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  1. 22. A Rusting affect occurs in an area where bits and piece of weapons and armor fall off , grow metal legs and hands and run around, clinging and climbing all over the heretics to be apart of their person once more. They climb all over their eyes and hands, begging and pleeding, but still fall off and run around. 23. They meet other humans within the warping effect. They people act normally, and are grateful for the assistance, beign desperate for rescue. They look a little odd, though. Their skin texture is like painted wood, and from various points on their bodies there are strings that travel up, but don't seem to have an end, and can't be pulled down.
  2. The warband must spread out to obtain and complete several objectives nearly simultaneosly. While seperated, they hear the other heretics nearby, plotting the deaths of the others while seperated. With a proper Awareness test they hear about an ambush or trap set up ahead near the objective. Such a trap is clumsilly set out for the character so that they notice it, fueling the suspicion that something in amiss with their teammates.
  3. I think if I had to run it again I would do some things differently. Mostly dealing with the Inquisitor Henchmen's equipment and the Interrogator. I had two marines in the party, and even with the hotshot lasguns, they didn't feel particularly threatened. I might up the amount of enemies depending on your group. I might certainly take out the Conversion field on the Interrogator (the party gave it to the World Eaters Raptor....hurray). The fights are certainly challenging from a human perspective, but again, you might want to alter equipment for the marines. I found it was a good adventure to introduce one another, though. But forget the idea of building trust for the team. The setting doesn't lend itself to that sort of party dynamic. The Chains is a good ship once they can get it repaired and crewed (the focus of their first Compact). Enjoy it!
  4. There was a thread on a D&D forum a while back that had something like this for their Eberron setting. I was thinking with so prevelant a horror setting as Black Crusade can be, what are some good ways we can instill that atmosphere in our players and really bring out the horrors of the warp. I'll start with some that the players might be experiencing soon as they go try to scavenge from the Kasserkratch. 1. The part of the ship that they are in has been long abandoned, and everyone on it killed. The lights flicker, and as they do, it shows the shadows of all the people who worked and lived there. The shadows act, work, play, and react to one another as if still alive, though clearly no one is there. The Heretics can even hear the din of the shadows interaction, people working, arguing, playing, etc. 2. In one of the Reclamation facilities on board the ship, the warband finds some key components to restore the Dark Mechanicus temple that is in disrepair. Through the deck grating, they feel tiny, baby-like hands, grasping at their boots, slowing them down. When they look, there is nothing there but stained grating. Occasionally, they hear the sounds of high pitched giggling. 3. Different bodies that they come across have not been stripped of valuables, and in some cases bedecked in riches far above their station. All of the bodies have been mutilated to cut large grins on their faces (and other locations). Over the Vox-com, they hear low, repeating short stretch of party music. Upon further investigation or movement through the deck, they find a room full of these corpses, propped up around the room, looking at a central table where there are makeshift copies of the Heretics, an untouched, perfectly preserved cake (with lit candles), and wrapped gifts with unknown contents. Anyone have any good ones?
  5. Instead let me tell you a little story about a small group with no Navigator for their new ship. Since 2+2=4, and a Navigator is a Psychic Mutant. The groups Psyker wrangled a lot of deranged minor psykers from a Hive World and created a ritual to poor the Immaterium into them till they got a mutation. They would just discard the ones that didn't meet their needs. Fortunately they got what they needed, as well as a couple of mutants they didn't expect (including someone who became boneless, and is now the living, moaning cloak of the Plaguemarine) Also the fallen Commisar we have keeps aquiring all manner of armed manpower, while the marines are worried about getting a power sword or plasma pistol. The players (all but one, I should say) don't quite grasp the other game in BC.
  6. Would be an easy book to put together. I think it would feel a little more like Deathwatch, since you would choose either an Aspect Path, Ranger, Guardian, Warlock/Farseer and advancement is pretty rigid for those paths. Advancement/Career like Deathwatch, Rogue trader feel gameplay since really they would be brought together by an Autarch/Warlock...assuming Craftworld Eldar I can imagine the pretty layout already. Ah........
  7. We did toss that Idea around too. I think I'll give that a shot, playtesting it out to make sure the marines don't feel outgunned. Thank you.
  8. A friend of mine is playing a fallen commisar and is looking just to do inspirational speaches and buffs to the party. He is the super social monkey of the group and really doesn't want to go outside of that. He would like to be slightly better in combat and we came up with this fix for some of his social buffs. First let me say that trying to Inspire Wrath in enemies to hate themselves should be affected by Disposition (-30 in that case) and then they get a Willpower check to resist. It sounds like bunk (which is why I said no at the time) to incite them to hate and attack one another. Secondly, we decided that the Inspire special portion of the Command skill should be a half action. Basically barking orders at his marine teamates so that they kills stuff better. Anything else sound like a good fix?
  9. I'll let you know what I'm planning on, and let that hopefully give you some ideas. Firstly, let the Daemonhost play up the formidability of the party in an attempt to free him form the armory. Really dig in the idea that they are stronger together than they are seperately. It may give them the idea that they are better at accomplishing their goals as a group. I'm really going to emphasize the fact they were in stasis for 200 years. It means (for mortals) that everyone they cared about is long dead, and that is the Imperium's fault. Revenge is certainly a cohesive factor in Broken Chains. Talk with one of your players who has broad, overarching, and grand goals. He'll need minions, err, companions to help him achieve those goals. However Broken Chains ends for them, I will have them arrive at The Hollows (BC pg. 332). If they are succesful, Forge Polix is a perfect place to ressuply, convince someone to repair the Chains, and possibly start to crew the thing if the ship survived and the players succeded. To get the gear and resources they need, or if they are looking for work, there is a constant rivalry between the two hives of the world. Alternately, if they are not successful aboard the Chains and the Daemonhost shuts down the Gellar Field, the characters are spirited away through the Warp. They can arrive on The Hollows as a botched summoning ritual brings the characters to some chaos cultist businessmen (who initially is looking to summon a deamon for help) looking to make financial headway in Forge Polix. Instead he gets Larry, Curly, Moe and Shemp. I'm approaching this game a lot like a sandbox game, I just expand the size of the sandbox as Infamy increases.
  10. In a lot of the Fantasy fluff, and some of the 40k fluff, they talk about there being many different Chaos powers. The four listed are the most powerful because their spheres of influence are so broad. There is a chaos god of bunnies and flowers, he just gets kicked around a lot. I also encourage people to read the Horus Heresy books if you get a chance. A lot of the info there is great to help flesh out games, but I thought it was most interesting that the Emperor tried really hard to make himself /not/ a religious icon. It just spiraled out of control once he was interred in the Golden Throne.
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