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  1. Anyone got any card images of the newest set . Ways Of The Force .
  2. What are the quarter 4 prizes
  3. How can they say a new 160 card set and then show cards numbered 168 and 171 . so not a 160 card set then
  4. The new 160 card set . so how can they have 2 p!ot cards in the article numbered 168 and 171
  5. Can anyone who is going to gencon please pick up any promos for me . I will pay for any shipping to the UK . thanks in advance to anyone who can and is willing to help .
  6. For example rey , full art , gencon 2016 Kylo ren , full art , gencon , 2016
  7. Is there a list of known promos and were they were or are available from
  8. My cards are in an ultra pro binder and the dice are in the trays that come in the starters . I bought 2 of each starter . each tray holds 18 dice and there are 67 dice in the set
  9. ok so lets start a thread for any and all titbits and news about the next set for destiny
  10. The review was like what I would expect from Cletas off the Simpsons
  11. You cannot put a tie fighter on a stormtrooper as it is a support card and not an upgrade card . the other cards are battlefields and not locations . before you review a game learn the rules . otherwise you end up sounding like and coming over as a pair of schmucks and you are probably the worst pair of game reviews I have ever seen .
  12. will be hosting each day even if all starters are gone so people can just cone and play with deck they bought earlier or elsewhere. Hope to see lots of players and make some new friends.
  13. UK , Aldershot Hampshire on 18,19 and 20th November . I will hosting a party on each day unless I use all 24 starters earlier . Friday is from 2pm , Saturday is from1.30pm and Sunday is from 11am.
  14. it is one die and 2/3/4 dice and not dices as dice is the plural .
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