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  1. Not sure where the issue is. All the weapon types you mention are meant to make a mockery of personal armor and step into the anti-vehicle scale. This is like my running a modern era game like Twilight 2000 and PCs and opponents get access to 40mm grenade launchers or auto-shotguns with FRAG-12 HEAT (a shaped charge grenade for 12ga military shotguns). I'm not going to look at upgrading armor since no amount of body armor would ever protect you from those weapons. PCs have just moved up to a newer, more dangerous power level and best learn to adapt to it. Instead of tweaking armor, the PCs at this point should be looking at defensive fields for protection against these high powered weapons.
  2. Frankie said: Might wanna use this? Medium Stubber: Basic, 100m, S/-/10, 1d10+3I, Pen 2, 50/100, 1/2Full; 8kg; Average -Note: -5 & -15 on Semi/Full Auto when not braced. Counts as Basic when given Suspensors. Uses Box Clips & Belt Clips. This fills a nice niche of a SAW when your party lacks a Heavy Gunner Just me, but'd be even better if a SAW based on the lasgun for commonality. But nice stats still!
  3. Blood Pact said: Yes, but it really just comes down to Command seeming like the most appropriate choice for a skill to use. And there's no garauntee of success, because I never said you were giving orders, but calling for fire support. Just how well you can get accross the need for fire support (your skill test), along with some other variables, is what determines if you get that fire support, and how soon/heavy/long it is. Blood Pact has it right, coming from someone who use to call in fire missions, and that's just as a squad leader. But while the Imperial Guard may be closer to a WW2 Soviet model the a WW2 American model for "calls for fire" what I also propose is the call for ANY support, not just arty.
  4. Well on the Power Klaw, looking at the Kronous Bestiary we get a non-Dredd Klaw as 2d10 plus double the SB bonus, and Traits of Tearing, Power Field, and Unwieldy. Can't remember the Penetration at the moment. So the question is, does any of this scale up for a Dreadnaught weapon? Looking at a Marine Dread, I'm not sure it does, the SB bonus taking care of that. Oh, and personally for me, I'd rather see Power Field as an upgrade with the Orks going the brute force approach for the basic Klaw.
  5. PnPgamer said: You could get rid of tearing and add razor sharp quality onto it and call it a day (onto the 2d10+22 pen 8). This is how I see it, as power klaw isn't that much of serrated nor chain weapon. Well I gave it Tearing as that's what you see for it in Rogue Trader and is consistent with other Walker close combat weapons. I held off on Power Weapon, even if 60-70% of the material gave it to Klaws, the notion that Ork tech went brute approach in general and didn't need a high tech field to get the job done. But one doesn't need serrated teeth to get Tearing. Bolt guns get it as their base ammo is explosive. Dreadnaughts get it, even with their blunt fingers, by being able to tear and rotate out large hunks of material when they hit something.
  6. HappyDaze said: Amazon gets their information from the publishers. If the information they get is crap, then so too are the dates they put up. FFG's updates have been pretty much crap for the last few months so it shouldn't be any surprise that Amazon's dates for FFG products are crap too. Yes, but that said, Amazon will still say its on pre-order while I am ordering from my web store or FLGS. Today's a good example. I just put my order in for the Koronus Beastiary (shipping tomorrow) while Amazon still shows it as 8 JAN 2013.
  7. Well yes, higher PEN Power Swords should be scary,…these are rare gems like Gaunt's blade and other relic items. Not saying to allow them to PCs willy-nilly, but as an idea for doing relic weapons.
  8. The Asgardian said: Ok, thanks for the replies… Have another question then, can Power Swords get the weapon customization Mono? -ashe- Working off the Only War rules, you can add it, but it only applies when the field is off. I suppose one could rule that a high quality Power Weapon could be built with the ability to add the Mono quality, reflecting a more finely tuned field. Should be expensive as Hell though. Though I think I have to argue with Cymbel Power Swords being to blunt to take advantage of abilities like a Moritat to make a weapon Tearing. Least IMO, the field is still narrowly focused on the blade. We see that bladed power weapons have better penetration than blunt ones. If anything, the Moritat would need to spend extra XP to get down the skill to apply/get over indoctrination for a Power Blade to apply Tearing like a conventional blade.
  9. Cymbel said: Ha, not that bad I hope, Bolt Weapons have a manageable recoil for the size, from the two state firing (First to launch, second is ignition) And Morgan, yeah, but you want to actually carry it somewhat. And the compensation jokes would get worse than they already are. (Who thought an Arbites Gal with a massive handcannon would elicit such) But of course, just saying that's gotta be a massive and possibly annoying holster. Least in comparison to a drop-leg for something like a .40 or .45.
  10. Cymbel said: Oh no! It is pretty awesome to get a good solid picture like that of what it would look like, plus, it is cool to see. If you have more pics like that, it would be great to see them in a gallery. And looking at the other pic you posted, 4-5 bolt rounds seems the most logical without too much bulk. Of course "too much bulk" would be a relative term for such a weapon. Is in "I at least don't need to carry it in a patrol sling or weapon carriage". Just the odd comment involving inquires if that's a macro cannon or you're just happy.
  11. Appoligies, as not meaning to make this a "look at me!" thing. Just figured this pic helped to provide another view and sense of scale for the concept of a Bolt Revolver.
  12. vogue69 said: the ratling is a horrible marketeer, commerce is an Int check… Not sure that can really be a supportable statement. Ratlings certainly don't take a minus to Int, and while they don't come with a starting aptitude in Intelligence they're no worse off then most other Scroungers as heart like say,…Trooper Varl from the Ghosts (and neither Weapons Specialist nor Sergeant, either path for Varl, come with Intelligence as a given Aptitude). As for the other stuff,…yeah, I understand constraints based on Tabletop and GW are there. But I can still voice that dissatisfaction and state this causes more problems by being mindlessly wed to TT as opposed to thinking, "you know what? Maybe this DOES need to get tweaked!". But that's me. Oh, and while there is some overlap between Scout and Sniper, it's like the overlap between Weapon Specialist and Heavy Gunner. Just saying, since I've been a field troop m'self for over two decades and worked with both.
  13. That real world garage-build? 6. But it's a beast. Somewhere I got an obligatory "John Woo-shot" with a sawed-off double barrel 12ga as well. Ah, good times.
  14. All I know is that it takes AT LEAST a month after I see the book in my FLGS or web stores like FRP Games before Amazon ships a game book. I had the same problem with CthulhuTech books where I got them weeks earlier from FRP Games while Amazon still had them listed as "pre-order".
  15. To give a sense of scale for what such a revolver may look like…here's a pic of a revolver we recovered from a weapon cache in Bosnia. The **** thing is bore'd for 12 ga.
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