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  1. Mechanically speaking, I don't think so. The acquisition role represents you mustering your dynasty's financial and political resources for whatever purpose you desire. Slaves cost money/influence to acquire and employees require a payroll. The only mechanical difference is one of price (slave labour is cheaper). Upkeep tests may be needed more often for the employees because they demand a higher level of treatment but, in the end, it all comes down to thrones.
  2. I really like the idea of the SB modifying the damage of the bow. After all, the stronger you are, the more tension you can generate and the more force will be behind the arrow. However, I would cap it at some point (maybe at 5?) and require a trade armouer test/aquisition to increase the SB damage cap. Every bow has a max draw that, if exceeded, would simply snap it in two.
  3. I'm loving this as well. I can't wait to see some of your homebrew xenos!
  4. If you "search for the title on other pages" link, it should get you to the text. I like this idea a lot (especially the "just as planned" example) and it has the potential for being super cool! I'd love to see what you come up with.
  5. Well Navigators may the only sanctioned means of warp travel, there are alternatives if you don't mind dabbling in the heretical. In Hostile Acquisitions (Pg 66), there's a device known as a Prognosticator which allows for non-navigators to steer a ship through the immaterium. However, these devices are forbidden and the Nobilite would certainly take quick action against any captains foolish enough to flaunt their use of this maltek. Black Crusade's Navigate (warp) skill doesn't represent conventional warp travel, which uses the holy light of Terra, but rather a series of blasphemous rituals and incantations sure to drive any loyal servant of the Emperor mad. So yes, there are other means of warp navigation, but they are all incredibly rare, undeniably heretical, or both. Edit: Oops, looks like I just double answered. Sorry
  6. Hello all, I have a question I'd like to pose to the masses of the internet about a possible weapon my heretic is in the process of forging. It's essentially a crystalline anti-psyker sword that would function as a means of lobotomizing those dangerous warp-meddlers. I was thinking of borrowing part of the force weapon trait and reversing it. In effect, it would count as a BQ sword that adds +1 damage/pen for every point of the TARGET'S psy-rating. However, I can't resist the idea of having a secondary trait as well. After a successful attack (assuming the target takes at least one wound after armor/toughness) I was thinking of giving the wielder the option of taking a (-10) Strength test to wrench the blade asunder, leaving cruel barbs of anti-psychic material lodged inside the target. I'd like for this to significantly impede even a mighty psyker's ability (after all, the heretic just sacrificed their weapon!) but I'm not sure how to represent this mechanically. I guess I have two questions. 1. Is this overpowered, and if so, how should I tone it down? 2. How would you represent the psy-dampening effect of the embedded sword blade? Thanks in advance.
  7. Well this is hugely unfortunate, I thought I had finally found an online game that was both consistent and convenient I understand the necessity of work and all that jazz though... However, I'd be up for an April resurrection and hope we can continue!
  8. These pyromancy powers are a huge score for my Ex-Salamander Sorcerer! Any news as to when we can expect the additions? Sorry to pester... but I'm super excited/intrigued.
  9. Nice! I've only taken a quick glance but it looks really well done I do have one question. Some GMs allow their players to roll up dice values and THEN assign them to characteristics. Does your program have a way of doing that or is it just the random roll option?
  10. As I missed the last 2/3 of the session, I'm entirely clear on what occured... but i fully support item scavenging and if the pirates are dark eldar, my explorator has some "experiments" planned
  11. I'd say yes. After all, if your strength and agility are augmented by certain equipment, then it makes sense that actions you take based on that magnified characteristic would also benefit. If you get hit by a man wearing power armour then its going to hurt a lot more then if you simply were punched by the same fellow without the giant metal outfit.
  12. Ah, thanks much! i was looking forward to the next installment.
  13. This. Is. Beautiful. I give you, professor, the awards. all of them.
  14. I'm pretty sure that's not what Crisaron is saying. My Explorator Vaatzes is certainly a member of the mechanicus yet his loyalty is primarily to House Horalius for giving him a chance to work on such a wonderous vessel. Loyalty needn't be absolute in order to be sincere. I'm fairly sure that Crisaron just means that their shouldn't be pre-planned inter-party plots and backstabbing, a sentiment to which I wholeheartedly agree.
  15. I would like to formally throw my hat into the ring. Although I'm unfamiliar with vent (as the only ever online RT game I've been involved in has been over skype) Thursday evenings should work out for me with the occasional absence due to my ongoing education. I'd be interested in seneschal, Arch-Militant Swashbuckler or Explorator (maybe arch-hertek?) but would be open to almost any other roles if they would fit the party better. Anywho, more info would be appreciated as to the mechanics of playing over vent and I can be contacted over the forums or at dunne49@gmail.com.
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