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  1. Just for those interested in the question: I've finally got an official response from the game designer: "No. COG players cannot ever attack other COGs." So, it seems I've been ruling wrong
  2. My 2 cents: I think the "If no wretches in play or all cog in cover" sentence is not part of the otherwise section (graphically, on the card, it's a little detached from the action you have to take in the otherwise section). As others pointed out, it's an extra condition that I think you may check first, for "for each" type cards, to determine if the card can be played. Wouldn't you check this condition first or would this extra condition belong to the otherwise section, the "for each" type card would be unplayable in case no locust of that type is in play. In fact, would the condition belong to the otherwise section, you can't apply it since you never check the "if" condition. Take for example AI card #17/35 (the one used as example in the rules book at page 12). You can see that the extra condition is detached and that in the example the condition is resolved first without checking the "if" condition. If you pretend it belongs to the otherwise condition, since there are no boomers in play in the example, you would never check the "if a cog figure is within 3 range" condition and so you technically couldn't apply the "otherwise" section, and you so would not draw a new AI card... In the case reported by the OP, since the condition is true, you have to draw a new AI card skipping all other actions on the card itself (you don't check the "if" sentence for any wretch, so even the wretch fulfilling the "if" condition does nothing). (Sorry if my probable bad English: it's not my native language...)
  3. samruiz123 said: If all you wanted was to move the berserker, then you could make an attack to her with the snub..even though the shot will cuase h er no damage she would still have to move due to the sound of the shot. The rules say nothing about not beeing able to attack the berserker this way...it only says that you cannot deal her damage until you have first damaged her with the hammer of dawn. You could have also thrown a grenade to seal an emergece hole to make her move towards where the granade landed too. ..We use either one of these rules. Remember that if you use the snub shot rule then teh berserker moves towards the person who made the shot eh!....I do not know if some people would consider this cheating or not..but it makes sense in the video game..we use shots to move her when we want her to move towards us until we can go outside for the hammer of dawn. Anyways...have a nice day. Hi, thanks for your response but I think you didn't get my point. I know (and it's also in the faq) that I can attack the berserker in order to attract her even if I wouldn't wound her, and also that I can throw a grenade to attract her towards the targeted area. In the situation I reported, I wasn't able to do either of the two: I couldn't attack the berserker because I had no LOS to her (also had no LOS to any other locust figure), nor I could throw a grenade (I ran out of grenade tokens...) When I wrote that "I attacked her with the snub pistol" I was referring to my girlfriend's cog figure (which was the only figure in LOS for my cog). My question is "Can I attack a cog, or I have to attack locusts/emergency holes only?" (Sorry if I was not so clear: English is not my native language)
  4. Schummy said: a team controls a tile if and only if : -there are no figures of the opposing team on that tile -the tile is the team entrance tile or is adjacent to a tile controlled by the team Both the above condition must be fulfilled in order for the tile to be "controlled". Forgot to add: -at least one figure of the team has entered that tile in this or a previous round. Without such a requirement, teams, specially at early rounds, would get points even for tiles they did never move into.
  5. An incentive for players to move could be play the map in something like "Dominance" mode. After all players acted, each team scores a point for each tile they control: a team controls a tile if and only if : -there are no figures of the opposing team on that tile -the tile is the team entrance tile or is adjacent to a tile controlled by the team Both the above condition must be fulfilled in order for the tile to be "controlled". Set a score limit (I think 5 times the number of tiles in play could be a good balance). The first team who reaches the limit wins. If both teams reached the limits at the same time, the team with more point wins. If both teams reached the limit at the same time and have the same points, the team that started second wins (alternatively, continue playing turns until one team is ahead of the other: the team with more points wins). Obviously: if all figures of a team are bleeding out, that team loses. (If all figures of both teams are bleeding out, then the match is a draw). What do you think?
  6. Hi all, yesterday I was playing the China Shop scenario with two players. I found myself in a strange situation: I wasn't able to attack any locust and hadn't any grenade, so the only mean to make the Berserker advance was to attack my teammate. Could I do that? I searched the rules, but found nothing saying that teammate is not a legal target for an attack and nothing saying that cogs can attack only locusts, so I attacked her (actually, the other player was my girlfriend). Result: I attacked her (who was in cover) with the normal attack of the snub pistol: I rolled 2 wounds on my attack dice and only 1 shield on her 3 defense dice dealing her 1 damage. The Berserker advanced and during AI resolution step she advanced again, moving into my girlfriend's area and attacking her dealing 4 damage and leaving her alive but without any order card... (she was very angry at me )
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