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  1. I'm lucky enough to have a group that plays TI once a month. We've gotten around 14 or so games in. I'm trying to play a different race each time. So far, I've won with the Letnev, the Hacan and the L1Z1X. My top 3 favorite races are: The Hacan, the Letnev and the Mentak. I found the Letnev to be my favorite "warlike" race. They can pump out a lot of units each turn and it's much easier for them to manage large fleets while still scoring objective points. I played the Mentak for the first time this month. Their Mirror Computing racial tech is one of the best techs in the game. Their ability to "first strike" with cruisers and destroyers is nice and fits into my play style (I rarely create a dreadnought). I had a lot of fun playing the pirates! Overall my favorite race would have to be the Hacan. Thematically, I like the idea of space faring merchant cats. They have a great economy which helps you tune your play to the meet the objectives on the table. You're not forced down one path to victory with the cats. I almost won a game with them by taking a more warlike stance. The game I did win with them I focused on techs and the "I now spend…" objectives.
  2. EvilRobot2

    Android rpg?

    Great idea! I've been looking for a good Cyberpunk RPG for my group and Shadowrun doesn't really interest me. I'm a much bigger fan of the Android universe. If an Android RPG was more abstract / story driven than rules heavy that would be even better!
  3. Well put LynchMob. If F.A. receives good reviews I'll pick it up regardless of the fluff. My one real worry is replay value. My gaming group got bored with Axis & Allies pretty quick. This seems very A&A like but then I never got a chance to play the original.
  4. When I read version 1 of the fluff I thought "oh cool, we're the bad guys!". The old "Red Dawn" scenario needed to be updated anyway and version 1 was interesting / plausible. V2 of the fluff doesn't make much sense and isn't very interesting. I hope FFG didn't "cave" to a vocal minority (you're never going to make everyone happy) but that's sure what this looks like. The victors write the history anyway - version 1's the story if USA loses (they were zapping us with doom lasers!), version 2's the story if the USA wins (we had unicorn rainbow lasers and the world was jealous!). At this point, maybe they should just set this in the Twilight Imperium univese (ala Dune / TI).
  5. Thanks for the help Luckyfer. For some reason I've been playing the coaches wrong all this time. This makes the tackling and passing coaches that much better!
  6. Could be a nice break from ruling the galaxy and beating up orcs Looks like it could be a fun party / gateway game. If the reviews are good I'll give it a shot!
  7. Do the coach cards allow players who already have the specified skill to use it twice? For example, would a tackle coach allow a Blitzer to tackle twice when he is deployed?
  8. Agreed, much rather they take their time and release a great product. I'd still like to see some more previews, so far everything looks amazing!
  9. Well that's too bad, I'm really looking forward to this one! Wonder if the delay is printing / packaging related or if it's still in playtesting. We really haven't seen much info on Rex yet.
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