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  1. First thing that comes to my mind is that you may not want to make this too epic. TEW is quite long as it is, so a long sideplot may distract the original one. Also having not one but two major realms at the brink of war and having the PCs to save them both may feel unrealistic or repetitive. That being said, Kislev was really an odd book in the series, so writing something new is a good idea. First of all I'd suggest that you skip any dwarf adventures as sidequests to Empire in Flames, it would fit very well into it and hopefully make the main plot more open. Right now the last book is a very strictly tunneled quest with little options for the players. I'd probably focus more on just Araby vs. the undead. Maybe the undead have some knowledge about the state of Empire that the PCs don't. Maybe they have a huge mobilization of armies because they're anticipating the upcoming chaos in Empire and Araby is just in the way. In the end PCs could delay the invasion of Empire for now but learn critical information on a plot to assassinate Elector Counts e.g. and have to quickly return to warn Graf Boris (only to find out of course that they're too late). This would give more motivation to unify Empire again, so that it will stand against the inevitable undead invasion. Another way to go forward is to what reasons would Graf Boris have to send the PCs to Araby. Do they need to escort a noble there? Do they need to retrieve an item? Are they sold as slaves, because they found out too much about the politics of Middenheim (may ruin any reasons for them to try to help Empire in the future though)? Maybe they're "awarded" some land and a title in Araby for their good work in Middenheim (another way to get them out of the city because they know too much). Off the top of my hat I can't think of a nice way to implement lizardmen into all of this. Personally I'd rather not introduce too many different factions to the plot.
  2. I wouldn't say the players need any nerfing. I ran the campaign with 4 players with 3rd ed rules (although we started with new characters in the beginning) and had no problems with the balance as it is. If I remember correctly, there's a nice adventure hook for the Apprentice Wizard at the beginning of Death on Reik. If the Apprentice is just about to reach 10 xp, that would be a great hook to send him to the wizard (the one who tells more about Ethelka) "to complete his apprenticeship". So you may want to plan for that.
  3. EDIT: I apparantely do not know how to hide the spoilers, so you have been now warned! Our group played the whole TEW not too long ago with 3rd ed rules. PbtT was quite a chore to run through as it has a huge amount of NPCs, a sandbox style adventure and the PCs don't have a clue what they're supposed to do. However I tried to prepare myself well and I warned the players beforehand that this adventure is very challenging to the GM. The main problem (besides the lack of motivation towards the main plot line) was that the party was quite poor with social skills, which meant that they faced a lot of dead-ends and that I had to fudge many social interactions. But in the end I think the adventure turned out to be quite enjoyable. PbtT offers a lot of refreshing new things to the adventure, and I just loved the transition from this adventure to SriK. As for SriK, I think people should just skip it. Although all of our group had heard warnings that SriK is not really worth playing through, we still decided to try it out. The book starts off well and has many interesting storylines and situations. The problem is that the PCs often have no ways to actually resolve the main adventures in a "proper" fashion. There are only very odd deus ex machina resolutions to the main plots and completely unavoidable game breaking features. Also the world in SriK feels very different from all the other books form TEW. Maybe this is logical and acceptable, since the players aren't in the Empire anymore. But the adventures had really strange features and plot twists.
  4. Doc, the Weasel said: It should be mentioned that other products slated for Q4 this year are already at the printer. I'm thinking that with anything "In Development" dates are just placeholders/wishful thinking. Some other products yes, but apparantely not all. But indeed Q4 / 2012 may well be wishful thinking. I just found it curious that a short while ago the status for Enemy Within was "-" and now it has been updated with the estimation for "Q4 / 2012". As it is already fairly close to Q4 and the update just happened, there's a chance that it's reliable. But anyways, this is all just wild speculation.
  5. asri said: On the info page linked by Emirikol it (still) says "Look for this epic new take on the classic series of adventures to release in the third quarter of 2012!". Where's the info/ update mentioned in the first post? I found it in the "Upcoming" tab, where you can see the current status of FF products.
  6. Sorry if the topic set your expectations too high for this message, but I only noticed that the status of Enemy Within is updated back to Q4 / 2012 from the previous unknown status. Considering all the fuss lately related to the future of 3rd edition, I think that this tiny bit of an update is nice to see. At least it seems that the release of Enemy Within is not going to be postponed.
  7. Yepesnopes said: Sure! Any help will be welcome. I can keep you posted of the ideas we have, and you can share which ideas you have So far, it started yesterday, so I guess it will take some time to get inertia and start moving. I will send you a document with the few brainstorming ideas we got. Yepesnopes: I would also be very interested to take a part in this. Having played WFRP since 1st ed and running many of sessions in 3rd ed, I agree with much that has been said in this thread. I was also thinking of a 3.5 ruleset that would be 100% compatible with 3rd ed material, but I don't have nearly enough time to do that alone. However I understand if you have enough people contributing already, I don't want to be too pushy with this (but it would be great to see at least what ideas you've gathered).
  8. scifiguy said: to those playing TEW currently with 3rd edition rules, how do you go about converting the old adventures/stats/rules to the current set? I'm curious to see how everyone does it. I have the entire first edition catalog and would love to play it with 3rd edition rules. thanks For our group's campaign, I found the conversion quite easy. I tried to use as much 3rd ed. rules as possible, only focusing on bringing the storyline of TEW to the game. I didn't care about the exact stats of creatures, I just tried to find a close enough representative creature card of the 3rd edition. This seemed to work pretty well with almost all of the creatures and NPCs. In case of any special rules or abilities, they're fairly easy to improvise. Only a couple of times in the campaign the encounters revealed to be way too easy, but that didn't bother us too much. I don't ever recall the encounters being too difficult or impossible to overcome. For converting the money system, I think I just used 1 GC in 2nd ed. = 1 silver in 3rd ed.
  9. alskiyevski said: I'm pretty excited over this. We're currently playing TEW with 3rd ed. rules. Can't wait to see what the author's come up with this time! Our group just finished TEW with 3rd ed rules and it took us almost two years to complete. So I wish you good luck with trying to finish the whole campaign, for us at least it was well worth the effort. I really do hope that with the new TEW they provide more supplement material compared to other 3rd edition adventures. I really enjoy the amount of detail put into the original TEW books (and all the other 1st and 2nd edition books for that matter).
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