so I'm fonder of it than it maybe deserves? But yes, basically, this. Unpopular X-Wing Opinion: Cheap co-ordinate ships shouldn't be a thing.
  10. Not sure I like Luke in this list, because he gets less use out of Benthic's ability than any other pilot. That's fine while you've got Edrio about, but Edrio is a natural first target for your opponent because all three ships are as good as each other offensively, but Edrio doesn't have Benthic's thick stack of hit points or Luke's constant defensive mod.
  11. Actually, Ello's ability turns T-rolls white, so you can't Pattern Analyser off them.
  12. I'm fiddling with (basically) these two lists at the moment. I'm planning on trying them both out over the weekend and seeing what works best for me.
  13. Oh nice! Yes, it sure was. If you hadn't taken those two damage when the front corner of the A-Wing crept into range of my lead ships in the opening round it might have ended very differently.
  14. I ran into this list in the last round of a tournament a couple of weeks ago. That sneaky Snap double-action was a nasty little surprise, but my opponent got very unlucky and lost the A-Wing before he could get a shot off, then it was down to three low-PS T-70s against ProTorps Wedge, Luke and Dutch and that was always going to be an uphill struggle. It's a good list.
  15. I don't really agree? I don't think 3 x Upsilon is a problem in Extended, but Hyperspace is intended, at least in part, to help players new to 2nd Edition get into the Organised Play scene without their limited collections being at too great a disadvantage. If it were my first tournament and I ran into the Triple Ups NPE Express I'm not sure I'd be in a rush to come back for my second tournament. That said, I agree that increasing the price of the Upsilons isn't the answer, I'd just like to see something that breaks the list without knackering the shuttles themselves, like, say, making Hyperspace Tracking unique.
  16. Try and invite your friend to a poker game.
  17. Building stuff to outlast triple Upsilons in Extended isn't that much of a challenge, though. It's what they do against anything not specifically designed to deal with them in Hyperspace that's the potential concern.
  18. It looks interesting, but in a world where Vader can't Snaturally arc-dodge or focus-evade it feels verrrrrrry squishy, especially with just a 3 point bid. Vader and the Inquisitor don't feel like ideal platforms for the Homing Missile since you're paying a bunch of points for their primary attack-boosting abilities. And I can't get excited by an Initiative 4 ace, they're either going to get outmaneuvered or outgunned. I'd think about ditching all the missiles, giving Afterburners to Vader and replacing Seventh Sister with Soontir. Which only marginally helps the squishyness, but at least you're moving after basically everything at that point.
  19. Howlrunner is absolutely not worth the points you pay if you're only running her in a pair. She's just about worth the points if you're running all four in a block, but why would you do that? If you've got the TIEs, two ace Interceptors and a mini-swarm of 4 Academies is a fun time, albeit one that's terrified of taking crits. If you've only got three, the two Interceptors plus Del Meeko, Gideon Hask and Seyn Marana is fun because all the TIE/ln abilities integrate nicely with each other. With only two TIEs, I'd think about Mauler or Scourge before I took Howlrunner and use any extra points as an initiative bid. The list is pretty light on red dice, so getting a bonus die is a big deal. I'm thinking something like: No Shields, All Guts “Mauler” Mithel (32) Predator (2) Afterburners (6) Iden Versio (40) Soontir Fel (52) Juke (5) Afterburners (6) Turr Phennir (44) Predator (2) Afterburners (6) Total: 195 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  20. I like it. Difficult to slow-roll with a Reaper, is the only thing. And you're losing the pre-maneuver coordinates for the Defenders.
  21. Rodafowa

    ID Tokens

    They only included tokens for ships that were released before every ship's cardboard included an ID token. It was the same for the other kits as well, because I went through the same mental process as you with the Empire kit.
  22. Maybe use the points to turn the OGP into Jendon? Target locks for everyone in the first round of shooting! There's even points left to add FCS to one of the two Deltas.
  23. I quite like that. I've ignored the lower-Initiative TIE Advanced because the lack of Accuracy Corrector (and Evade) means they don't hit hard enough and aren't tough enough, but this looks quite a nice way around the problem. Not sure I wouldn't rather have FCS than Clish Det on Jendon, though, given the amount of Target Lock that's likely to be happening. Could even slap an HLC on the shuttle with the spare points, since initiative bid is largely pointless with this list.
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