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  1. Sausageman said: Bleached Lizard said: Agree with the above poster (not the one quoted above - the actual post above mine). ALL the dungeons in 2E are unique, so I don't know what Sausageman is talking about. What they've actually dumped are the random, thematically nonsensical dungeons of 1E, which my gaming group disliked precisely because they were so random, made you feel like you weren't on any kind of real adventure and didn't tell any kind of story. I meant the 'legendary area' dungeons. The three dungeons that you could only enter once per campaign level. And the rumour dungeon levels to boot. Basically anything that wasn't on a card. I think my issue here is that the two campaigns are very different. First ed had you wandering across a very large land, encountering what you encountered. Second ed seems to be smaller in scale (and time frame), and which is why it's not really comparable - and probably the reason I'm having some difficulties accepting the culling of various things/mechanics. I really liked the 'Runebound with dungeons' feel of Road to Legend. I don't think Second Ed will be ANYTHING like that… I completely agree, and hence I can't wait for some homebrewed rules to merge 2nd edition rules with the 1st edition campaign maps. Though, and someone can correct me, I don't think that it would be too difficult to do at RtL campaign and simply use the 2nd edition rules for the actual dungeons. The biggest issues (I think) would be how characters level with gold/silver die as well as the Overload leveling up. But I'm sure someone can find a way to merge it.
  2. Philipopotamus said: I like the art of the map, but I'm not sure about the feeling to travel around on this map. Because everything the map is good for, is to determine how many travel-Event-Cards has to be drawn, if you start a specific quest. Actually, that's why I'm a little disappointed in this map versus what was provided in the Road to Legend expansion to the 1st edition. Nice big map with the addition of strategic gameplay as the Overlord could lay siege to cities forcing the party of heroes to decide between going on a dungeon raid or lifting a siege. I'm definitely going to have to find a way to combine 2nd edition gameplay with 1st edition campaign. *ponders*
  3. Well, I think this preview all but confirms that the $110 I spend on Road to Legend and Sea of Blood are useless. I was really hoping that there would be a way to use some of the materials from the two campaign modules. Maybe some homebrew conversions?
  4. Jafix said: IMO, the rules are the main reason for this delay. They may be some kind of problem. This or somalian pirates that atacked the FFG boat with descentt shipment.... Not the Somalian pirates!!!!!!
  5. I wonder if the Road to Legend will be nullified by the 2ed Campaign rules.
  6. Oh, and I didn't see the "remove doom token" option in the Azathoth game.
  7. I love the new expansion. But to say Cthulhu is "Very Hard' is an understatement. I beat Azathoth once to unlock "Rita Young." And I'm glad I did as her special ability is super-useful againts the Cthulhu missions. That being said, though, I've had 8 straight losses against Cthulhu. It SUPER-hard. I might need to try and beat Yig just to build my confidence back. One complaint though, Gloria Goldberg special ability is basically useless against Cthulhu as there aren't any "Other World" adventures in the second-stage of the campaign. It makes her an incredibly weak link.
  8. Beer and pretzel versus a full course meal. Thanks for the feedback you two!
  9. Obvious the games have different IP and scale. But is Cosmic encounter merely a scaled-down version game comparable to Twilight Imperium? It seems they both have you controlling a race and having to deal with other alien races for a battle for victory.
  10. That's an excellent point. My Only fear is that the Seas of Blood and Road to Legend expansion will be made useless. The other expansions we little more than additional monsters and heroes, so the conversion kit will work fine with them. But the Seas of Blood and Road to Legend expansions add campaign level game play. It seems to me that the only way for them not to be useless is 1) not have campaign play in the 2e base game or 2) have a conversion for the two campaign expansions to fit the new 2e rules. But I hope to be wrong.
  11. Has anyone heard how this will affect the campaign module from the 1st edition?
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