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  1. Well i have something for than is considered hereticall, can change the whole Imperium and its inner workings and the Rouge Trader. Among Imperiums many secret organizations there was Ordo Chronos (it is thought that they studied the passage of time when traveling trough the warp). After some temporal incedents in Jericho Reach of Ultima Segmentum the mebers of Ordo Chronos vanished without leaving a single trace. Now you discover a Imperial ship with the "Ordo" singnature/markings. most of crew dead but there was one in-stasis survivor(color the personality of that one as you wish), the ship itself is undamged and records show journal logs from 1000 years in the future, and by the size it is easy to establish that there are Yottabyte (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yottabyte) of data. Well knowledge of the all major events for the next 1000 years is quite universe-breaking. The logs show diffrent time periods and there is an enormous amount of undated events so without the last passenger there is no way of knowing: What?; Who?; and mostly When?;
  2. Yes small groups are problematic in space future related games (my expirence) so I was thinkig about double roles 1 peron leading two characters. Didn't try it out yet, so I can't say if it waorks.
  3. CO-GM sounds interesting for it may give different possibilties. GM narrates the gmae gives the new assigments, cosmic trails and quest opportunieties. And the CO-GM does the same but in secrecy. Individual special assigmnts from the higher-ups, or someone cals in old favour and the player needs to convince others of that kind of handling the adventure to fulfill these additional aspects (for practicular class), sudden changes in the way things work, or even act as the random corruption and insanity "force". In my gaming society we have that kind of approach of giving special task to individuals like their own personal goals, in this way the Dark Secret thing can be used more to the advanteg or disadvantage of player or players. Or to play the Angel and Devil of conscience. If you can't picture it too well get back to Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising - Techmarine. Works for the good of Emperor, chapter and his brothers yet he is tainted. And the 2nd GM could be responsible for that kind of stuff. This way not only the Player, other players but the GM would have to handle suprises in the plot[/)]. Also for fullfiling those special assigments or foiling those of others there would additional XP, bonus points to some achivments, maybe even profit, or some item as a present or noticable sign of bribery.
  4. Well you are comparing classes and you found different things, that hows you are diligent in your reaserch. But if have time for that do maybe the same for Warhammer FRP or simply D&D even. Each of them is different because the authors written it like that. You my good friend try to compare Warrior with Wizard characteristic and skill advances (pointles). "One more thing", even if they are different and the totalls don't match it is IMPOSSIBRUUU!!! to buy out everything on the advances chart, unless you ignore characteristics, and there is no real or satisfying answer to your dilema. "Things just happen. What the hell." The "classes" so to speak in RT are realy more of a multiclass character from D&D for they may have many talents. Example: I created Astropath with more or less usefull powers for communication/mind control and Vaders death grip + 65BS two weapon wielder(balistic) and Ambidextrous, eqiped with recoil Gloves and Basic WTU. you have gunsinger with mental powers. You can also do Gunslinger from RT because he even has the talent to buy, but he still won't be able to use psychic powers (onless mutated or something with origin path gives him the possibility). That's the biggest difference in D&D you use D20 so most warrior-like-classes will have STR 15-18 (up to 25) your mage also could have that but it will cost you extra as it does according to your resarch. Don't know if you are satisfied with that kind of answer.
  5. I'm preety much open to all sugestions even if I will have to be agian GM.
  6. "Into the Storm" or "Battlefleet Koronus" it states what you can do to get Archeotech engine and what that changes in its statistics. What's more is the fact that even while possesing Archeotech it is of the best quality for everything that is "mass produced" now is much worse compared to the Dark Age of Technology. So even when list AT components they are at thei best (either list somewhere or common sense). Second Xenotech, well Eldar stuff is millenia beyond human technology so in essence it should be considered standard no matter what. There are also some other alien components and even weapons, that also can have different quality but in weapons section it is Core RB it is stated somwhere that Atech weapons are of Best Quality. In my opinion you can't upgrade or downgrade Atech or Xtech. The first is at its best and you won't find a techmagos willing to temper with relics, in second knowledge os Xenotech amongst humans is scarce at best so unless you have alien technican for the stuff you won't change it. Well ther is possibility of making Jokaero do the upgrades but that is different story.
  7. Well hawkeye maybe good but there are better and older. Try Justice Leauge series(from season3) the Green Arrow (Initiation episode). And Yong Justice series for Red Arrow and Artemis. You will find plenty of concepts, inspiration and help in there.
  8. Well I have suggestion for the final intense moment…but first. Let's say that your group has few successes, but some of the things start functioning on their own is it the machine spirit, crew leftovers maybe, but they will know that they are not alone and they are not the nly ones that want the ship for themselves (hurry hurry motive). At the last stand point (bridge maybe) there will be an epic battle with other group of Rogue Trader team (try good ol mirror image characteristics) and they will have to fight for the control of the ship or die trying.
  9. The ship simply shut off all exterior visuals. Why? It's simple for anyone who had Navigator, their simple powers of opening 3rd eye give insanity/coruption points later on deal damage, or kill outright weakwilled. The 'Red Tide' is killer move. And Navis only watch the warp thanks to their special mutation. And the working of observation dome, well as long as it dosen't show the immaterium everything will be fine and how it will be achived is up to personal interpretation. Warhammer 40K is more user friendly than normal WH or D&D. Rules state that in tabletop gamming and the hero creation of RT also gives lots of freedom and interpretation of how some things work. Only steampunk systems with their gadgets give more freedom.
  10. I had an idea of this calibre. Once the RT crew gets their hands on one other ship they make a hidden base somewhere in Expanse and from ther on the second ship act as Pirates and simply exchange or ae part of pirate community. In Calixis sector there is mention of long time missing Space Station that definitly was not destroyed but lost track and connection of it so in my WH40k I made it as mobile Space Station belonging to pirates and Logicians lots of work but satysfying. Warhammer 40000 gives realy lot of 'free hand' in world creation. And yes unless all players want it it would be bad, but as GM you make coincidences happen.
  11. Amongst the RPG systems with Space/flight combat it is the most satisfying I know. And the outcomes can be very different an Ork fleet can be destroyed by critical hit causing Warp Engine to explode.
  12. Multi-Melta is lethal and this is good it was designed for that. But IMO Plasma Cannon is much more Lethal no mater if facing Armoured forces or Infantary. The Void Master in my group has Plasma Gun and it's gets scary when he shoots about 38 damage on semi auto. **** killing everything that can be thrown at him in 2-4 rounds of good shooting. And rest of group packs Massive fire power of Boltguns + one Storm Bolter of RT. Hail of exploding bullets with plasma sparkling everywhere. You played DoW and seen what Melta bombs do to Vechicels and other lethal weapons of such calibre. Attack them with fast eldar transport tank that they won't hit.
  13. Project Rantharan - an special and secret department of Inquisition that was forgotten. they where responsible for finding one of the most potent psykers in the milky way and from them create one powerfull psyker that would be serving the Inqusition. For the project itself is 3000 years old but only recently has given friuts. The Project was sperheded by warriors not officials, and the best way to stay this way was to keep it away from the Imperial Space so the Project Rantharan was taken out in Footfall. After 3000 years and many shifts of the executives some of the purpose was missing, forgotten finally around end of 40th milenium. The projest was grate success, from 6 overpowered psykers that where to be killed where taken dna samples, and as base for body was used a potent psyker with lots of control over the powers that he was lacking. And there was one more that was designed as the teacher for the created whose fate was really scary. Rantharan(the name of the 1st successful object) was raised in arts of psionic warfare for long time since the time of 2 years old. All that training made him more potent killer than Celuxus Assasin at age of 14. at age of 17 it was decided to go on with first Warp Incrusion... and that was the moment when everything went teribly wrong. The called out Deamon was much more stronger he was an Lord of Change that hide his real powers from the psykers that summoned him. The Deamon took control of Rantharan and destroyed almost everyone without even the need to manifest itself physicaly, but with just the force of the teenager. But the Deamon has greatly underestimated the boy and after 7 minutes he eredicated the deamon completly only wiyh his willpower. After the first reckoning he came to senses as he was gripping his hand on his teachers neck. The resulting incrusion left gift a horrible mutation. that spread in the next 3 minutes. He lost touch with the reality and black out. when he woke up again he was a really disgusting giant with many implants in place of his flesh. They tried to do everything to save their project. The resulting rage costed everyones life of the Rantharan Project the resulting psyker became one of many Crime Lords of Footfall. He started specialazing in Mind Control for sighting him caused panic so he started convincing people him by the power of his mind. Now those that are unlucky can meet him and be frightened to death. For he is a n enormous hulking mutant feeding on raw flesh with near limitless psychic powes at his command. Gear: Best Feudal World Plate Armor, Best Hand Canon, Best Great Weapon, Stummer, Charm, Psy Focus(skull of the last killed teacher of his +3) Mutations- Tough Hide, Feels No Pain, Brute, Hulking, Necrophage, Hideous Strenght, Nightmarish, Bionics- Bionic Heart, Cranial Armour, Blackbone Bracing, 2 Good Craftmanship Bionic Arms -both with Best Caftsmanship Internal Blades Psychic Powers - Mind Link, Mind's Eye, Mind Probe, Mind Scan, Psychic Scream, Compel, Delude, Dominate, Terify, Puppet Master, Reprogram, Foreshadow, In Harm's Way, Psycholocation, Force Bolt, Telekinetic Weapon, Storm of Force, WS: 44 BS: 50 STR: 70 TGH: 65 AG: 4(5)5 INT: 40 PER: 55 WP: 66 FELL: 40 Coruption Points: 38 Insanity Points: 18 Wounds: 26 Street Knowledge, PWT, Heightened Senses - Sound, Polyglot, Psy Rating-5, Peer-Underworld, the Insane, Astropaths, Workers, Mutants,; Ambidextrous, Autosanguine, Chem-Geld, Resistance - Psychic Powers, Light Sleeper, Foresight, Natural Armor2, Regeneration, Iron Jaw, Sprint, Bulging Biceps, and few others. Made him for my party to fight as part of their old Warrant of Trade debt. And if After destroying his crime empire (they can't kill someone like that) he will hunt them with different people that he will have under his mind control. A long term menace that may easily kill them if they don't act seriously.
  14. I don't want to bust your bubble but somewhere long ago in my pilgrimage over the 40k universum I found a part of text that was kind of grimm. That all planets that where cut off by the warp storms and left allone have fallen due to infinite Chaos incrusions. The idea itself is nice and I was thinking of it but decided to leave the universum as it is. I you want to do it, then do it no one can stop the GM.
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