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  1. keep in mind those armor histories are specificly noted as being "Examples" and that "DMs are enchouraged to be creative" so there's nothing wrong with saying "those art artifacer mk 3 greeves with an armor of X and these other benifits due to the extremely high craftsmanship of the legs" in short, as a DM make something up. for artifacer armor specificly I think the idea of "these vambraces and gloves are extra well articulated thus removing the penalty to fine movement" etc is fair
  2. it might be a good idea to suggest they put specific forums for each of the various games.
  3. that would be hand of corruption. the over all plot involves sucking a world in the Calixis sector into the warp and the third act is that "SUPRISE!" it's a Necron tomb world, and they aren't happy about being pulled into the local equivilant of the eye of terror. so the players have to run a dungeon crawl to stop the necrons. the third act is proably something that could be adapted to death watch easily eneugh.
  4. there is no record of a grey knight serving with the deathwatch. but I suppose it's poissable that a black shield could be a Grey Knight planted with the death watch "for reasons known only to the inqusition"
  5. you realzie every time you bought a FFG 40K RPG GW got a cut right? At least it's a cut and not a full amount. eaither way to run around saying how aweful GW is and then buying their lisenced products are silly. me? I'll buy what I like, and not buy what I dislike. all I can do. now that said, the ORIGINAL dark heresy 1st edition was actually released by GW internally. our best hope is that GW ressurects Black Industries.
  6. because the Aquilla team can re-roll 1s, the other ones can re-roll any failed roll. thus making them better against that specific target. with that said, future rule questions for the codex you may want to ask elsewhere as not everyone here plays tabletop 40k. off the top of my head the dakkadakka forums are proably a good place to ask for rules answers
  7. one idea might also be to have them ritually repaint their armor...
  8. you realzie every time you bought a FFG 40K RPG GW got a cut right?
  9. are there any community sites? maybe we should migrate somewhere to work on a 2nd edition?
  10. my guess is the sale of PDFs stopped immediatly, and the 2017 deadline is purely to allow FFG a chance to be rid of their existing stock of hard cover books.
  11. I do think now would be a good time for a second edition of deathwatch, since the last deathwatch book came out now only have we gotten a new space marine codex, but we've gotten a DEATHWATCH codex
  12. that's ok, there aren't any Landspeeders in the codex eaither! in terms of units the deathwatch codex has.. Deathwatch Veterans (basicly sternguard vets with some special toys) Vanguard Veterans, Deathwatch Terminators, dreadnoughts Deathwatch Bikes, Rhinos, Razorbacks, Drop pods, and the Corvas Blackstar (Aka: what we all wish the stormraven hd been)
  13. That's a good idea. Thanks. I just think the biggest risk is the character coming off as cartoony character who sees plots behind every bush. he's much deeper if your players look at what he's doing and say "well.. maybe he's got a point?"
  14. tghe easy solution is to limit what books you use, or trust your players to manage things to a degree. if all your players happen to be using first founding chars, just for example, honor the chapter isn't important and can be ignored.
  15. I'd make him be right, not about everything, but if early on in dealing with him it turns out he gets them helping with something that it turns out DOES reveal a Tau plot, he'll proably come off immediatly as a much greyer character
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