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  1. The Professor said: Happy Birthday, Tibs! Have a great gaming day. It's Tibs's birthday? It's my birthday, and Dr. Overduin's birthday (Tibs knows him). (And yeah, Google Chrome doesn't let me hit "publish." Time to go over to firefox and copy and paste again…)
  2. I have a related question. Are monsters in the sky considered "in play?" It seems like they are, but then what about the corruption card "Call the Beast?" It says to exchange one monster in play with one in the outskirts, if able. We decided to exchange the Shan in the sky with a zombie in the outskirts. Flying zombies! Thematically, this made no sense, but I allowed it anyway because it's pretty funny, and I couldn't find a good argument that the sky was not "in play."
  3. Jake yet again said: You could try VASSAL. I think it's got an Arkham Horror plug-in, though I've never tried it myself. I've done it, but the set-up time on VASSAL is almost as long as the set-up time for the cardboard game. They could re-sell all of the expansions we currently own in digital form for even more money. I can see myself paying upwards of $100-$150 for a digital version of Arkham with all of the expansions if it was well done. Throw it on Steam, and you might even get a bunch of new people interested in Arkham, and some of those people might buy the board game. I don't think they could go wrong, honestly.
  4. He is devoured under a few conditions: 1) When his sanity and stamina reach zero simultaneously. This doesn't happen often, but there are some encounters which cause you to lose both sanity and stamina. 2) When his MAXIMUM sanity or stamina reaches 0. 3) During final combat against the Ancient One, if he is reduced to zero sanity or stamina. 4) When other game effects say he's devoured. For example, being lost in time and space vs Yog Sothoth, or failing the luck check against The Black Man (one of Nyarlathotep's masks).
  5. I'm still holding out hope that they release a video game version of Arkham eventually. While I love playing the cardboard version, it's too space-intensive for my apartment (particularly when using all expansions). I prefer to play Arkham with other people, and I don't see that changing, but if there were a video game version. I could kick back on my computer and play a game without all of the set-up time and trying to find space (or traveling to the local board game store with a game area). FFG has already released a video game version of Elder Sign, so I hope that is a sign of more games to come.
  6. The above two posters are correct. There's a reason Charlie Kane is the weakest investigator (by percent wins) rather than the strongest.
  7. It's a bit surprising that the new Yig has been beaten so often. I can only assume people aren't using all expansion boards with him. My one game with him with all expansion boards was a bloodbath. All of my investigators were cursed from very early on. I was only able to get 3 seals down before he was to awaken. I tried rushing everybody to the church to get blessed after I had 3 gate trophies and 5 toughness of monsters to spend, but a rift had opened and he woke up one turn too soon.
  8. I like to do it similarly to the way Tibs showed me, where you keep the AOs and investigators in the order in which they've been last seen. I roll a die, and with the AO I haven't seen the longest on top of the stack, I count the number shown on the die into the stack and choose that one. Then I roll a number of dice equal to the number of investigators I'm playing, and choose investigators similarly to how I chose ancient ones. I roll 3 dice for guardian, institution, and herald. For the herald, I pick exactly the same way as the AO (if Dagon or Hydra is picked, I roll another die. If it matches the first, I use both). For the guardian and institution, the one I haven't seen the longest is picked on a 1-3, the second longest is 4 or 5, and the most recent one is a 6.
  9. Walk said: GREAT SCREAMING SPAWN OF AZATHOTH! That is a nasty update. In an all-expansions game, investigators are virtually guaranteed to be Cursed permanently after a certain point in the game, which further means that the Final Battle will almost certainly end immediately with everyone dying. I…wow. Anyone want to speculate on how strong he is now? I would now place him on the "I feel like losing today" list with Atlach and Rhan, but I might be overreacting. Certainly, he's significantly less dangerous with fewer boards. I'm in the middle of an all-expansion game with him right now, and I can confirm that this is pretty much the case. Finn Edwards is the only one that isn't cursed. The others have to either choose between rolling 1 die while cursed to try to not get re-cursed, or just not moving (a bunch of low speed investigators). I do have Massa di Requiem per Shuggay, so I might just need to close what gates I can, get everybody to south church, bless everybody at once to get rid of curses, and then use the book to summon Yig before any of us gets cursed again. Wait, no, that won't work, because the book is used during movement, and the blessings come after… and a mythos phase will be interposed to curse us all again. Maybe I just hide in South Church with my sneak maxed, and bless everybody the turn before I anticipate Yig awakening. It's rough.
  10. Focus on sealing gates, almost above all else. If you can close a gate but not seal, consider just walking away from it instead.
  11. Likewise. Moving was a bit crazy, but it's done now. Now I just need to piece together an Arkham group up here. I found this nice place in Cambridge that has open tables for board gaming. Perhaps I can find people there.
  12. GamingCthulhu said: Tibs said: GamingCthulhu said: Yea being in maryland sucks when it comes to the Arkham Nights events. I want to go so bad. I just need to round up 2 or 3 friends and make a road trip out of it. Maryland, eh? Wish I could join. But again… GREs. What part of MD? Baltimore specifically the western side of the beltway near randalstown. I just moved from Baltimore, though from the other side of town. Up in Boston now, keeping an eye out for Nyarlathotep. I'd love to go to Arkham Nights one of these days, but I will have just started grad school, and I sure don't want to fall behind in these classes.
  13. Drow said: MyNeighbourTrololo said: You deal investigators fixed possessions at the end of your games for the next game to come? Because you need to shuffle deck after the fixed possessions has been dealt. I have impression, that you're looking for a hole in all. I was talking about shuffling big cards, but geez... I don't see shuffling few decks of small cards after dealing fixed possesions to be such a horrible problem you make it out to be. You have what? something like four decks of cards to shuffle (common/unique/spells/skills and sometimes allies). Is that so time-consuming? Not really.. And as for needing. You need to do nothing, really. It depends on unique house rules by which you play, doesn't it? The way I see it, whether you shuffle the cards at the end of one game or at the beginning of the next, it still counts as "setup time." This becomes especially apparent when you play two games back to back.
  14. Nameless1 said: Tibs said: Yes: as the terror level increases, your chances of finding an ally in town are appropriately lowered. If you never dropped any from the "out" deck, then the total number of allies available to find would go from 34 at TL-0 to 24 at TL-10. That's still way too many (as opposed to 1 ally in the original). Dropping 3 at each terror-level up will ensure that the available ally pool would gradually dry up. Tibs, is there a formula for implementing this? Is it a hard coded 3 from secondary or is it (as jack21222 described), 1 card per expansion board? Also by means of further clarification would expansions or expansion boards having any effect on this formula? Right now I only have one box box expansion (Dunwich) so my ally count is relatively small. I spoke too quickly when I said "one per expansion board." What I meant was "one per expansion that has allies." I think the effect of having ally-granting expansions is pretty self-explanatory. One removed from the "out of town" box for each ally-granting expansion you're using.
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