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  1. Turning cards horizontally in Warhammer Invasion is corrupting the card. Unless specified by a card that you should corrupt a card you never do it, not even to attack or defend. You can a uncorrupt a single card during your kingdom phase (when you get resources, after the beginning of turn and before you draw cards). Corrupted cards cannot be declared as attackers or defenders.
  2. The strategy you're describing works better with Kith, I think Urien works better as a warlord killer. For allies I would tend towards Eldar allies, probably put in Warlord Destructor and Wild Rider Squadron. If you're playing competitively the third core set is a must. From what I can see, you will have a lot of trouble on command struggles since you only have 14 units with command icons and most of these are high costed. Both Void Pirate and Rogue Trader are a must. Bladed Lotus Rifle is not worth it in my opinion. The main use I normally give Twisted Laboratory is protecting my khimeras with kith, that being said on Urien I would either just keep one or cut it altogether. I would definitely put the third Searing Brand in the deck seeing as you only have four 2 shield cards, maybe add Shadowfield too. I would cut from the deck the Uber Grotesques, Fall Back and most of the commandless units except for the razorwings, maybe cut the Soul Seizure and the tormentors too if the costs are still too high. Put in more command units of cost 2 or less, Archon's Palace, Klaivex Warleader and Promotion. Even though it costs 3 for Urien I think Archon's Terror is still worth it. These are just my opinions, hope it helps, I'm not much of Urien expert but I normally play Kith. EDIT: Also on cardgamedb there's a discussion thread around Urien, you should find more varied opinions there: http://www.cardgamedb.com/forums/index.php?/topic/19388-urien-rakarth-discussion-deck-thread/
  3. I use my Dark Zealots as book marks, never used them in a deck though.
  4. Strongest one I'm gonna say Orcs, but my favorite faction to play is Dark Elfs.
  5. You can only sacrifice a unit for one of the effects, so if you sacrifice Shades for Whip the Slaves, you cannot sacrifice it for Slave Pens.
  6. I haven't tried Summon of Chaos yet, so it's difficult to estimate it's power. But it doesn't seem more powerful than other similar cards like Call the Brayherd, Mork’s Teef Ritual, Capture Slaves or Rip Dere 'Eads Off! Before asking for errata or ban of a card, try to look in your card pool for some answer to it or way to delay it, like Chillwind, Franz's Decree, Forced March, Grudge Thrower Assault, High Elf's Disdain, Lobber Crew, Master Rune of Valaya, Radiant Gaze, Sigmar's Blessed, Slayers of Karak Kadrin, Test of Will, Word of Pain, etc Besides if one is lucky enough to have 2 summons of chaos, one can only play one of them each turn, because it's limited. And if they're both played for 20 after 3rd turn, that's at least 49 cards gone from the deck.
  7. Is the list updated? I only see 46 cards on the deck, The Greatswords and Stubborn Refusal are not destruction cards.
  8. JudJackalTom said: I am answering from my work place right now so I have not got my deck front of me but I do not use Raiding Ships, but I use a neutral Quest which is give you quite good chance to win the game on your Quest zone. Sorry I do not know the name of the quest but its unique quest from the Core Set. Infiltrate!
  9. Vitamin T said: I frequently do not trigger the bats ability. They are useful just to power up slave pens. Normally you should only need to trigger them 2 or 3 times during a match, but you do need to be careful, you can easily deck yourself with them! Finally got the Legends pack, tried out the bats and I'll have to agree with Vitamin T, you have to be careful when you use them, but they are an awesome finisher.
  10. loken14 said: keepem neutral just give a cap board that might decrease the cost of every card for that race u play (minimum of 1) I would assume maybe Maybe not a cost decrease because most of them are pretty cheap already, but maybe some race-dependent capital ability. (eg. All your undead units get Necromancy)
  11. Durgum said: I liked the old 40K card game, at one time I owned all but one card. Some silly titan card I could never track down. That was the first edition of the game. I never played the HH release. I hope FFG releases a LCG for 40K that would be awesome. Better yet if it has a way to play solo like the new Lord of the Rings game. I still play the old 40k card game once in a while, never tried Horus Heresy or Dark Millenium, but I would certainly try out a 40k LCG if it came out.
  12. I've had no experience with Vampire Bats, because although in Portugal we have up to The Eclipse of Hope, Legends didn't get here for some reason. Anyway, as a finisher I normally use Naggaroth Spearmen with unit destruction to clear a path for them. Alluring Chosen works well in a mill deck, I've pumped it to insane amounts of power. Black Dragon Rider and Malus Darkblade are also great finishers and they work well with each other.
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