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  1. Can the Court Games effect be canceled with Finger of Jade? Thx
  2. Can the Miya Mystic character dismiss the Finger of Jade before it uses her interrupt? what happens first? Finger of Fade says the target is the character, but Miya says sacrifice this character, choose an attachment and discard it Thx!
  3. We are new to the game and we have a very important question, that we could not find it in the manual. In a conflict, if the defender declares not to send any of his characters into that conflict, can he still play cards from his hand? Thx!
  4. The new rebel unit, 1.4 FD Laser Cannon Team, has no movement. What would happen if you have 2 or more suppression tokens? When checking courage and failing the roll could not move ........ how will this effect be solved during the game?
  5. Query: If Luke is in melee with a motorcycle, since the vehicles have the rule that they are not locked in combat, another unit could shoot Luke that turn?
  6. Hello! When I activate a repulsor vehicle, the first thing it does is compulsive movement or before I can do a pivot? Thank you very much
  7. On April 3th 2016, with a total of 24 participants, the 5th X-Wing Tournament at the "LUF Wargames Club" (Buenos Aires, Argentina) was carried out. I leave here some photos of the event! Thank you!
  8. Excellent initiative! Our group of players of Armada, X Wing and Imperial Assault is Buenos Aires, Argentina. regards Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/287775654695462/ Forum: http://www.battlemaster.com.ar/index.php
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