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  1. Awsome Expansion. I Also think they are testing new ways to deliver stuff with the app integration. I think that no box expension can be expected until all box expansion have been integrated to the app. Sales are probably much higher for expansions with integration with the app. I would like to see more options on search cards, since it is a card only expansion, they could have included a few of them in there 😉
  2. Yes, and if you have some rerolls you can also risk an attack, which will have a significant chance of hitting. Very nice condition, very creative
  3. What an awwsome idea! I would buy this game too!! Dungeon crawler with LOTR theme, amazing. I would love to play it. For Descent, I also don`t think it really needs a 3rd edition. Many rules updates can easily be done through erratas (whoever has money to buy this game has access to internet and can update the rules) just like they did with HoB. They have to make a significant change to justify a change to a 3rd edition, anyways, even then a conversion pack is a must, direct from basic box. I think that removing the option of playing against an overlord is really sad, I love playing as overlord.
  4. I would prefer not to have a 3e because better usage of the tiles or monsters adjustments and etc, Those could be easily done with an adjustment within an expansion, like Heirs of Blood did for city drawing and 2 players game. They could make a new attack die even. Unless they would make a complete new overhaul of the game, I dislike the idea of a 3rd edition.
  5. Just remember that Army of Death does half damage on all targets but the first, only on the road to legend (pag 10): When a hero performs an attack that targets or affects multiple monsters, the monsters gain an additional advantage during the “Deal Damage” step. Choose 1 monster to which you will deal damage first and resolve the step as normal. Then halve the ≥ results (rounded up), and apply that value to each of the additional monsters, before applying ≤. This rule applies to attacks with Blast but also actions such as “Whirlwind,” “Army of Death,” and Leoric of the Book’s Heroic Feat.
  6. I would like to have side quests packs, even if you want to charge me something FFG. Having a whole large expansion and only having one side-quest from it is a little sad, so if you ever make a 4 side quest pack for Labyrinth of Ruin I would purchase it too, it is even easy for you to do it, as they don`t have to be connected to a main story. As everybody else, I would like campaign that use all the expansions, but having awsome side-quests would already fill me with joy, as would also make playing th same campaigns more fun, as it would be quite different due to a larger pool of side quests.
  7. I like the idea of having extra quests that are used with expansions, or maybe some dungeons which come with a base and a full own expansion... I don't know, I do look forward for some awsome quests though, I might change some maps (very little) just to use the maps from other expansions.
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