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  1. Hi, our group here in Vienna also faces the issue of declining members fom time to time. What we did/do is joining tournament s and events where we at least See some potential for new players. For example we joined this years Vienna comic Con again presenting FFGs Star Wars games together with our tabletop club. There, we had dozens of test games with many nerd affected people as well as Person completely new to this hobby.
  2. Whats about buffing QDs ouput and making IT more reliable as well? My try:unter… Löschen Staffel laden Neue Staffel New squad saved × Kylo + QD (192) Kylo Ren — TIE/vn-Dämpfer 76 Übernatürliche Reflexe 24 Mustererkennung 5 Protonentorpedos 13 Ship Total: 118 Half Points: 59 Threshold: 3 „Quickdraw“ — TIE/sf Jäger 45 Fanatisch 2 Verbesserte Optik 4 Clusterraketen 5 Bordschütze der Spezialeinheiten 10 Feuerkontrollsystem 2 Nachbrenner 6 Ship Total: 74 Half Points: 37 Threshold: 3 Staffel https://raithos.github.io/?f=First Order&d=v8ZsZ200Z236X74W206W136WY243X181W186W98W182W113W105&sn=Kylo %2B QD&obs=
  3. Hello, Many thanks for your great efforts! After having read the balance issue I used your Version from the beginning. ... and it turns out perfectly!
  4. Hello, First thing regarding game length is that with the Base game I would always start at range two from the board edge (instead one as is the rules) and limit the time at max 30 minutes (45 if new to the game). More dice in the base game can achieved with torpedos (rebels only). Much more influence on damage and thus results comes from available dice modifications. Besides focus/TL they may come from pilot abilities like Howlrunner or Luke.
  5. here is my current scum list which already gained some victories against Nantex and other Aces: M12-L-Kimogila-Jäger - •Torani Kulda - 67 •Torani Kulda - Rodianische Auftragsmörderin (48) Jagdinstinkt (2) Ionentorpedos (6) Clusterraketen (5) R3-Astromechdroide (3) Illegale Kybernetik (3) G-1A-Sternenjäger - •4-LOM - 65 •4-LOM - Umprogrammierter Protokolldroide (49) Meisterhafter Schuss (1) Verbesserte Sensoren (10) •Ketsu Onyo (5) Leichter YV-666-Frachter - •Latts Razzi - 66 •Latts Razzi - Kampfkünstlerin (59) •0-0-0 (5) •Unkar Plutt (2) Total: 198/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder Middle/big bases reduce the main danger from nantexes and having a built in tractor mechanic on my own is als a plus
  6. I have played the Nantex now several times since it became available. Both virtually vs AI (fly casual) and 'in reality'. First try was a two ship list with Darth Maul an Sun Fac. I had plenty of upgrades on both and that's why I called it Dark Tricks. Great victories I had against aces (Vader, Soontir, Echo and Wedge, Luke, Jake Dutch) Naturally, I lost games too - especially against more ship lists where it gets harder to avoid all the arcs, namely Sinker Swarm and Sloane Swarm. So, I updated my list now into a slim version of Darth and Sun Fac in order to squeeze in two lvl 1 vulture droids. With this list I am currently content. Regarding the current discussion whether the Nantex is a NPE I came to the following conclusion for myself: as an opponent it simply depends on your favourite lists and playstyle. Sun Fac is the natural predator and hard counter on all aces but have tough moments against more arcs and medium and large based ships. So, as long as one prefers the super mobile high initiative aces lists depending on their mobility and number of green dice it becomes now more challenging for them. For all the other players there is simply a new ace guy in the neiborhood...
  7. I' ve already been a fan of FFGs boardgames for a long time (Descent, Mansions of Madness..). After noticing first announcements of "a Star Wars miniatures game" from them I checked several YT Videos and finally get hooked by Will Wheatons introduction on his channel. So I started with two core sets and every already available expansion at this time (wave 3 I guess) and introduced the game to some friends. They basically liked it but weren't willing to give it more table time. Luckily I found a very active TT and role playing gaming club in my city where several people were on the brink of giving the game achance. For me as an absolute beginner it was the perfect opportunity. Soon after we held our first tourneys and started also a league. We still meet once a week and even though we lost some people in the last couple of years there are always new padawans to share our love into this game with. So thank you, all the nice people I was able to meet and even to befriend with through this amazing game.
  8. Yesterday, I ran Sun Fac with ensnare and snapshot together with Darth Maul in his ship with hate, Palpatine, title and proton bombs. First game against empire with Echo and onyx defender and Shuttle. Quite straight game with a surviving 1 HP Darth Maul and 2 HP Sun Fac. Other player was wiped. Second game vs an experienced rebel player running Wedge, Luke, Jake and Dutch. He lost his Wedge quite early and Jake only a while later. After having reduced Luke to only 1 HP he surrendered (rebel scum). Astonishing fact: I lost only two shields on Maul this game. So, long Story cut short: Sun Fac earned his call sign Sun "f*" Fac.
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