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  1. Honestly, I'm gonna miss the dice. I know it seems like the cards will be less random, but dice are just more fun. Wish they would have come up with a system like Heroes of Terrinoth, where you still have dice, but can use success tokens to help mitigate the roll maybe. Still super pumped for this game, either way.
  2. broknsword

    Political Map

    Someone in the "Terrinoth Explorers" Facebook group took a shot at making a political map. Thought I'd share.
  3. I don't have the book on me at the moment, but doesn't it say humans vary in skin color from light to dark?
  4. broknsword


    The box art doesn't seem to have the "LCG" logo on it. Looks to be more of a "re-skin" of Warhammer Quest: Adventure Card Game.
  5. broknsword

    What other settings books do you expect to see?

    I'd kill for a Tannhäuser source book.
  6. broknsword

    So **** excited, especially for Weird War!

    Speaking of Weird War... Does Fantasy Flight still own the Tannhauser IP? That would be a cool setting for an RPG.
  7. broknsword

    Inserts and tuck boxes

    I know its not fun and exciting, but I plan on just using old shoe boxes for storage.
  8. My voodoo queen with the voice of an angel, Marie Lambeau. Also hope to see Harvey Walters & Joe Diamond. My wife will want to see Jenny Barnes.
  9. Daisy Walker at first, but I can't wait to see more about Jim Culver and how his ability will work.
  10. I would also be really interested in seeing a reprinting of the out of stock investigators. Especially since most of those out of print investigators have been showing up in Eldritch expansions.
  11. broknsword

    See Things Differently

    https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/3/23/see-things-differently/ After this article, I am. Was feeling pretty "meh" about this game. But with each runner having the ability to manipulate the board differently, I may be coming around on Android: Mainframe. Looking forward to the next preview.
  12. Could not agree more. I hope you are listening FFG. One reason Imperial Assault hasn't hit the table with my group in a while, is because no one (other than me) wants to be the "Overlord"; AND I don't want to do it anymore, because Id like to play the campaign from the other side. If an app like this was made for Imperial Assault, I would be tempted to actually buy the expansions you keep churning out. (that to this point, I have had no interest in.) FYI, Mansions of Madness could use one of these apps too.
  13. broknsword

    Digital Age Carcassone?

    I hope I'm wrong and there is ALOT more to it than whats in my head, but all I can think of is Dots and Boxes. :/