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  1. Very True. Though I am of the belief that the Punisher and the K-Wing should have been on large bases. The Scurrg was supposed to have a sizable crew though. Nym's Havoc being the exception.
  2. Yeah, a Scum Aces would be nice, the Scyk and the Viper need some love, definately.
  3. Looking at the new Star Wars Armada expansion, I noticed Nym and his Scurrg H-6 "Havoc" is in the line-up. I wonder hold long it will be before we see it in an X-Wing wave? Hopefully no too long. -B
  4. I'd be happier is FFG picked up Mordheim instead. Imagine and Imperial Assult style game but with multi-player PvP!
  5. Shouldn't that be Watchful SpRites? If so, its also appears to be wrong in the flavor text as well.
  6. It does and it doesn't, since it does not address its survivability issue. It doesn't matter how much ordinance you are carrying if you can't avoid hits and crits. I rarely see bombers get off 2 shots, let alone 3 or more.
  7. EM is a nice addition. My only gripe is that is should have been equipable in ANY secondary weapon/munition slot, or made into a mod. The real bummer for me is that the Tie-Bomber remains a disappointment. I still contend that the original sin was taking away its evade action AND lowering its evade stat - one or the other would be understandable, but both was crippling. I would prefer the evade action have been removed (for ordinance action economy reasons) with the ship retaining the Tie 3 evade dice. I think it should have have two bomb slots as well, but that has been addressed to a degree. I am still trying to figure out why they've engineered the y-wing to end up a better bomber than the Tie-"bomber", but oh well. In the end we will see more Y-wings on the table that we will Tie - Bomber, which in my mind will mean they didn't fully address the issue.
  8. BDub

    Missed opportunity.

    I really dig the new bomb loadout card that comes with S&V Ys, however, I think making the card a Y-Wing Only card was a missed opportunity to correct for the egregious injustice that is Imp Bombers only getting one bomb slot. Though I understand not wanting to let every ship with Torps get a bomb (and I agree with that call) It would have been nice to add the IMP Bomber onto this new card. As it is, The only real "Bomber" in the game can sadly only have one bomb. Peace.
  9. It is just making the idea of nested actions official. FFG was emailed as part of a earlier discussion involving, the Dauntless title, Experimental Interface and Push the Limits. Most of us felt that the "resolving effects in any order" covered it, but not everyone agreed. So FFG was just making it clear how PtL and other similar effects work. So what I am getting from it is this - the term "after" is an interrupt that can take place immediately following the triggering condition? Is that correct? And if that was FFGs intention, they went about it horribly.
  10. I'm afraid that none of what you say is correct, based on a discussion we've already had and an answer we've gotten from FFG. Experimental Interface Q In fact it's possible to preform 3 free actions and end up with 3 stress if you're using the Decimator. The stress is not assigned the moment you preform the free action. It happens after you perform the free action. Jakes ability also triggers after you perform a focus action. So since both PtL stress and Jakes ability trigger on the same event, you get to decide what order to resolve them in. So yes you can use Jakes ability with PtL. I do follow your your logic, really. But, I must play devil's advocate a bit longer. The stress is a component of the ability and doens't have the "after" language - it says "then". So in what sense is gaining a stress an "after" ability that you can choose to resolve after some other "after" ability?
  11. PTL: 1) perform action 2) activate PTL 3) perform action (focus) 4) receive stress Answer 1) The pilot ability triggers and is resolved after step 3. So you have to(!) perform the extra boost/barrel roll action before assigning the stress token. Answer 2) FAQ Q: If a player has multiple effects that resolve at the same time, can he resolve them in any order? A: Yes. After step 3 you need to do two things: Assign stress and perform an action. You may choose which to resolve first. Regardless of which answer is correct you can safely choose focus as the 2nd action. Stress is not a pilot ability...PtL is, and you have already chosen to execute it first, so the conditions of the PtL would resolve first, precluding the free boost/barrel-roll from happening.
  12. Even if it did include spending a token, which it doesn't, he would still be wrong because you cant perform the same action, even if free, more that once.
  13. I've been discussing this at length with a friend, and have combed over the FAQ and the rule book. My opinion and justification is this; I believe the stress acquired from the PtL precludes Farrell from performing the free boost/barrel-roll action. Here's why. While It is true that when you have multiple abilities resolving at the same time you get to choose the order, this is not the situation we have here. You have already chosen to execute the PtL "ability" which lets you perform a free action and "then" get a stress token. Farrels ability allows you to perform a free B/BR action after you have either performed a focus action or received a focus token. Two points with this - at no point are multple abilites happening at the same time, the entire chain is linear and dependant on the previous action/ability, so you dont have any order to resolve & "stress" is not an "ability" it is a condition which kicks in the moment you perform the free action from the PtL "ability". I would say that if Jake's card included the language "immediately after" the free B/BR might interupt the application of stress, but even then it wouldn't be clear without a global ruling on the application of stress. Ultimately what it comes down to is wether or not the designers intended Jake to be able use PtL in this way. And even if he cannot execute his ability during PtL, nothing stops him from doing it with focus as his primary action followed by PtL, which is already pretty powerful.
  14. BDub


    That is a good point, but for me the value is in the auto-reclock saving you an action.
  15. BDub


    Me either, but he does further illustrate what a bad call it was to charge Lorrir a penalty for using his special ability. Gotta disagree there, Lorrir pays a price sure but he also has the luxury of only needing to use his ability when he needs to. Since a curved barrel roll isn't always a good idea the option to not do it is useful. And honestly, with an interceptor''s dial who cares about a little bit of stress? if they did PTL wouldn't be considered an auto include on any EPT capable ones. Echo's ability is awesome, but it also will occasionally limit the ships he can target on any given turn because his facing is going to be rather tricky coming out of a cloak. I see your point about the option to use it or not, but Lorrir is the only pilot that has to pay a penalty for using his ability, and that ability isnt so impactful that it should have a cost outside his point-cost. Penatlies for equipment and ability cards, I get, but not for the pilot skill - thats just breaks the paradigm and is frankly not needed. With regards to echo's ability - it does not strike me as a disadvantage but and advantage to use the 2bank. Remeber the penalty for coming uncloacked is a game mechanic based on the device, and not his ability. The mechanic was put in place to make the use of the device necessitate intention and planning on the part of the player, and to reward that planning while punishing unskilled use.
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