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  1. I haven't logged on for,a while, but in did to update my collection and I can't find the button or link that used to do that. Is that still a feature?
  2. I experienced the same thing. That was hard, too. I am on iPad 3 running iOS 6.
  3. I got into it today. The attacker declared an intrigue challenge, and tried to trigger Altar of Fire, but I used Misinformation. He said, since he had first action window, he could trigger his first, meaning that he got to use a card that triggered on him winning a challenge when he in fact lost. Please tell me this isn't the case. I will probably go crazy.
  4. They aren't balanced in 1v1 at all. The Baratheon deck is a pile, for starters. The plot cards are completely at odds with what the deck is trying to do, and it has many weak cards. Reshuffling the plots would definitely go a long way toward balancing them.
  5. Despite the schism in popularity, CardgameDB is really just a much better put-together site. I recommend that one.
  6. Just want to get a quick elaboration here. You said they needed to have 'neither lords nor ladies' for Red Wedding not to work. Does that mean that if there is only one type on the table (lord or lady) then something still happens? Because I always thought it needed both or it fizzled.
  7. Yeah, the symbol itself doesn't have an actual effect, it's just there so you can stick the top out of your dead/discard pile and say "Ohh yeah, this never goes away."
  8. melnick said: Hey Guys Thanks! Opponent: Plays Rule By Decree Me: Plays: Retaliation I win initiative and have a Golden Tooth Mines In Play. I read the rules but they are convoluded. "After the plot cards are revealed, ?rst determine who wins the initiative" Does Golden Tooth Mines Go off before or after Rule By Decree's effect goes off...iw as under the impression if I win intiative, and my opponent goes first, Rule By Decree goes off FOLLOWED by my golden tooth mines. Thoughts? All 'when revealed' abilities of plots go off before anything else can go off, so first Rule By Decree, then GTM. You can play two of the same unique during setup, but you have to pay gold for both of them, and as soon as you flip them one attaches to the other as a dupe.
  9. What company do you work for? What equipment is it? Hmm... this is off topic, isn't it?
  10. This is also explained in the official FAQ (someone else will have to direct you), but every single LCG set is legal. There are two cards that are outright banned (Compelled by the Rock, Jaqen H'ghar (core set)) and a small list of restricted cards which I don't know off the top of my head. Restricted meaning, you can only put one card on the restricted list in your deck. You may have up to 3 copies of any card in your main deck. You must have at least 60 cards. I think that's about it.
  11. Oy, shadows is quite complicated, so I do recommend that you see a FAQ or other supplement to augment this knowledge, but here's the nuts and bolts: When you play a card with the shadows crest from your hand, you pay 2 gold and put them down facedown. They are not in play, as in they generally can't be targeted, killed, etc. At the beginning of each phase is a framework action where each player, beginning with the first player, may choose to bring one of their cards out of shadows. If a player chooses to do so, they pay the gold cost of the card, flip it face up, and put it into their play area. Uniques cannot be brought out of shadows if there is another copy in your dead pile, and if there is another copy in play when they are brought out of shadows, it just latches on as a duplicate.
  12. Oh, Deadly too? Deadly: After a challenge resolves, if the attacking player has more participating characters with the Deadly keyword than the defending player, the defending player must choose and kill one defending character.
  13. I take it that you don't actually own the core set, because these are explained in the Core set rules. This isn't the exact wording, but it'll get you through for now. Stalwart: When this character would be killed, it instead goes to the top of its owner's deck. Vigilant: When a player wins a challenge as the attacker, they can then stand all characters they control with the keyword Vigilant. Vengeful: When a player loses a challenge as the defender, they can then stand all characters they control with the keyword Vengeful. Infamy: Whenever a player would claim power or move power to their house card, they may instead place that power on any number of characters with the keyword Infamy. Intimidate: If a character with the keyword Intimidate is attacking, all participating characters with less STR count their STR as 0. Ambush: You may play a card with Ambush by paying its cost with influence instead of gold, and and if you do you can play it any time you could play an event card.
  14. I am assuming the Round 5 pairings have not been announced as of yet? Just curious.
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