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  1. Hello All: I am an experienced card gamer, but still new to the LotR LCG. I am playing solo, and i needed some input on general deckbuilding proportions and strategies. From what I gather, it is typical to use 3 heroes, with 2 coming from one sphere and a third from a second. I need to know, roughly, how many cards people typically include from each sphere, and of each type (actions, attachments, etc). I couldn't figure out if the 3 heroes count towards the 50 card minimum, but input is welcome. Also, statistical considerations for hero selection would be helpful; ie, how much adventuring power and combat power should they carry, wound levels, etc. Any general ideas or strategies useful for deckbuilding would be a great help to me. I don't mind spending a lot of time testing and tweaking, but I want to start from a good base. Thanks!
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