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  1. How does this card work? "Captives are in play but are not under any player's control." What does this mean? Do they still collect resources? If so, can you use them? "If there are no captives in play, the players lose the game" How would a captive leave play?
  2. I've had a few games like that.
  3. Ah, I assumed it was a burden card. And was playing on easy so it wasn't in the deck I played with. Thanks.
  4. In breaking of the Fellowship, when a player completes Stage 3 do all players move onto Stage 4 or just the one? The cards are clear on this. If it's just the one, what do the other players do after that?
  5. The Breaking of the Fellowship (Part 6) campaign card, under Resolution, says: If Fallen into Evil is attached to a hero, add that hero to the list of Fallen Heroes in the Campaign Log. But I can't find that card, or any reference of it on other cards, or databases. Can someone explain this?
  6. Thought so, but hoped it was otherwise. Thanks.
  7. If you draw an objective ally (such as the Gildor Inglorion boon card) as a shadow effect card do you still claim it, or do you discard it?
  8. Great, thanks. I don't care if a deck's thematic or not, just want it to work well. I'll put that deck together and give it a go.
  9. Hi All, I recently dug out my cards (they were buried under other games) and tried getting back into the game; but I need better decks. I'm pretty awful at deck building for any game. I would like a deck or 2 to use on the saga campaigns. I have one copy of the core game, both hobbit expansions, the first three LotR saga expansions (I'll get the rest eventually), and the whole Shadows of Mirkwood Cycle. I also have The Massing at Osgiliath, The Battle of Lake-Town, and The Stone of Erech. So decks that can stand up to those would be good too. Any help/advice would be appreciated.
  10. What does it mean "This enemy can only exhaust after it activates"?
  11. I have both DA:SH and LotR so I'm questioning whether I should get another game that is in a way two games I already have. That said, the reason I don't play LotR much anymore if because I'm **** at deck building and therefore generally lose at it. (I don't mind losing a game, but losing because I can't build a decent deck I do mind), plus you need to alter your deck to suit the scenario you want to play; so that makes it more tedious. That said, WQ:ACG appears to be LotR without the deck building; so I'd probably play it more often. From what you've said, it sounds like it is something that suits me.
  12. I haven't played but it looks like a cross of these two games. Wondering if that's the case. Thoughts?
  13. Personally I've only forfeited AH, just because the game takes so much longer. In EH by the time I know I'm going to lose there's only a few turns left. With AH there could be heaps of turns left when I know I can't win. With ES it's similar to EH, I've never felt the need to give up, even if I do lose.
  14. If Arkham is at it's monster limit and a monster flies to the sky (which is included in the limit) does this monster stay in the sky or go to the outskirts (because Arkham is now over it's limit)? I can't see anything in the rule books that covers this. The question probably applies to swimming monsters too (Though I haven't used those yet).
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