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  1. Rodafowa

    Maneuver Reference Cards - Second Edition Wave 1

    Those are nice and something I've been looking for since 2nd Edition got released, but they'd be better for printing if they were black-on-white rather than the other way around.
  2. Rodafowa

    Deep thinking: or how to plan several rounds ahead.

    Why did you make me put my feet in these watermelons?
  3. Rodafowa

    T-85 and TIE/FO Interceptor? Let the theorizing being

    Hear that, everyone? In this populist film universe featuring Samurai Telepath Space Wizards with magic Glow-O-Swords where spaceships fly like WW2 fighters, the thing that we shouldn't be able to accept as scientifically plausible is that Spaceships Need Fuel To Travel. Oh and also it's ridiculous that the Good Guys who have been defined for 40 years as being poor and scattered and fighting a guerrilla war should be undone by supply problems. Christ almighty.
  4. Rodafowa

    The A-wing is where they dropped the ball

    At the UKTC I ran Wedge, Blount, a Bandit, Outmaneuver Prockets Jake and Intimidation Arvel and played them exactly as you describe here - running the Zs and Wedge in a block and whipping the A-Wings in off the wing, forcing my opponents to commit one way or the other. It was pretty effective against everything except ****ing Boba-Guri. It's a bit headachey because you're out PS-d by almost everyone but because there are blockers and your opponents have to concentrate on one half of your list first it's actually not as bad as you'd think.
  5. Rodafowa

    Resistance Conversion Kit upgrade preview

    Holy ****, People Who Hated The Last Jedi, we ****ing GET IT. You DIDN'T LIKE IT. Can you please shut the **** up about it in a thread where we're trying to discuss a ****ing X-Wing expansion please?
  6. Rodafowa

    lets talk Kihraxz fighter

    We must! We must! We must! We must! We must!
  7. Rodafowa

    So, how’s the app working for everyone else?

    It's alright. It's not great, the UI's not brilliant, I'd like the option to have, say, stats and rule text printed out when I create a PDF of my list, and the lack of "duplicate this ship" is a bit of a pain, but it's... kind of ok-ish? Meeting my pretty low expectations?
  8. Rodafowa

    Beating high init

    Yeah, it really depends what you're flying but in general you want to fly slow, engage at ranges 2-3 as much as possible to keep your arcs as wide as you can and try to fend the enemy aces into spaces where they're as predicable as possible. Soontir in particular is often fairly easy to block because he's chained to his green moves (less so in 2nd edition, admittedly) and there's normally only one or two options each turn that he can take if he wants to keep his gun on you. If you're fighting around asteroids that cut his options off even more, so he's either got to break off the attack (giving you a chance to out-gun the rest of your opponent's list) or risk putting himself in the sort of place he'd rather not be. Maybe try running a few arc-dodger lists yourself to try and get a feel for what they're trying to do and the sort of tactics you're likely to face?
  9. Rodafowa

    Waves of Obscure Ships? : From Armada

    Well, all of those ships are hideous with the exception of the TIE Commander which is... OK but has the drawback that it basically doesn't exist. Ark Angel or GTFO.
  10. Rodafowa

    Bombers 2.0

  11. Rodafowa

    PSA: Cheap card storage option

    Yes, it's what I was planning on getting but in the end I found that I had an expansion box for Legendary Encounters that fits two rows of cards in it and so can have all the upgrades running down one side of the box and all the pilots down the other with a TON of room left for more expansions. I hacked some dividers together from spare card and Bob's your uncle.
  12. Rodafowa

    Best Crew for Tie Phantoms

    Don't you tease me.
  13. Rodafowa

    How’re people building 2.0 Kihraxz Fighters?

    Am I crazy for thinking that in a world where arc-dodging has been nerfed a bit, Talonbane Cobra (and his newly-buffed ability) is actually pretty good? Not sure what you'd run with him is the only thing. Boba would leave you fifty-some points of I-don't-know-what.
  14. Rodafowa

    Fighting Tie Swarms under the "Second Edition" rules

    Not with Iden on the table, he can't. So Round 1 most of the swarm gets to shoot the Firespray, and it (effectively) gets no shot in return. That feels like a difficult hurdle for an ace list (particularly one where 40-50% of your points are spent on one ship) to get over.